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High bpm (150 - 160) hard melodic goa


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X-Dream - Aurorix (152)



Moonweed - Snake Charmer (154)



Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Atomic Armadillo (155)


The Infinity Project - Overwind (156)



Hallucinogen - Space Pussy (156)

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Ufomatka's latest is also clocking above 150 BPM, and it's niiiice. Next to Ganesha Pramana I can't think of any other good track of the new school; following Shpongled's post..



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It's funny that I discover now this track from Pleadians, it was released in 1995. It's great. I don't really love fast goa trance but this one is one of the exceptions (153 bpm)


Pleiadians - Pleiadians



Is it the first tracks they ever produced? Brilliant sound.

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There was a group called Noforix around 2000, making only this kind of goa... 160 bpm goa, pure madness! It was on mp3.com but never on cd, although there were some good tracks, anybody knows about this?

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