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Anoebis    418

Important update for all goa-lovers, producers and friends of producers! 
We have some interesting updates with Suntrip! We are working on 3, yes 3 new compilations! 

The first compilation is one with only 90s classic artists, making a real (new) goa-track for us! :) For now we have already some nice names comfirmed: Shakta, Oforia, MFG & Shidapu! More to come :) We hope to be finished by the summer

The second one will be a real, typical Suntrip compilation: only the BEST modern goa-trance! :) So if you have promos, you can always send them on info@suntriprecords.com or send them to me or Fabien on fb! :) If you are a new artist, its probably more interesting for us to have 1-2 of your best tracks and not 20 tries :)

The third one will be something unique: for a long time no new melodic forest/goa crossover was released. As many know I love that sound as well (which resulted already in a Ka-Sol and Battle Buddhas album). So for once, we will dig deep in the underground and lets see who can blow us away with this sound! :) Promos are also welcome for this one of course! :)

Release dates are non existent for now... We will see when we have enough KILLAARGHSSS tracks :)

Love & light from tooo active Suntrip

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Paul Eye    454

I'm definitely looking forward to the goa/forest hybrid compilation. I just hope you make it properly dark/furious as I was honestly a bit underwhelmed by the moon side of the 50th parallel compilation.

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