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  1. Thanx, i sent demos most of these labels. Hopefully they will answer me something.
  2. Here is my myspace profil!(Currently Under construction) http://www.myspace.com/pequalnp Good listening!
  3. Uhh, i cant beleive it. I did'nt expected that so many people will like this. after writing music for many years and have a litle success in Drum and Bass Genre here in Hungary. It's so suprising to me that you like my music and this community is really friendly and helpfull. Here is lot of artist like Filipe who is one of my icon in goa genre, and wow he commented my track and yes glitch vst is used i really like it for random sounds. Hopefully these good reactions will inspire me and can write more tracks soon. Thanks everybody for this friendly welcome!
  4. Thanx for your advice! So i extend the melody line after the second dropdown, and replaced the begining of the outro part also, so i think it's give more variation. I replaced the link, but here it: PequalNP - Riemann Hypothesis Regards, P=NP
  5. Here is a new track from me: PequalNP - Riemann Hypothesis (It's really fresh the mixdown done, 30 minutes ago.) (online playable mp3, no download required) If you got free time please comment it, so i can improve my producing skills! Greetz, P=NP
  6. Many thanx for this good reaction. I didn't expected. More tracks are on the way...
  7. After 10 years of producing electronic music, the reborning melodic goa trance scene inspired me very much. So i started to produce melodic goa trance! I hope you will enjoy it! Please comment it, so i can improve my producing skills! PequalNP - Knapsack problem (online playable mp3, no download required) Cheers, P=NP
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