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  1. Sorry for taking so long. Accounts have to be validated manually because of bots and if no admin is around it might take a while to approve them.
  2. Very 2000ish trancy. Nice progressive bubbly track. 8.5/10
  3. I've been wondering this a while now. I remember when in 08' I started listening to goatrance a lot. Suddenly I also found satisfaction and interest in buying CD's. Back then there was no bandcamp, spotify or most tracks on youtube. Of course you could always torrent the music, but there were no digital formats that I personally felt were worth it. I started buying CD's from those releases I enjoyed the most. Obviously this eventually led me to the alice in wonderland moment of finding discogs and seeing all these amazing old releases on physical formats. Now that we have a lot of labels
  4. Oh I did not know that. Interesting since it's not on their bandcamp.. https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/ Anyway that album is fantastic. I wrote a review on it at some point. :p
  5. Huh. This is really cool! I wonder who re-released dimension 5 - second phaze. It came out on spotify a while ago.
  6. Well, some dj's make their sets available to download. For example ziptnf has a lot of sets available. His mixes are really good. https://www.psynews.org/forums/profile/12878-ziptnf/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjc1Njk0LCJpZF8yIjoxMDAxODI2OH0=
  7. I'll see if we can do something to make it smaller. Yeah it does feel a lot smoother, especially on mobile.
  8. Hi all! So we've gone ahead and upgrade the board to version 4.5.2 which brought new features for the board. The mobile interface should be much better now and some new smaller features have also slipped in. Upgrading the board however broke the old BlueBoh and Black Chrome themes pretty badly and I've manually created a color profile for psynews called Penzonews and set it as default theme. If you find new glitches or bugs please post them on this thread. We will see if there is something we can do about it. Don't bother requesting features since I don't think any of us know ho
  9. I feel you. There was a time I also knew nobody from the scene and I also suck at mixing ( done it twice now ). Playing downloaded sets from the internet is not a bad idea, just listen to them first (at least with skipping), I can suggest you good psytrance sets.
  10. Did it? I'm gonna make it the default theme as soon as I figure a couple things out. I already broke it completely once.
  11. Calm down, we're gonna look into any issues the update has presented.
  12. Members can set their own title after 2,000 content items and yes the title changes in specific increments. I'll still advice not to spam pointlessly.
  13. use the spoiler tags. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  14. I find the whole thing really solid. That last track is really something though, lovely sounds and melodies.
  15. https://e-mantra.bandcamp.com/album/e-mantra-15-years-of-music-special-release-vol-1 1. E-Mantra - Liquid Frequency 2003 08:01 2. E-Mantra - Neural Vertex 2005 09:36 3. E-Mantra - Poltergeist Activity 2002 09:56 4. E-Mantra - Radiant Vision 2003 12:28 5. E-Mantra - Searching Ganesha (Early Version ) 2005 08:25 6. E-Mantra - Telepathic Alienation 2005 06:41 7. E-Mantra - Visitors 2002 06:54 What you have here are some of the older tracks from E-Mantra remastered and some re-released. As a prelude to this short review - I always found Voyager II from Opus Iridi
  16. Really, really amazing album. The whole package is fantastic. An instant classic for sure.
  17. I do understand the need for taking a break etc. but transparency and informing your fans goes a long way rather than being silent and having a lot of things happen. People are passionate about the music and I feel speculation over oddities is only natural as they care about the label. Great news that everything should get back in order though.
  18. Nebula Meltdown - Selected Experimental Tracks 2001-2006 1. Bending Space (original 01-01 mix) 06:58 2.Kerberos 06:56 3.Atlantix 07:17 4.Drunken Cobra 07:46 5.Asthma 07:26 6.Hellraiser (Pinhead has a Migraine) 07:23 7.Tombstone 07:29 8.Nebulasphere (original 2001 mix) 08:42 9.Global Killer 06:16 10.The Gnat (Live Edit) 06:37 11.The Gateway (original mix) 07:23 12.The Orcs are Back in Business 08:10 13.Protein Synthesis 08:32 14.Painful Echoes 08:20 15.Last Day at Eden (Live Edit) 08:49 16.Magic Virgo 07:50
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