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    What did I just watch? Disgusting and neither Full On or Oldschool lol.. and certainly not both! haha..
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    Damn, JaraLuca got us all by surprise here! A huge jump forward since his last delicious album. This one is even bigger and better. Lots of unpredictable turns in each track, highly danceable and lots of power. It's a fresh album without copying himself or other artists. Very impressive and candidate for goa album of the year!
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    I must say straight away that I agree with you guys on this compeletly. I also wrote up some of my thoughts on it, here they are: Even though it’s hard to put into words the pure divine power that this gem is, at least in any earthly language, I still feel obliged to give it a try. Before you ever get taste of the music the art already gives you this vibe of this dissonant world with brain-treees (-> Brainforests) and mirror-ladders warping the space to your perspective. I like it most of any Suntrip art I've seen in a while (Just as the music - not meant as a diss to their other releases obv.) The Great Light shines through the mysterious veil of spiraling melodies and softer beats in the long and calmly pacing buildup, some tension throughout with the constant breaky elements. A few elements keep being added, others subtracted, never overloading the sonic soundscape, accounting for a very old-school feel. As the tension rises the Great Light breaks the spiral veil and rises in climax up and up, for roughly a minute before calming down and padding out the sonic skies with some acid licks and going up into a final climax. Great start to the album, gives you a gentler, softer summary of how the entire thing is going to play out. Coming of the climax of the previous soundscape-shadow-world, we are introduced into the weird world of PsychoTherapy with a gentle melody and warm bassline, before the kickdrum and, subsequently, the first mad acidscreeches enter. The entire soundscape has a few calm ponds and a whole lot of howling acid hurricanes, where there really is no clear climax, no strongest storm and finality, just mad and cyclic acid all over. There could barely be a better name chosen for this piece, representing a sonic equivalent of a paranoiac trying to leave a forest as the light dies around him with the sun set. Directly following, we get a perfect encapsulation of sunrise, beginning with very mystic sounding speech samples and a PHAT kick, then some sweet hihats, and just behind it the sweet melody of the first rays awaits. Tranceologia definitely feels a little more crowded, but by no means overcrowded, it has the huge swath of melodies encoding the first, gentle, toned down sunbeams, the colors returning, the air, cold and moist yet, the stamped out ground, the wriggling mass of humans on and above it, and the ecstatic trance of the perfect Goa Sunrise. The breaks in the final build launch the following climax into Cloud nine (for me atleast, gotta have them breaks for Frühstück) Although I can’t really make any sense of the fourth tracks name, it does not in any way diminish the glory and splendor of “6EQJE5” It’s the first (and only?) one to pull no punches and enters almost immediately with a kickdrum and a bassline a few loops late, transitioning into hihats, a few screeching, tension-building acid screams and then abruptly and unexpectedly early, everything just EXPLODES in your face, as the melody flies off the handle into a nostalgic, bittersweet drama. This first climax is debatably the highest this track will go, but the following little melodic spirals and powerful energetic acid roars are still worth every second and round the track out nicely. Still, my soul is most encompassed by that first and most melodic climax. Concerta is introduced with some gentle acid and a warm bassy melody, with the kickoff then a few mysteries are posed in the language of melody. More unsettling albeit powerful melodies are introduced as the tension is conducted a pace above the previous suite’s each go. The track doesn’t stray much from it’s hypnotic core though and is, together with the following track, the most newschool-ish one on the album. Speaking if which – the live mix of Visiting Earth is a thing of beauty. I definitely see the comparison with Filteria and RA, Filteria contributing the mad acid that hits you as the curtain is drawn, RA the clean, classic cheese straight from the orient and Sykespico themselves the bombastic climax – the way it is gently teased and grows stronger and more solid about you is simply beautiful. Dance Float is introduced with some cheesy dramatic trance, lays then the foundation with a phat sounding kickbass, leers then into direction of some cheesy psy-style bells, before throwing that sideways and picking up full power, with lush leads and twirling acid and it doesn’t let up but once, till the end. Towards the end the synthlines seem to pick up some of the acids twist. Lovely. After all of the Realm-Warping adventures over the last hour, you arrive at Space Station, to chill for a few, and you hear the dissonance creeping up, and hear the breaks, and then weird shit hits the fan in zero gravity and there’s alien excrement allover, staining all of it with inherent, integral weirdness. From the bass and percussion to the weirdly placed breaks and the hectic as hell acid. Very energetic, weird and playful, even picking up some drama for the climax, all you need to carry out your diabolic interdimensional scheme. Rounding all this out into a ball of superheated plasma, the duo give us Perlimor Star – a beauty stricken through and through with a groovy hoovey breakbeat, melancholic melodies that just spiral out and out, and some well-placed piano and female vocal cheese. Have I already told you how much I love breaks? Well I do, so, so much. Especially when paired with melodies the both spiral outwards and look inwards. Beautiful piece of downtempo goa, the perfect age-old secret of ending on a downtempo note. Perspective reminds me, just as most of the ones who’ve said something here, a lot of oldschool – but it is not Pleidians I would associate most with this style – a lot of the tracks are, to me, in their playful insanity, very reminiscent of the old Denshi Danshi stuff, and that’s a good thing. Also, I just have to remark that I absolutely love how Sykespico play with the composition, not just layering everything on top of eachother, but creating lots of dynamics and power. Can’t wait to hear them play at Apsara, missed them last time unfortunately, had not a clue how awesome their stuff is till this came in, totally out of left field. Not as relevant, since I doubt many people nowadays have read it (not in Germany anyways), the album gives me the impression of Corwin walking and warping strange, chaotic shadow worlds (a Character from Zelazny’s classic Chronicles of Amber, where powerful demigods can walk an infinity of universes by adjusting aspects of their surroundings with the help of their imagination) Edit: effed up a word.
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    COMING SOON Goa Madness Records is Proud to present the first album by the Belgian duo Pete & Pan, Return of the Goddess! After many performances around the globe, Pete & Pan are now ready to present you this delicious release filled with pure ear candy. This crazy piece of art will guide you through deep melodic fairytales & acidic squelches blended together with some strong oldschool Goatrance feelings. You will be surprised by strongly characterized imaginative, virtuosic & fantasy styled sounds. Each track delivers a strong storytelling who will blast you, dear listener, into another universe! We hope you will enjoy this album as much as we did. The madness continues! Tracklist: 1: Serra Da Estrela 2: Elysian Fields 3: Passing Spirits 4: The Fool 5: Tantric Tweak 6: Abundance 7: Nowhere 8: Solstice 9: Muse (Bonus track: Only available in digital format via the offcial Goa madness Bandcamp) Samples: Artwork by: Pieter Pan Mastering by: Tim Schuldt Est Release date: November
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    Hello! Here is my new track "Synthetic" . You are also welcome to listen all previous tracks! All tracks are available on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube.
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    The link I posted above is dead, but this is the EP of 2019 I was mentioning: And this album is from 2012, it is old school I think: To be honest I never liked this distinction between old and new school goa, for me it should just be goa trance, whether it sounds modern or old is a detail.
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    I see you have very excitment conversation under my music but it would be better to continue via private message. Thank you. I want to thank all whom left good feedback about my music <3 I'm very grateful.
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    Like i said in the description...i feel very bad because this music helped me out for almost 15 years.Mostly Oldschool Goa and "Artifact 303 - Feelings" ...hA! good joke?! I was stunned for months because i could not do any mixes for me&youtube because there was no Music! no good music...i need this stuff for my workout. If this music dissapears it will never come back. The soundmind of modern Human beings is about futuristic effects and pray like monotone satanic vocals. No room for high quality melodic satanic/christian dance music that gives you a reason to live. We should asccept it i think. But how we should live now? Any Ideas?
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    Hello psyheads! Feel free to check out my new album "Antipodes of the Self-Conscious Mind". This album is filled with ethnic melodies and shamanic vibes, while still having lots of powerful psychedelic impacts. Hope you will enjoy it ;) https://youtu.be/SMk93qe3IYk
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    Cyclothymic, love this track. Great to see Key to the Innerverse, a track that I grew on me, by the way added Eye am the I to my previous post. Great track but the sound quality is not the best for mxing because it sounds very quiet compared to most tracks.
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    Favorites come and go but I would include Psychopod - Dreampod, Elysium vs. Worm - Yemaya, Chi-A.D. - Eye am the I.
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    U don't know how to rip mp3 from YouTube? Ask your mom, debil ebuchiy. Nice to meet someone who understands my mother tongue, suka nah :)
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    com on guys...can someone send me this track in mp3 pleas via email? When we hide Goa as a hidden gem den we supress it at the same time. Its our fault why psychedelic trance music turns slowly into shit, becaude wa all want to be the best and feed our own ego...make music for the world. If yo all really love oldschool Goa trance then you should forget the law and this imaginary man made structures BLJAD. The Heart has no structure it gives love
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    wow...this feeling to hear good Darko psyo. You remind me of Penta and Parasense(The best darkpsy) musicans! Keep it up Bratan <3
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    Банка Яги С таким названием не мог не послушать Well, darkpsy is not my preferred genre but you have enough interesting stuff in there and the production is really good. Very nice track overall.
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    U-Recken, Digicult, Epherdix, Hypnoxock (only their Synthetic Resurrection album - but it's really very good) For more modern sound - harsher and less melodic- try Spirit Architect, Electric Universe (2014 onwards), Outsiders. Maybe you'll find something to your liking in this thread.
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    What do you guys of those kind of "Full on old school" sets that are beeing played in Brasil nowadays?
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    @Trance2MoveU welcome back btw. Agree with the funk factor on this album, hip swaying groove all the way through.
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    Please lior, don't master it yourself like you did Amen. Let it be done by someone else we need that. And also don't use whoever mastered goa classix... That thing was broken..
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    <3 thanks guys <3 Anyone here knows how discogs works? For some reason the CD version is not there yet, and I have no clue how to add it
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    Alright you sons of bitches, whats going on here? 2019 the year you went and sold your souls to the devil? Huh do a little trade with The Beast did we? Condemn yourself through wizardry to become yourselves, sonic wizards? Artist: Sykespico Title: Perspective Label: Suntrip Records Release: September 30, 2019 Tracklist:- 1. Great Light 2. Psycho Therapy 3. Trancologica 4. 6EQJE5 5. Concerta 6. Visit Earth (Live Mix) 7. Dance Float 8. Spacestation 9. Persimon Median project? Jaraluca? Xamanist & now Israeli bad bois Matan Levi & Nadav Elhadad who make up Sykespico? You fellas dealing in dark magic? I always knew these Bad motha's were bad. But now they join the team of artists who release albums that are just about damn extraordinary. Am I easily pleased or have the Goa trance artists of the day kicked it up a notch? Do we deserve music like this? Are we living our lives well enough to warrant a gift like this? Relax, because Matan & Nadav seem to think so. Expect Bravado, Gusto, Excess, New Worlds, Raw Tectonics & Volcanoes of Ecstasy. ~ 1. Great Light - Nothing that begins without a boom ends without one. Nothing. Remember that for the rest of this album and use the 2nd half of this track as your first and final reminder. I really did think this track was going to be chill. My word what an exciting track. 2. Psycho therapy - Ok so now we know what to expect and the boys start it off just as beautifully. An instant transportation into a world full of tranquil expectations. I already know the guys for their brilliant compositions in the breaks of their tracks. And Psycho Therapy makes sure I also know them for a great deal of other good things on top of that. 3. Trancologica - Starts trancey as heck. Is that Osho? I don't know what it is but Indian accents and trance, a match made by Brahma. Expect a lot of good trancological karma and extraordinary soundscapes coming your way for this track. 4. 6EQJE5 - I mean are we here to party or what. That's rhetorical, Just fuck. Goddamn. 2:30 is all you need to know you're about to listen to one of the best trance tracks created. 6EQJE5, remember that one if you can, it's for your own good. There's nothing I can say that would be better than listening to this track. 5. Concerta - The bassline of this track got me stoned which makes it hard to think about what to write. I got it! No I lost it. YES! No it's gone. A crazy good track with celestial melodies that warp around every part of your consciousness. 6. Atmospheres painted by RA float in the background of this track and when the kickdrum came in I realized I didn't know it wasn't there. Matan & Navad know how to create cool worlds with sounds, and flounce those skills in your face on Visit Earth (Live Mix). I can't call it a favourite because each track pretty much is at this point. 7. Dance Float - Aaaaah Haha its on baby. Did you all check in on time? Bring your passports? Remember not to bring more than 50ml of liquids that aren't in a ziplocked bag? Leave your aerosols at home? Because this space ship ain't waiting around. Boom fucking Boom man. A speed of light banger that gives and gives and gives. Special surprises for us everywhere. But how the song composes it's finale is the most special, like lightening strikes of energy this song rocks. 8. Like every track so far Spacestation gains momentum along the journey. But Spacestation decides to swing you between calm (By Sykespico's standards) and crazy atmospheres. As soon as you think the calm is winning the crazy spreads its tentacles of psychedelic euphoria open, slowly engrossing every part it's electrified world. 9. Perlimor Star If you didn't already realise the crazy amazing atmospheres that these guys are compelled to create, you'll soon learn (I haven't head stuff like this since listening to Ra!) This could just as well have been an album opener as well as a closer. Beautiful slow trance that grows bigger and bigger. That grooves up and beyond. Did I just get transported to a the beginning of a new beautiful world being created? No... I got transported to a land of soaring energy that dances across the galaxy. But good guess. ~ If we are going to call Constellation by MP a cross between Mindsphere & Astral Projection. And Jaraluca's fits into the category of Psylent Budhi, Morphic Resonance & Pleaidians, which I agree with completely. Well then i'm going to liken this to a love child between Ra, Jannis & yes, Pleaidians...They get around. I think Celestial Intelligence might have christened the little bastard. I don't know what to say. It's just excellent unexpected stuff. Its exciting and energetic and a whole bunch of other nice words. This will surely be my album of year. This might be the best album of trance i've heard. But Sykespico already knew that, didn't they? Time will tell if this album really is as good as I think it is, but so far 8 listens in nothing has changed other than my favorite tracks. Magic https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/perspective
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    Tomorrow we will upload the new Celestial Intelligence album as pre-order! But for now, some updates from Classic Goa Trax! Last 2 weeks we re-released: California Sunshine - Nasha Dreamweaver - Lord of Illusions (with (unreleased) bonus tracks!) https://classicgoatrax.bandcamp.com/
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    It is a bit weird to say real goa is dying, it has died in 1999 maybe? but then again it resurrected many times again and again. In the timespan that is 1993 till today you will find a lot of good music to listen to, be it made int he early days or a week ago. you just need to find what you like. Oh and the girl from techossomy avatar is a metal girl singer from the 80-90s,
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    Not the best effort I've seen, but you'll get there eventually.
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    great move by the way when will you decide to post a photo of pleiaidans alcyone vinyl promo sheet?
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    no no you are not right...i dont want to say bad things about the other releases in 2019 so i apologize for my word you scandinavian Gods of wisdom and sex. but like i said 3 times. Perspective is the one and only good Goa Trance Albun in 2019. One One One ONE only ONEEEEE...you all will remember my words in 5 years.
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    Done fried your brain, son. Either that or Google translate isn't doing a great job.
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    I think Technossomy is an amigo not an amiga. If you get my drift? I'm talking about spaghetti and meatballs. Benoirs, bo jangles, Richard and the Twins. ~ I read your sentiments towards this on the Sykespico review and was going to comment but decided to leave it. Now that we are here though... I think 2019 has been an incredible year for Goa trance. Median Project, Jaraluca, Sykespico, Xamanist, Battle of the Future Buddhas, Katedra, The Legacy VA. + we have Celestial Intelligence, Hypnoxock & Pete & Pan on the horizon with a solid Norwegian VA coming up too. For me I think it is fair to say that 2019 was probably better than 2007, maybe on par with 2012/16 releases, but personally I think it's better because i'm living it fresh now. Despite all that, using this forum as my sole example, it seems like engagement with the music is dying, not the music itself. But what do I know, festival attendance is up surely? There are more labels releasing decent music, artists are improving, just look at The Maniac, Veasna, Median Projects big boy steps & as already mentioned Jaraluca & Sykespico. How do you find a substitute? Can it be done? I don't think so.
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    We all know that Goa Trance is Dead...we all know. My Question how to find a substitude?
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    are you this girl on picrure...just wanna know. yes, no, maybe?
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    Hi everyone, This is my new project that I've finally decided to make public recently. It is not genre specific but I decided to make sure my first official release will be a Downtempo track. Also, it's worth mentioning that I composed this music to video, so you can argue that it is somewhat cinematic as well. As some of you may know, I stopped producing Goa trance some 2-3 years ago and was devoted to exploring other genres since (predominately hybrid orchestral and symphonic music). If you'd love to stay in touch or follow for more music down the line, I kindly invite you to follow some of my pages listed below: Facebook Bandcamp Soundcloud Spotify Thanks for listening!
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    i mean i think (I only think) that i have heard 90% of all oldschool goa...and if you come near 100% you will get depressed. There are no more than 100% of oldschool tracks out there...there is a brutal QUIT some where....and BAMM you are an insect again! From God To insect in 33 secounds because no more Music...no more enargy no mor conection to God.
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    The artwork is done, all which is missing now is only to put on the text information and logo + barcode. I'd like to ask you who reads, for advice.. Should I not share the final art like here, for extra suprise when the buyer opens ithe VA..? I want to post it now, here for you to see. But also feel respect towards the buyers to not reviel and ruin the (complete cd123 artwork) surprise. Inputs are most welcome, im very close to showing it off. e. Haha, so inpatient and want you to see it, so here you go, the naked 3xCD VA art! and else wells, keep it a secret so the buying people will be more surprised when opening up the VA. Namaste from Norway
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    Great review, thanks! I'm not objective but I believe this is one of the best pleiadians/true old goa releases in a LONG time! They are underrated and thats a pitty, so I can only say, check it out (and buy if you like!)
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    I'd have to say this is the weakest Global Sect offering. They've released such stellar music that when something is just good it comes off as a disappointment.
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    @Psychedelic Superbeast How bad was your ex-girlfriend that she turned two guys gay? Also, it's a hard choice between being gay and happy (I assume they are happy), vs straight and depressed.
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    I have one quite funny story with the name "Jaraluca" xD The names of the 2 former ex boyfriends of my ex girlfriend were Jaroslav/Jara(Guy from Czech) and an italian guy called Luca...both of them went gay after having a relationship with my ex girlfriend. They visited us for some times.... I luckily just got away from her with depressions and alcoholism...Cheers!
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    i did my best...tracklist comes tomorroe 0:00 Astrancer - Cristo Sol Remix 11:12 Sykespico - 6EQJE5 19:53 Dynamica - Muki 27:15 Clementz - Meditasjon 33:57 Mindsphere - Spectacular Purity 41:25 Median Project - Sunrise 50:12 Hypnoxock - Heaven cant wait 58:13 Viaon - i dont like Goa 1:06:35 Median Project - On the Edge 1:13:34 Travma - Son Nefes
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    received kuro and charm today in australia, still on first disc but so far amazing thanks to all involved
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    What's up with this? Does it have anything to do with Thanos? Hopefully not as I originally came here to say that I trust Thanos and don't think he plans to fuck any one on this campaign. I thought the pledge was going to be £300 but after looking properly I realise it much more affordable. I will be backing before the end of the campaign.
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    I fell in love with psy for the same reasons. I want to assure you (and myself) that the moment i got in contact with the genre, i knew i'm gonna do whatewer it takes to master my way through and be able to release my energies in our beloved way. 10 years passed, im on my way, and now i also know im not alone, there is actually an army of people training, mastering the art, and getting ready for the honor to speak the psychedelic language to the beat-hungry open hearts on the planet
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    Such an incredible debut from Filteria. Loaded with power and melody on top of melody. It's relentless, overwhelming sometimes with it's raw musicality. I mean there aren't enough adjectives to describe how perfect this album is. It's such a bomb that perhaps it's this generation's IFO? I dunno, but what I do know is that it is as spectacular now as it was when it came out. Superb classic.
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    Ultimate Xperience - Lazarus Rising [Neogoa] 1. Andromeda 2. Kingdom Of Heaven 3. Across Thee Universe [space Time Continuum] 4. LAZARUS [sanctum] [Mix XIII] 5. High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] [vs. Juno Reactor] 6. Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] 7. Thee Audssey [Continues] [The Faithealers Remix] UX returns with an unexpected surprise after a roughly two-decade departure from Goa-Trance. The result is NOT a pure Goa album, nor a Goa album, but an album that HAS Goa influence and.. well.. let's begin begins-- 1. Andromeda opens with beautiful atmosphere, ambient, and a fantasy/mystical feel. I LOVE the first 1:40 of this song! The beat arrives at 1:42, although the second and third minute sound like generic albeit well produced Full On to me. The first act incorporates many ideas to keep us entertained, but little magic takes place after the first 1:40. Enter terrific synths at 4:34 that make me all but forget the more generic (predictable) approach and direction. A tune at 5:41 adds to the creativity, mood, into fairly Juno Reactor-esque territory. The darker tone at 7:13 is intriguing. The ninth minute forward is pretty cool. A criticism is that the song takes time to sound more congruent and engaging around its many nice sounds. Also, the overall direction and approach feels a little safe to me. I feel that the general Full On style is limiting what the artists are capable of. Of course I'd rather an album start good and improve from there rather than start strong and disappoint later. That said, I think this is a great track, although "the whole is weaker than the sum of its parts" in my opinion. I'm also basing this on desiring to see an album not depend too much on sounding like Juno Reactor! To me the song mixes two visions: 1.) A visionary song via intro and later synth work [with] 2.) a song made to appeal to more general audiences and in doing so, limits what UX are truly capable of. The result is a catchy song that I go back and forth between because I agree that it's entertaining overall! A- 2. Kingdom Of Heaven showcases greater feeling, melodies, ethnic influence, and direction. I love the clunk effect at 1:21 (that repeats like an accent without being overused), the atmosphere, the euphoric/uplifting feel in the second minute in addition to its keys, progression, the key changes, and more. After a brief transition, the energy suddenly shifts at 4:27 and we kick into high gear via adrenalized Juno territory. Fortunately UX's approach prevents the song from feeling like a JR rip-off. Beautiful ambient, atmosphere, and sound/melody work captivates the last act. The JR feel returns at 10:15 and merges with angelic that compliment the intensity. This track lifts me up and gets me to feel something! I'm no longer an observer but now one enjoying the experience. Fantastic! A 3. Across Thee Universe [space Time Continuum] is more psychedelic and edgy! The opening is strong, coupled with ambient and atmosphere. Initiation to lift-off begins around 1:15. The sci-fi influence is so satisfying! The melodies in the second minute intrigue, enhanced with voice samples. The energy picks up (love those background, atmospheric sounds) as the song grows, showcasing more variety, imagination, and complexity(!). Yet it remains edgy, never falling to generic middle Eastern-Indian influenced melodies that would soften the infectiously futuristic feel. The cybernetic synths in the 5th minute are captivating and unique. The ethereal touches, ambient, and zip (fantastic synth work!) in the second third is great too! I love the twisting, distorted sound via 7:35 as well as the song's finale! This is another more imaginative, stellar number with strong direction, defining rhythms, synths, aggression, and intelligence. A- / A 4. LAZARUS [sanctum] [Mix XIII] has a very attractive and calming, ethnic-influenced intro. A catchy sample breaks tranquility at 1:13 and the ride begins. The song combines elegance (heart and feeling) with aggression. I love the simplicity in the synth work at 2:25. The synths in the third minute grow fairly repetitive though, and the female voice sample specifically from 3:45 to 4:15 are annoying. They detract from the more visionary, imaginative, and riveting aspects of the song and AGAIN, make it feel safe. On the plus, the emotive notes via 4:31 are great. After a lengthier than necessary transition in the sixth minute, the song soars! I love the ambient notes at 6:47. They fuse beautiful with the synths. The third act includes another strong section in the eighth minute thanks to awesome DRUMS (with tempo changes, yes!!!), OVERTuRE, and other infectious SYNTHS. These dynamic ingredients blaze across the ninth minute. The female vocals at 10:28 are very pleasant. Unfortunately those SAME ANNOYING OTHER FEMALE ONES return at 11:28. They're repetitive and the effect used towards the end is distracting, not fun. The song incorporates more "feels" at 12:05. I love the ethereal elements; they add feeling to the visionary world. Overall this is a pretty great song that could have used some refining and trimming to transform it into an even stronger vehicle. A- 5. High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] [vs. Juno Reactor] is a remix of one of my favorite tracks (and remixes) ever. Somehow the magic and power is compromised to the traps often associated with Full On via tossing nice sounds around a safe beat and baseline. The greatness and essence of JR's classic original and remix of High Energy Protons can be heard for miles in this distinct, beautiful, and strong - infectiously relentless remix. The first act is great. The middle act is phenomenal. And the last act is full of heart, zip, and excitement! The song appears more Goa-influenced too at times. It would be so amazing if the artist incorporated more Goa influence to his new, updates style. I have to mention the returning layer at 9:54 in addition to the overture synth at 10:08 on top of everything else. That is so catchy/spectacular! I love nearly every minute of this song's roughly twelve minute run time. Excellent remix, superb! A 6. Radio-Activity [eXtinction 13] has a wonderful, reflective, and atmospheric opening. I love it. The ambient-driven song is emotionally compelling, with beautiful and inventive sounds, arrangement, and direction. It's like a movie that never feels sound track-y thankfully. The song's provocative, loaded with feels, and the samples compliment. The melodies work wonders too; they convey the story being told -- of concern, debate, and hope for the future, humanity, etc., with so much feeling and warmth (optimism). I'm impressed by how catchy and gripping this number is, considering the lack of beat, though drum work enters (and enhances) the second half. The music is like emotions pouring down like rain, showering our spirits, consciousness. I'm so happy he artist created this. It's passionate, creative, full of hope, and beautifully designed. It also shows that he can produce superb work both with and within the Juno-influence that I enjoy so much too! Part of me wishes the song was longer due to how captivated I was before it ended. I could almost hear it continuing, developing, improving further, and yet this thing is nearly perfect to my ears in every way. I love when artists experiment and come up with something completely different and wondrous. Now if only Morphic Resonance had a track at this level of tempo, engagement, and strength in place of his Mindwarp (track 7) via the otherwise excellent City of Moons album. This song's gentle approach oozes with strength. Love is the answer. It is multi-dimensional. Increase your vibration. Stay elevated! A 7. Thee Audssey [Continues] [The Faithealers Remix] is one heck of a closing number. It begins with what I'd describe as cinematic ambient -- the developed (with other elements) kind that I LOVE throughout this album. The song has "feels" too; it's inspirational, motivational, contemplative, and determined like a character setting off on a journey full of great discovery, magic, adventure, love, etc. Soft hymns and vocals accent the first act before the beat arrives at 2:23. Here, delectable synths lock braids as a wave of cold atmosphere soaks in. One of the first delicious segments arrives at 3:38. We get some experimental vocals towards the end of the fourth minute. They're OK. Really though, it's the synths at 5:09 that elevate the second act along with the heartfelt layers via 5:54. The kinesthetic "feels" develops into the sixth minute, complimented with tribal-y, harmony, key change(s), and more. Atmospheric and arresting, the last act's transition is far catchier than that of the self-titled track before an exciting passage arrives at 7:56. I love the storytelling aspect here and on the overall album. The emotive element at 8:28 is rich and rewarding. Yet ANOTHER awesome frame enters at 9:08. The song keeps developing and improving with greatness, incorporating many catchy ideas done before but with fresh delivery, and many new ones as well. Heartfelt and engaging, the artist combines beauty and intensity rather seamlessly, producing an experienced and satisfying finale. The Juno Reactor influence appears fairly less here (at times) as well. The result's terrific. I think this artist can take a step away from Juno Reactor (influence wise) as Filteria did (Pleiadian influence wise) with his amazing Daze of our Lives album. In doing so, Filteria's newer, more evolved style blossomed in groundbreaking ways that made me think of no other artist when hearing that album (DoOL) other than Filteria. In other words, this artist is obviously talented, passionate, and experienced enough to lose the JR training wheels (for lack of better words, influence is a better to say) and take his imaginative (less safe) visions to gob-smacking proportions. If you build it, they will come, just like JR did, hey! It's UX after all and what a comeback. I want to thank this artist for such a fantastic, imaginative album. This closing track is A LOT more imaginative and visionary than the opening (catchy but safer comparatively speaking) track led me to believe. This is yet another excellent track that embraces its vision and leaves me often starting the album from the very beginning. And that folks, is the mark of a great album! A- / A CONCLUSION This sounds nothing like old UX and it's AMAZING!!! After 15-20 years I didn't expect this. I love the approach. The album gets better as it progresses. I love the atmosphere, the heart (feels!), It's edgy, dark and mystical (more or less), daring, provocative, mature, and powerful. I love the excitement, mystical and ethnic (worldly) elements, the sound/melody (synth) work, accents, power, etc., etc. This never feels like a generic full on release with exploitative touches of [insert artist name's] former self. For me, the album gets really JUNO-esque starting in Kingdom of Heaven (4:27), but UX influence hybridizing JR's inspiration with what they [UX] brings to the table is superb. I'm so happy that this artist took time to make something special. The work invested really shows. You can tell he didn't take the cheap (generic) Full On route like many former artists who return X years later. INSTEAD we have a beautiful releases worth listening to and recommending. Now don't be discouraged when I say Full On. This is not pure Full On. Nor is Juno Reactor. As with JR, this UX album doesn't fit into one sub-genre of electronic music and yes the Full On influence is stronger here than in Juno but THIS is how it's done while maintaining integrity, the imagination, and expanding/pushing the envelope (not limited to the cookie cutter formulaic approach most albums fall into via Full On). The approach is the opposite of lazy. It grows congruent, more cohesive and enjoyable as the journey deepens. To say something's perfect or not perfect sounds so silly to me as I become more couscous aware. If I were to pick a favorite so far, it'd be High Energy Protons [Deus Ex-Machina Mix] [vs. Juno Reactor]. My GOD I love this song!!!! I love the previous versions too but WOOOOWWWOooooOWWWWWW WHOA.... WOW!!!!!!! I have few constructive criticisms, like the opening song's first half could have been tighter, more mystical and visionary (contextual in that sense) like the other tracks. The album grows more enchanting and exciting (love that) after the rocky path to strength opening. The other songs are so strong (though I find things I like more here and there but the same goes for everything) that it's hard to over analyze. I love the atmospheric and fantasy (sci-fi) elements and hope this talented artist continues in this (that) direction via imagination, vision, etc. Not only does he develop but at times evolves-- he EVOLVES songs!!! Some tracks do this more than others and you'll know when you hear the giant development to the point it's like going through another dimension of sound/creation that compliments (elevates) the vision of the song. The FEELS (!!!) go a long way when the artist innovates on top of his JR influence. This is a SUEPRB release. Ultimate Xperience's highly anticipated Lazarus Rising is a gem and easily one of-- if not the BEST uptempo electronic album of 2016. Post your comments/reviews good or not. This album deserves it. Highly Recommended!!! Favorite tracks - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (that's all of them and I'm not ashamed to NOT be nit picky when I feel that EVERY song is so MEMORABLE and well done!) 9/10 ... A Stream the full album on YouTube --> https://youtu.be/G7yBBzUnAds Support the artist and label ---> https://neogoarecords.bandcamp.com/album/lazarus-rising
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    Thank you sir, for my next song title! I find this album just awesome! I so love Crossing Mind's swirling-melody style and key changes and the sort-of-chaotic noises floating all around at the same time. It's great when I want some goa but not in the mood for any of the various neo-goa artists that can start to sound too similar after a while; Crossing Mind is definitely unique in this! I've loved The Holographic Paradigm since the songs were dredged from the dark recesses of the internet, and I love The Inner Shift!
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    I have stated it before but will do again for Ormion (so he has some more support) Distance to goa 4 is thé best compilation ever!
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    Finally someone who agrees with me. THIS IS THE BEST GOA COMP EVER!
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    Distance To Goa 4 Tracklist: Marmion–Schöneberg (Man With No Name Mix) Slinky Wizard–Funkus Munkus Total Eclipse–Free Lemonade (Psychaos Mix) Transwave–Land Of Freedom Infinity Project, The–The World Of The Acid Dealer Technossomy–Androids X-Dream–Zebra Astral Projection–People Can Fly Endora–Joy Eat Static–Bony Incus (Man With No Name Mix) BIC Featuring Tristan–Vermillion Syb Unity Nettwerk–Sun Invaders Green Nuns Of The Revolution–Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee Avi Algranati & Bansi–Inner Reflexion Psychaos–Science Fiction Phreaky–Tornado Kox Box–Fuel On Etnica–Party Droid Hallucinogen–Space Pussy
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    Distance To Goa 4 Tracklist: Marmion–Schöneberg (Man With No Name Mix) Slinky Wizard–Funkus Munkus Total Eclipse–Free Lemonade (Psychaos Mix) Transwave–Land Of Freedom Infinity Project, The–The World Of The Acid Dealer Technossomy–Androids X-Dream–Zebra Astral Projection–People Can Fly Endora–Joy Eat Static–Bony Incus (Man With No Name Mix) BIC Featuring Tristan–Vermillion Syb Unity Nettwerk–Sun Invaders Green Nuns Of The Revolution–Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee Avi Algranati & Bansi–Inner Reflexion Psychaos–Science Fiction Phreaky–Tornado Kox Box–Fuel On Etnica–Party Droid Hallucinogen–Space Pussy Topic closed, thank you very much.
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    Maybe Penta - Pentafiles is coming close and then Zolod - Deja Vu Fabrique is dark and melodic but it has a softer more "electric" feeling then the scatterbrain album imo
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