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  1. All these years later... still had not thought of The Delta. Thanks for posting this here. Just fired up Scizoeffective for the first time in years.
  2. Artsense - "New Style" VA - Positive Reaction, 2007 PsyRussia Label
  3. Its growing on me too! Good stuff Though right now I can't stop listening to "Discovering Jens Buchert" from Cosmicleaf
  4. Keep doing what you're doing Love all your releases - thanks for putting out good stuff! Peace from USA
  5. V/A Dreamshadow 2010 Septagram has a track called Omerta there is a quote in it that says something like "All I leave behind me is smoke, death and desolation" anyone know where this is from? A movie or maybe a TV show? Thanks all
  6. Hey fellow PsyNewsers… As a lover of lots of different psychedelic and progressive music, I have quite a taste for rock music as well as trance and techno Over the years I have amassed a collection of rare Japan CDs supporting that taste. I am finally having to part ways with my beloved Japan Mini LP collection. Its all Prog, and Prog related stuff from the 1960s and 1970s - tons of stuff from the absolute Psychedelic and Progressive Rock Canon! For those of you who are fellow collectors, you know what I'm talking about Those who don't - Japan Mini LPs are CD sized exact repl
  7. bumpy knuckles original is certified awesome listening right now what a great way to start my day
  8. What else is there to say? Sometimes there is a showstopper - this looks to be it. Well done my friend. #16 - is what drove bwhale to insanity. b00m
  9. I'll check that one out, but I just found one called "Tag&Rename" for windows only, but its nice. Does EVERYTHING I want it to, quick and easy. I have to run my windows emulator to get it to work, which is a system hog on my computer - but I figure, once I get my library tagged and foldered, I can just keep up after that with new releases which will be easy to maintain.
  10. I wish I could shake the disease I have for music organization and live that life. Teach me the way wise one - I need help. (Sad but true - I have a chronic disorder of overly involved digital music cataloging) Maybe I will try to just give it a shot and throw them all in a folder and see how it shakes out. Are you really saying you have no folders at all? Just one big one with all the individual files in it? Sounds like madness. Peace
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. Does mp3tag actually handle renaming of the files and folders themselves, or just the actual id3 tags? I'm really looking to edit the tags the way I want them, and then have the program change the filenames so I'm able to see the info at the player level as well as the folder level. Does this make sense? For example - if I'm looking in Winamp-Foobar-iTunes etc, the song info in the player will show: Artist: Mubali Album: Cats @ Play Year: 2006 Track #: 1 Track: Balancing Equations Genre: Psychedelic/Dark and when I go through the ac
  12. Personally I find that gEm and UPE are two of my favorite producers in the scene. They really get me movin'
  13. +++++++1 Welcome to my dark and twisted little world as well. If it doesn't have the right artwork, or file names or correct tagging I just lose my mind. This is why I do NOT like iTunes - because I really want to have the same convention for file names (01 - Artist - Track) and iTunes will only do (01 Track Name) or 1-01 Track Name for a multi disc album in which case all the tracks on the 2nd disc would be 2-01 Track Name. I also want to use the convention for the folders for the tracks (Artist - Year - Album - Genre - Style) So for example a folder would be called Etnica -
  14. What do you like about Djing in Live? I switched to Traktor because I liked the idea of loading a song rather than having to set all my songs as "clips" Interested to know how you use Live, cuz I was really diggin the program, but thought it felt short for DJing. Thoughts?
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