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  1. If someone told in a way,without know anything about this album,that it was produced in the 90's somewhere around 96-98 but with a remaster,I would definitely believed him. It is probably if not the only, from the very few in the main core of the golden era, without any new school element, but with high octane spiritual ingredients. Big pleasure to listen to, totally successful.
  2. 3rd Disc is very beautiful! the tracks are in the line of that golden era, some have the taste of brilliant classic trance as Intrance feat. D-Sign - Dosta, State of House - Pacific Dance and many others in that period of good music made with love. Very nice to see the light even after decades..
  3. The album causes tears of joy... full congratulations to the artists + Suntrip
  4. Without any doubt but is a little subjective,OOOD Remix is top (without decrease the other remixes) groovy pumping and mature,very nice tied sounds and also beat swap,superb reminder remix for a personal listening or public and dance floors
  5. the goa constrictor - yes you're right it's more downtempo or experimental breaks,more near to Australian sound of Psy-Harmonics,it's there 3 or 4 tracks with dance beat. Thank you for your opinion! be good
  6. Here is a list of some Psy Trance / Techno / Ambient - Downtempo / Electronic Music releases for sale If you have time take a look.. Most of the CD's are in very good condition,sometimes near to mint. They are also in discogs For specific CD or vinyl details i can provide photos Thank you! 'Update - All records they giving as a bundle for the price of 400.00 euro instead the total price of 693.00 euro,except 4 records' Gabon - Source Of Silence '20e' (Ambient Project By Boris Blenn AKA Electric Universe / Galaxy) ''Rare'' Electric Universe – 20 1994-2014 2xCD '18e' (Goa Tran
  7. Outstanding mystic flavour,Kris always was and is much creative
  8. Hello there.. i would like to quote a link from discogs for some records who they are for sale.. ofcourse we can talk about better prices upon request and provide photos. here is the link: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Scenery/profile plus a CD album by a little unknown project from Boris Blenn 'Gabon - Source of Silence' that is meditation ambient for 15 euro,in near mint condition Thank you for your time
  9. Very good cover indeed promising,also conceptual theme Long live UX,we love Kris Kylven!
  10. The album has fascinating routes and layers,very colourful and mystic voyage.. congratulations to Phobium
  11. Hey masen023! i think i didn't paid much attention on this.. interesting thing
  12. Hello draeke! how are you? i just want to ask you about the 'probably release' Fluorophilia album from Etnica,that mentioned at compilation The Independence Trance Revival who contains the track Nice Toy. My question is if you know,the tracks of this album are spare here and there in other albums and compilations as Equator? and/or later in yours Live In Athens - Best of Unreleased? which was intended to be the original tracklist? many congratulations of course for the Pleiadians - IFO augmented reissue,grand work!!
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