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  1. No, you can buy the triple album that contains two versions of that song for only €18. There's no justifying €15 for a single digital album, especially if there's nothing special about the music. Riding on past fame is sad.
  2. Exactly my thoughts. Reminds me of the high school football star quarterback showing up to a house party ten years after he graduated expecting all the new kids to lavish him with praise. You're not relevant anymore and you got fat, don't expect €15 for a digital album to be a reasonable asking price.
  3. Not the best effort I've seen, but you'll get there eventually.
  4. Great news, DAT Records always brings quality choons. Hoping this new venture is no different.
  5. Done fried your brain, son. Either that or Google translate isn't doing a great job.
  6. Ah, the junk part is about the build quality. They just feel like Chinese plastic junk to me. I don't think they're made in Austria like the older models and the high end models, and the parts they use seemed flimsy to me. Mine creaked like crazy too. I just wasn't a fan. Also not a fan of Beyers with their grainy, rough treble. If I were to put an old school mid fi headphone around the same price above the 712, it'd be the HD600. But I think Fostex crushes all of them with the 50mm biodynamic driver... very detailed, balanced sounding (if you like bass slam), respond nicely to eq. Build quality and comfort are tops. They aren't picky about amps, work well with about anything. Anyway, I'll stop singing their praises, to each their own. Didn't mean to offend.
  7. You basically said the same yourself, the frequency response on them is whack.
  8. They're boring and basically just pimp their nostalgia gimmick. I first heard Music has the Right... back in '03 and was deeply touched by it, but the feeling was short lived because it's shallow music. Autechre is Warp's underrated champion (outside of the small boost in notoriety they've received because of Radiohead). Better and more interesting than BoC and Aphex Twin combined).
  9. Nervasystem - Brainradio jumps to mind before all else. The sounds he created are so textured, original, and full of depth, almost on par I'd say with Autechre's newer albums.
  10. K712 are junk and they sound very mediocre. The Fostex are around that price and sound much better. Jump up in price some and I'd agree Trance there that the LCD-2 are great. I've got LCD-2C, and aside from weight they're super. Never heard Shure, but yes have heard that they're weak in the low end.
  11. If we're getting into a headphone conversation, I keep coming back to Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart for electronic music. I've got a respectable stable of expensive headphones, the Fostex can do no wrong.
  12. I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you.
  13. I ordered August 29th so something went wrong. Pretty frustrating, I want to hear that Hallucinogen track.
  14. Dig up a fourteen year old thread that's ridiculous on any timeline ($22K headphone setup revolving around the k1000 with an $11K power cord that supposedly reveals new layers of bass??? Big lol) by mistake and post something not so relevant into it, only to later realize your mistake. This is my favorite thing on the internet right now.
  15. I hate to do this, but anyone hear from draeke recently? I sent him a PM that has gone unread for a week or so. Just curious where my copy of ZNA might be, as it seems many people have received theirs already.
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