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  1. It's seriously so so sick. I'm listening right now, absolutely fantastic. Nice comeback DAT!
  2. Or Mind Rewind 4? I was pretty excited to see what was going to be on it, but alas.
  3. Oh, some of these releases are amazing! The Hallucinogen mix of Synaesthesia is mind blowing. Dude, nice catch and thanks for posting this.
  4. Facebook is part of the global conspiracy to steal our brains and upload them into the internet making us eternal prisoners of the data net that will be utilized to wage cybernetic world war 3 on those who never surrendered to the Facebook horde. Whoever tagged this as confused: you're only confused because half your brain has been uploaded to Facebook. It's not too late, delete your account while you have the chance!
  5. Apologies for contributing to the negative vibe. I'm not up on Facebook or any social media, so wasn't aware of updates beyond what's said here, which has been silent for the past six months. Getting chided by DJ Sunburn for not having Facebook is pretty silly, but I won't hold it against him.
  6. Does he owe people products and/or money? I'm not owed anything, but unsure if others are owed something. I've seen this in the metal scene, where someone will set up a label with success for a time, only to eventually rip many off. A heavy drug habit is usually the cause. Definitely NOT saying that's the case here, because I don't know either way!
  7. Give it another six months. Maybe a year. OK, maybe a few years. I'm sure we'll hear something eventually though.
  8. Any updates on how things are progressing with getting the bandcamp stuff back up? I'd like to buy Kuro and Charm if at all possible. And looking forward to Total Eclipse if it's still going to materialize.
  9. Unfortunately I don't typically use my phone to listen to music, so I have to download (I'm old and old fashioned... MP3 players). I have all the files right now, but prefer to be able to download when I need to. Glad to hear that full access will be available once you're back up and running, thanks for replying. Hey, also really looking forward to the Total Eclipse release... great return to form!
  10. So when your Bandcamp page comes back online, will those of us who have purchased albums in the past have access to them again? I've bought nearly all of what you had up before and I'm not happy that everything disappeared. I'm sure I'm not only the only one who feels this way.
  11. But it's like 'be patient, covid'... and here we are a month later with open EU borders and no news on DAT Records, except for things going even further south than they were a month ago. So what's happening?
  12. I grew up in a very diverse city as well, Denver. I lived in some rough parts of town off and on growing up. I've learned from my travels that very few Americans understand what true suffering is. Very few. I see mostly skewed perceptions of suffering that in reality is minor discomfort to those who know true suffering.
  13. My condolences. Pretty awful environment to grow up in, having to walk on eggshells regarding everything that comes out of your mouth. I've worked with people who were brainwashed into this way of thinking and they were invariably dysfunctional in the workplace because they didn't know how to get along with others. Hypocrites quick to point their finger at others, but wielding the most offensive mouths I've heard. I've also visited cities under this spell and they're some of the most socially dysfunctional places I've been (and I get around a lot, both across the US and internationally).
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