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Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet (Suntrip Records)


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Triquetra - Ecstatic Planet 

Release Date: 2018-01-19

01. Gate To Happiness

02. Stormbringer

03. No Unexpected Errors

04. Homonculus

05. Gargantuan Tribes (Live)

06. Starbirth

07. Psychic Dissonance

08. Chosen By The Gods

09. Helios


"Suntrip is very proud to present the debut album of one of the most talented goa-trance producers these days: Triquetra! These Belgian twins, Elric & Jurian, are blowing away the scene and played allover the world already, Israel and Japan included! Why? Because their music simply kicks ass! Acidic, uplifting but melodic for all lovers of old school goa-trance! We even heard people making a link with old Cosmosis... Can you handle that? :)

The journey starts with a melodic track, which is supposed to be the Gate to Happiness! Good, because indeed, happiness is imminent: The following tracks are pure blissfull acidic old school goa-trance! A good portion of TB303 & acid sounds, uplifting melodies, old school kicks and an interesting rhythm section! With "Gargantuan Tribes" they take a break from the madness, and show their other side: tribal trance with live didgeridoo and drums! The second part of the album evolves to more typical melodic goa-trance for the morning hours! Many dancefloors already exploded with this music, we hope you will too!

Like usual, the mastering was done by Tim Schuldt, and what is more interesting, all the instruments you hear in the music were also played by the 2 brothers!"




I don't know if it's proper protocol for Suntrip Records to put this information here but I had to share the news with my fellow goa'ers. 

Since it's winter now... I'm just going to set my alarm for Jan 20th and hibernate until it's released.


Taken from the blog on Suntrip's website Oct 15

"the Triquetra brothers from Belgium are almost done with their album. Working title "Ecstatic Planet". Nine tracks packed with Goatrance melodies, tribal influences and scratchy acid lines! Everyone is working hard so so can get it in your hands before the end of the year !!!"



short preview clips available here





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On 3 January 2018 at 10:41 AM, antic604 said:

I'm certain the music will be awesome, but that cover and font... :unsure: :blink: :(

apart from the "Q" looking like an "O" it's completely fine imho. we've seen plenty of horrible covers in newschool goa but this one is not one of them.

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This album has some really good oldschool moments, but theres one thing I dont like (and I never thought Id say this) TOO MUCH GOD DAMN ACID MAN! It becomes painful every time I try to listen to the whole thing at once and all acid lines kinda sound the same so its a bit annoying

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You like Crazy, acidic, full power, old school influenced Goa trance which puts dancefloors on fire? Don't search any longer... Suntrip Records just released the debut album of Triquetra! :) Instead of a huge promo text, just listen to the samples and buy if you like :) Now only available on the Suntrip shop & bandcamp! In a week on all other media!! :) Spread the word and thanks for the support! 

Available now on our Suntrip Records website (together with all other cds we released and other label cds and t shirts etc...)

And of course on bandcamp :)

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