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Melancholic/sad psytrance

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Every once in a while I hear a tune that has a really sad feeling to it. I don't know why, but this feeling makes my day... something about it is just perfect for those late night listening sessions, or after hours of dancing. I'm talking about things like:


Juno Reactor: Rotorblade (really heart tugging strings)

Morphem: Nothing Left (super sad melody), My Plan (sad flute), Love Is An Ocean

Dimension 5: Antidote (another ;_; flute)

Blue Planet Corporation: Midian, Lubianta, Crystal, Cyclothymic. Most BPC is like this really... Cyclothymic in particular must be the saddest trance song I've ever heard.

Spectral: Celtic Alchemy


What're some other sadpsy tracks? Let's get a little emo here. ;)

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There are some goatrance tracks that could set me in a melancholic mood, old ones being Boris Blenn's "Portamento", or Brain Accent with "Orange Acid". Interestingly, both are on the same compilation,

Hunab Ku - Fallen Angel Always thought this has a 'barely holding on' desperate feel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXy0ZQDmRpg   Transwave - The Rezwalker (Black Thunder Mix) Vengeful and sad.

No melancholia thread is complete without this one:  

Oforia-Voice Of Delusion



Astral Projection-Axis V.99

Unstable Elements' whole album

Psyfactor-Endless Universe album

California Sunshine-Rain, Coming Home

Solar Quest-Carronbrig


Optic Eye-Anacoluthon

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California Sunshine: Rain, Coming Home, Jajo, Avalanche, Last Feeling, Dejavu, Tears In My Eyes

Adrenalin Drum: Tribute To Irvin Prusky - tributed to Harels late father :(

CHi-A.D: Asral Warrior, Animatrix

Cosmosis: Deus (Agnostic Mix)

Crossing Mind: Nova On Night

Elysium: Interpretation Of Dreams, Xanuba and superspecial Wild Dance on naked Feet

The Musses Rapt: Spiritual Healing


so far in my head...

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Greenhouse Effect - Ende Of The World (the whole atmosphere)

Reefer Decree - Nightvision (because of the melody at the beginning that goes through the whole track)

Jaia - After The Rain and Mai Mai (I don't see Mai Mai as sad but still somehow as melancholic)

Paragliders - Oasis (ok, it's more trance than psy)

Yahel - Last Man In The Universe (to me somehow uplifting and melancholic at the same time)

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There are some goatrance tracks that could set me in a melancholic mood, old ones being Boris Blenn's "Portamento", or Brain Accent with "Orange Acid". Interestingly, both are on the same compilation, VA - Pulse Vol. 1.




I don't know if it's your cup of tea, but I like melancholic Psytrance a lot. Some psy and even full-on producers have some pretty good tracks in that vein, e.g. SA producer Tickets.




"Tinnitus" or "Existence" are other tracks on the same album, featuring some 8-bit-ish sounds, that remind me of old, melancholic C64 sid tunes.

Another producer with some very good moody and melancholic tracks is RAZ. Check out tracks like "Unknown chapter". Bitkit or Tristan made some melancholic tracks, too, e.g. "Tunnelvision" by the former and "If Only" by the latter. But I think it really comes down to taste or certain elements in a given track, that make them somehow "melancholic" in the ears of a given listener.

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Athena / Miranda - U Are Alone

Title says it all...




this is it, thiis thread let me to one of the best goa trance songs of all time. This is such a dynamic and atmospheric masterpeace, that it really kicks in. The big sound, integration of percussion in the melody, impressive kick and baslsine, all those things are just priceless, this is one of the most complex goa songs, it has so many things playing at the same time, not many others do.

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