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    Hello Everyone, OK, let's all take a breath and address a few things. First of all, I can see that me just taking a pause from the goa trance scene was interpreted as basically any possible interpretation ever. But let's then answer about some of the things that were expressed on this thread: A number of DAT releases expired past the original contracts with the artists after X number of years, and so we are renegotiating to continue to make remaining copies available as possible. Meanwhile, Covid also put a big halt to several planned releases for the year, which we are continuing to prepare for the time when we can move forward (in one case, mastering is done, artwork and booklets in preparation). And you will see that our Unreleased Goa sub label continues to release every couple of weeks. I realize how the no-notice suspension of our bandcamp while we undergo updating logistics and preparations could lead to speculation but the rumours being spread here are simply not true. Thank you for staying tuned while we update the website, catalogue, and new releases. About me logging in and not commenting, well, I have been a lot of time offline and a few times I connected I have read a few things but did not feel like writing explanations on how I run this venture and the choice we made in the meantime. I was more preoccupied with the global crisis, the pandemic and also the fact a lot of people have lost their job and are in difficulties, so actually we wanted to halt all operations to see how things were looking and about to be globally. I am sorry someone feels like our records are only good as frisbee and I'd like this person to write me privately and tell me exactly what were his concerns and what releases he has bought, if he feels like. Oh and lastly, I had to change my password twice, and a couple of times i got banned for retrying to log some times, so i did not feel really at ease and it might be someone tried to hack my account. In the meantime I have been living in the countryside to be safe from a terrible infection that in italy was very strong, so to be safe. And with less internet we slowed down but we indeed worked a lot on the UGR sublabel to show we were still active.
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    *clears throat* \begin{rant} So, these days, psytrance = something like vini vici or armin van buuren Real talk, just search for "modern psytrance" - I can't distinguish between any of them, there's nothing unique, it's always the same shit. That shit ain't got nada to do with psy. I mean, if they can pay their bills and make ends meet, sure, whatever, more power to em, but that shit ain't for me. Of course old school goa trance sounds dated. It's not bland and monotonous with the same god damn "kick" and slight variation to melody, if any is present in the first place - most likely some cheesy uplifting synth, hear it so often. I'm sure there are nowadays a few legit artists making legit psy, but I'm sticking to what I know - that is goa from 90s and early 2000s. God forbid someone dares to openly criticise this clowning that's going on in the psy scene right now. Funnily enough, I wouldn't have a problem with it, if they just called their generic crap something else and not Psytrance. It IS a semantics issue and it's not at the same time. You can't just make psy look bad like that.. you just can't! \end{rant}
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    Please don't say Thomas Vitali. Say Psynina! The guy was suspicious to me since almost 6 years... Sorry I just need to quote myself now: heh ...
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    I'm missing colorful, story-telling 10+ min tracks... rest assured, they're rare to hear because they're difficult to make. There needs to be coherence within the change and it's actually difficult to achieve without some level of conceptual thinking. It's exactly these sort of threads on Psynews that initially sparked the flame to start composing. My personal vision can only be materialized by me. In fact, I'm gonna open my FL and try to come up with final melody to the last track of forthcoming 4th album.
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    Complex subject, complex melody or no complex melody, musical theory or no musical theory. Personally either complex melodic or not complex melodic tracks either have it or they don't. This is foremost dance music, its origins kicking up red laterite dust on the Goan shore line, so we can expect complex melody to have a second place to groove and atmosphere (which is often created using simple melody). Of close second importance this is trance music, the goal is to hypnotize, greater complexity melodically or with sonic layers tends to retract from this potential. I know from experience here. There are a few artists whose sound design and rhythmic programming / production discriminatory skill and attention to minuscule sonic detail stands out a cut above others IMO. Their music is as un-melodic as it could be but it is awesome and has the "spirit". I suspect this comes from immersion in the culture of Goa, living it ! You cannot intellectualize that. However, I do think melody is largely what makes tracks stand out in lieu of extremely skilled rhythmic sound design. But there is a fine line as this music is largely based around the Phrygian mode and this both limits and also gives it a worthy (and historic) home, this scale alone gives the mood, more or less dark/moody/intense/slightly eastern. So ultimately, to me personally it comes down to feel, it either has the something "Je ne sais quoi" or does not. How you got there or your knowledge does not mean very much to me, compared to how did I feel ? Traditional intellect has little place in the spiritual, consciousness expanding origins of this music. To use a rather nebulous word, for myself either a track imbues the spirit or not. What is that spirit if we "word" it ? Maybe a sense of openness, depth, space, intrigue, mystery, expanse, drive, hypnosis, sentiment, magic, togetherness, wonder, connected-ness, timeless-ness, distance, meditative focus on the moment, now. I think it is very difficult to gain the interest of those who solely or predominantly enjoy music from 25-15 years ago, you cannot garner favour against emotional sentimentality attached to memory, that is very powerful force. (even making retro tracks). Trying to make something new to penetrate the arena of sacred memories will be very difficult. (and I say that with respect as all of a certain age have them) I seemingly have more plays of my overtly retro sounding tracks than more modern sounding ones. Maybe it is because I have had some vision based concept for them and I conveyed it well and it resonated with more people. Whilst the O.P. made interesting points in his video I think he missed the aspect that extreme forms of music of any genre always tend to have their draw. Hi-Tech is not generally for me, but as it can be viewed as the extreme end of psy it will surely always have some following. I don't think psy trance conforms to the "trends" of other styles of dance music. It self propels through new experiences and advancement of the surrounding events and visual efforts, psy trance delivers a specific vibration and culture, no other genre encompasses this unique origin and international depth. By and large you know what you are going to get. To this end it is a scene like no other. Let people follow their own ways, you make this music because you love to, whatever happens is just part of the bigger flow, water finds its natural resting place. Do your thing for your little corner of the scene, be true to your little contribution. Life is short, put energy in with those and what resonates with your input. The rest will be a waste of energy.
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    sorry but these type of comments don't belong here, maybe go take them elsewhere
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    apology for poor english when were you when psy trance dies? i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring ‘psy trance is kill’ ‘no’
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    HELLO. I'm AZ NHJO HYENNRO. but I recently made 2 new name AZ MHSV TKIYCIV AZ XVER VKTNZER This is my vocal dubbing. Metallica - Master of puppets Helloween - Dr.stein Recorded by my cell LG phone. listen and view any comment ok any booking band ok www.aznyhjohyennro.com www.azxvervktnzer.com nhjohyennro@naver.com
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    Exactly that is what it is - an old, kind of "Psytrance scene meme" ... in my opinion. We actually had memes before that "meme thing" took off and conquered the whole internet. This was one of them. So, that Psynina thing was a kind of mystery / meme / whatever... until some people did a bit of digging and found very significant signs that it's just Thomas Vitali. It was never fully proven, but neither disproven. Thomas Vitali apparently was the first who in our scene came up with that "DJane that doesn't exist" idea ... that's how I see it. Seems there was no real harm done with the Psynina thing ... the other stuff mentioned here might be worth the warning though...
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    And let's not forget the golden rule. If it sounds good you're doing it right
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    looks like Hannah has finally got all her tracks scanned and in one place, including some new material, with an album in the pipeline check it out here https://store.chi-ad.com/index.php?route=common/home
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    What's gold is the fact that this scene was built in the back of murderous ex-military Israelites & has-been hippies abusing the seemingly liberal lifestyle afforded to them by a poverty stricken nation desperate for the money they brought, with not a care to the devastation this scene has caused to the people of Goa & India over the decades. Furthermore misusing religious prayers & symbols with drug abused while claiming its for enlightenment when it's just an excuse to drop chemicals and become wankers. This scene was and still is the ultimate in religious & culture theft for the abuse in the name of drug abuse. You're all delusional if you deny this. The majority of real Indian people absolutely despise what the scene in Goa did to them. But white folk always take what they want with little care for others and their cultures.
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    Hi ... just to let you know, the channel is not dead ... new video has just been uploaded ... why so long? well, I had a few things that kept me off uploading, such as catching Covid, getting a new PC ... and so forth Artist interviews would be super cool - if we had anybody that did them ... seriously though, I don't think there's going to be any if there's no help, because even if I can shake hands with artists on parties occasionally, interviewing them is a wholly different caliber... I won't be shy to ask though. It's a good input cheers
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    must be the feature they had to shut down psynews over for 3 days, just recently
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    this thread is even marked as "hot" with an orange bar. i think i've never seen that before.
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    I agree, we need to set the bar higher for how we behave here on psynews. We should have zero tolerance for disruptive behaviour here, there is already plenty enough of those attitudes/behaviours on all the regular social platforms. This should be a safe haven from such nonsense. Or else it will spiral downwards fast, disruptive attitudes tend to spread on forums, like a viral infection in a population. I think mods need to step in and do some desinfection/quarantine work here
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    Just like goa trance died in 1998 when X-Dream released Radio
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    For fuck's sake guys! Couldn't you limit it to 100 "Haha"s instead of a million?
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    So as a part of relistening my entire collection (yes I'm still doing that) I revisited Sandman-Witchcraft. The first thing that came to my mind is how much futuristic does it sound despite being 22 years old. Coincidentally the latest cd I bought, the new Deck Wizards features a new Sandman track that unsurprisingly it's lame full on. So I'm wondering if the newcomers in goa/psy, people who missed the old days find old school goa outdated, despite in some cases sounding more modern. What do you think?
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    I'm talking about either styles that are no more (tech trance,psy techno of 1999-2001) or specific periods of a style like early period of full on or something. Mine are: -Old school Goa. Duh! New school can't fill the void, sorry. -Golden period of South African psy 2003-2007. By far my favourite period of post 2000 psytrance. Every month you've got a different album or compilation by Timecode and Nexus Media plus other labels like MMD or Afrogalactic. And most of them being absolutely fantastic. -Early Goa Full On blend. I'm talking about 1998-2000 period where artists start to make Goa more full on-ish, but still being psychedelic and crazy. Artists like Xerox & Freeman or early 3D Vision (Talamasca, Absolum, Mael), Virtuart, Passenger etc. That's a style I don't think we'll ever get back. What about you?
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    I came to psytrance from commercial trance, so I loved the massive melodic climaxes first then grew to like other parts of these fullon tracks. i still can't comprehend how the question "whether keychanges are admissible in psytrance" is really a thing. It's like "are men allowed to weak pink shirts" or similar. When the melody calls for a key change, why not? It doen't make the track any less psy as such, and the absence of key changes won't make it any more psy. All in all, when the question "isn't it cheesy" comes into play, it's guaranteed that all the fun will soon go away, be it psytrance, or True Norvegian Black Metal or any other genre that pretends to be underground or extreme.
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    if you listen to Etnica - Mystical Appearance In Goa as a newcomer, im pretty certain you will think it sounds bland, empty, and kinda simple. Definitely outdated. But at the same token, if you listen to Mahadeva like oopie mentioned or say Fluoro Neuro Sponge - both from the same year, I think noone can say it sounds outdated. edit: or i mean ofc they can, but i wouldnt agree with them
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    Sure! 1) Hallucinogen sound of the 90s. Does that need further explanation? 2) Yahel-esque stuff he did in the beginning of his career around 2000. Clubby goa with borderline cheesy melodies, he carried such class in his melody work one is hard to reach that. 3) Tech-trance that came out around y2k. Tracks such as 'Atmos - The Only Process', 'X-Dream - Thorazin' or 'Etnica - Andromeda'. Oh boy, would it be nice to hear more bangers like that, it's just not the fashion anymore!
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    This track is not anyhow related to psytrance, but I'll drop it here anyway. It's a kind of breakbeat with lush "cosmic" pads. Mastered by Kristian (master@aeap.se - you know him as Astralprojection here)
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    Sweet track, I am sure I listened to it 3 or 4 years ago it didn't sound as crystal clear, great improvements and mastering indeed. Edit: 2016, time flies https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/71971-your-non-psy-musical-output/?do=findComment&comment=1067459
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    ...announcing my cheesy efforts at adding more "advanced" harmonies beyond basic 1-3-5 major/minor triads. please excuse the total lack of sound design, whooshes, swooshes, crashes, vocal samples, or decent production. hmmm I realized that there are a LOT of variables in "making a track" and that my harmony ideas quickly got lost in a pile of "what should i do?" for every single sound. If there were only a "control" song, I could happily remix it or re-harmonize it, LOL... so please don't consider these examples as a concrete proposal for what ALL harmonies sound like beyond the 1-3-5... Any cheese is strictly due to my own cheesy taste. It's literally not possible to say that "more musicality will result in cheesiness" as that's a position of ignorance about music. Knowing more music will not ever ever limit a person, but will provide more options to consciously choose a toolkit. There are certainly times in which only a "powerchord" (1-5 interval) is called for.... Anyway, enough pre-amble... here, for your laughter and amusement, my attempts at trance... (is there any preferred way of posting audio files? i just put it on mega here...) https://mega.nz/folder/zBkRTa4B#wkaDI7fI7-nIM6ccmOucEg
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    I do understand the need for taking a break etc. but transparency and informing your fans goes a long way rather than being silent and having a lot of things happen. People are passionate about the music and I feel speculation over oddities is only natural as they care about the label. Great news that everything should get back in order though.
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    Thanks for listening! Yep, he's really good at mastering.
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    Good job! And very nice mastering by Kristian indeed
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    you are delusional and know nothing you need to fulfill your contractual obligation by leaving this site
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    Artist: Maan Title: Floral Cortex Label: Neogoa Records Release: December 25, 2019 Tracklist:- 1 - Prelude: Havenless 2 - Mother Moss 3 - Instant Equillibirum 4 - Re/Bells 5 - Garden With Flowers Of Crazy Colors 6 - The Wednesday Pond 7 - Red Relic 8 - Interstate Insects 9 - Maven 10 - Postlude: Antiquity You know what I like about this album? It’s got gusto, bravery, perhaps some positive hubris if there ever could be such a thing and most of all it’s got a big pair of balls behind it. I’m not a Bandcamp writer, so I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Maan Himself is brave And we should applaud his voice in the sceneShut the fuck up. It’s art, straight and simple, brilliant philosophers can’t even decide whether life or art imitates the other and we certainly aren't going to figure it out over here. It’s brave in another way, maybe confident would be a simpler way of saying what i'm trying to say, it’s not like we are saying Maan is a risk taker. Jumping from mountains at 1300m with nothing on his back but a free flyer as he builds and changes and keeps your brains defunct attention span over and over in a Track like Interstate Insects while still finding time for a crescendo of euphoria delivered on a platter of melody and acid that one bite simply doesn’t satisfy. . Nor is Frode bravely enacting revenge on his enemies under the nose of Louis-Philippe during an inquisition of sort that involves getting the Mediterraneans to put toga's on and groove down to Re/Bells in the sweltering cloudless sky while they wait for the daily haul of octopus splatters of Acid lines and swordmen thump da bumps. It’s a more robust, more spectacular kind of confidence, the type that you need to perform an en passant or put a drop like Mr Ungar managed to put into Garden With Flowers Of Crazy Colors. And then to assert yourself, your talent like Mikey Hassleworf asserted himself in the world of government bonds, Grinding and sliding, throwing tickets in the air like FX and buying higher and higher but never with crash in site and don't be mistaken in thinking that The Wednesday Pond being placed right into the middle of an album is a crash. Rather a genre defying piece that manages to lead into the thunderous fuck you of Red Relic with 0 fucks, Then into brazen yet positively vain rhythms of Interstate Insects, Maven and... Darlings You needn’t to have actually foot danced with Jean Peters-Pierre on those strange yellow street stones in Beirut to appreciate the beautiful Prelude: Havenless… That’s what Floral Cortex by Maan, Mr Frode Ungar got me feeling, eccentric, exciteable, happy god damn it! In short the album is completed with a gallant postitude; Deep, exciting, Avante Garde with a sense of eer. Well I’m glad I have it and nice work every one. NeoGoa Records you guys kicked ass with this one and Richpa and every should be proud and yadadadada get on with the show. https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/floral-cortex
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    It's so hot that the servers are about to self-destruct. That hot meter is like a tesla cars built in oven telling you the pizza is done. Well fried by Elon Musk's flamethrower. https://www.boringcompany.com/not-a-flamethrower On a more serious note, the thread has almost 2000 views soon, kinda impressive for a forum which was quite inactive a while ago. And we can learn a thing or two about how we name our topics from here on. The topic name alone seems to be very effective in engaging people in discussions, which is good. Perhaps if we could have thumb-nails for the threads like the videos on youtube have, the clickbaity style of youtube could be fully embraced here too.
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    damn, i wanted to challenge you to make a psy track that actually sounds good and uses an epic progression from some sort of prog rock track
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    OPs point was not only the melodic one, to which I agree certainly if we take popular music, to a large extent music eg. in the charts is melodic. Except much of this hiphop shit fashionable in the last years. The Op also provided some names as example what he meant has future, eg. Vini Vici or Astrix IIRC. So I looked up Vini Vici tracks (I posted 2 above) and did not find them futuristic or bringing something new to the table (I found them a bit cheesy tbh), so was wondering why this would have future in particular? But if cheese and age old concepts are now the future ok - then I am not :) You could have looked up remixes yourself, there are enough: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=einstürzende+neubauten+remix Also Skinny Puppy have more then enough, and only some tracks are known for the melodies, in fact much of theirs were also quite noisy: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=skinny+puppy+remix But I guess in the end it is a matter of taste, or of own definition of a term "has a future" or "is dead" (in musical terms, not medical LOL)
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    Well it sparked a discussion about psytrance, so it seems like the appropriate forum to me.
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    I think someone who is muscially trained or can play a musical instrument will make better electronic arrangements even in non-melodic genres because when you can actually play music you have better feel for things like call-response, tension-release, climax etc., also you can drop an occasional key change or a small melodic line to make things more interesting. That's may be why electronic music becomes less exciting as a whole despite all the cool software we have in our disposal, younger folks never saw anything but a DAW in their lives and they learn various production tricks from Youtube having zero musical backrgound. It's a kind of polarizing topic whether psytrance needs melodies, some people cosider psytrance should sound challening and melodies, especially of more accessible, pleasant sounding kind, should be avoided because they would make it more cheesy and less psy. I, for one, think that a great melody can turn an otherwise forgettable track into a masterpiece. I listen to various kinds of psy but 95% of my favourite tracks contain at least some melodic parts and most of them have some elaborated melodic work.
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    Stop that, that's just silly. you're most certainly a Real producer and a fine one at that.
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    i mean i am a Libra...i cant hide the truth. so it seems that there are small fuggut agents in whole europe that are chillin in social places to fish for honest people. damn i alwasy thought we are souls...
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    mods... can you please do something? i tried scrolling to MultiMedias response on my phone and it exploded and Im now deformed because of it. Stop slacking, I see youre active.
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    From a general perspective, I'm only 40 years old with 23 of those years in the music industry. Touring heavy metal bands from 1997-2005 who I sold my company & then making music for ads and tv. but people in general like their life to predicable & routine based. Like kids, it gives a sense of safety and control, which is a complete illusion as this year has proven no one has any control over anything and to think you do is just hilarious. therefore the average person likes predictable music. They like the baseline, beat and melody to follow a formula. Just like most people are happy to f#ck the same way as long as they cum. it is why actually talented musicians can cash in on writing predictable pop music. Ed Sheeran for example is one the most talented guitar players to ever exist, but he's not going to cash in playing for some black metal band wanking over the ashes of a burnt church while performing goat bukkake (I love black metal by the way musically but the aesthetics are just hilariously stupid). so popular psy trance follows a very predictable formula, but people think it's edgy because of the cultural & religious appropriation and the slightly tripped out sounds. They will never listen to forest stuff, even Zenon makes them slightly uncomfortable. the same applies to every genre. People are happy to listen to pop hip hop that talks of birches, Rape and murder as long as it has predictable and funky beat. Drop some NWA shit and they freak. People will listen to Metallica, but drop Dying Fetus and they will freak. if you want to push musical boundaries, if you want to go full experimental, if you want to go full hardcore you will be never be popular, get lots of paid gigs or royalties. that's why even the neo-goa rubbish sounds about as exciting as another night banging my wife the same way. It feels good in the moment but in the end it's about as satisfying as McDonald's.
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    Put that video @ Playback Speed x 1.75 and it's like you're at a party and there's that dude trying to explain to everybody the latest shit-hot conspiracy theory.
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    You're probably thinking about Future Prophecy, which was pretty much an X-Dream cover band [edit] around when they released Shadows. Plenty of Israeli projects around the turn of the millennium took a lot of inspiration from X-Dream; I'd say Cosma was the best of the lot (in that he learned from X-Dream and created his own unique sound), but there are plenty of others that might scratch the itch.
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    The little bit unfortunate event is, that the proof that Thomas Vitali is behind Psynina is now gone because the registration period for domain "psynina.com" has ended... Who? Thomas? The NHJO? Or maybe ... Thomas = NHJO :ph34r: ...
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