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  1. They've been cancelling most events here. My birthday is on the 31st and on the 4th there was supposed to be a psy party I was going to attend with close friends. Guess I'll cancel my own birthday lol. Over here people barely reacted to this spread until goverment stepped in and even then you could see tens of people attending bars even on weekdays. Nobody taking it seriously until the infected count started to rise. Shits weird though. Never had anything like this before. Remember ebola? Thing was on news everywhere and that only killed 11 000. Crazy times we live in.
  2. Wormhole is one of the grooviest tracks suntrip has released. It's superb.
  3. Hmm - while great tracks most of them, I miss the definition of the first album here. Born Underwater was far more story-telling and coherent. On the flipside Lunar Tides is a fantastic continuation of the first albums sound and Odysseus and Fractal Octopus are both great mwnn style early 2000 tracks.
  4. Whole comp is almost legendary quality. It's a travesty the tracks are butchered like that. I'd pay for it again for remaster. Anyone got the source files?
  5. Where did all of those tracks come from?
  6. Sounds like a great duo for a set, thanks for sharing.
  7. This guy is pretty underrated. Lots of great melodies and atmospheres, quite psychedelic inducing too - I'm honestly surprised he isn't being released in current goatrance comps at least. Reminds me a little bit of Infinite Dimensions in many ways if anyone remembers that project. Shows you it goes a long way to release on a label when it comes to publicity. Joske and Mars you guys should totally listen to "Abyss" from this album.
  8. Hear hear. Teenagers today don't listen to no goatrance!11
  9. I only hear terrible news from mexico. Rip
  10. Mustve been a jarring experience to go from gms to filteria
  11. I had the same experience. Masses really like it, but anyone whos there for psy will always be extremely disappointed.
  12. Seriously? I've got the biggest grin right now
  13. You said there would be only 40 copies of the original mastering. Did you only produce 40 copies? Or do you produce them by the order?
  14. Do you guys produce the CD's on-demand? This is very confusing to me.
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