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    Tamlin - Spectrogram

    Tamlin - Spectrogram 1. Perspective 2. Release 3. Switch 4. Catalysk 5. Contrastion 6. Playtime Adventure 7. Psychedelic Exp 8. Nowhere Fast 9. Somewhirl 10. Pax Nostra 11. Bonus (Turrican remake) Get samples here, I recommend you check out track 2 to begin with Mostly venting my excitement about this wonderful release and encouraging more skilled reviewers to type a few words. Tamlin has several tracks released on compilations from Vertigo, Faerie Dragon and GI'IWA. This is his debut full length. The style is set to finnish madness combined with old school goa vibes, which I suppose is becoming the new school goa, with so many quality releases. Tamlin combines high speed dancefloor abilities with interesting and highly psychedelic experiences, such as the excellent track 2, Release, which rougly, much in accordance with its name, is one great build up. Also, the Turrican remake bonus track is much better than the half-hearted attempt by Tea Chairs. 4.5/5
  2. longloststar

    Kadasarva - Steamagination

    Kadasarva - Steamagination 2011, Released by Sun Station Records 01 - Kadasarva - World Of Tomorrow (145 BPM) 02 - Kadasarva - Quaternion (144 BPM) 03 - Kadasarva - Cybermind (145 BPM) 04 - Kadasarva - Trylon And Perisphere (143 BPM) 05 - Submatukana - The Krypt (Kadasarva Remix) (142 BPM) 06 - Kadasarva - Ginger (147 BPM) 07 - Kadasarva - Quakers (144 BPM) 08 - Kadasarva - North Pole (143 BPM) 09 - Kadasarva - Amrita (144 BPM) My favorite sample here is "Rachel, Kids, I'm sorry...", apparently from System Shock 2. I like it not only because it isn't from just another movie (or from one of those movies which are so common in our music), but also because it points to the vision the artist had. The steam punk theme is obvious from the album title of course, but I think it is admirable when there is a theme, or a vision, to be found at all, since most albums, of any genre, appear mostly a collection of good-enough-tracks; although for any competent artist, they will follow a singular individual style, theme or not. The style of "Steamagination" is an interesting fusion of several sounds. Someone called it a throwback to the, so-called, good old days, but frankly I'm not sure that I have ever heard this sound in completeness before. There is a bit of Koxbox here though, I find. There are also plenty of gritty percussions that often sound great, some very tasty snares. The melodies are pleasing, never sublime, but always elegant and are not relied upon to carry the tracks. The second half of the album becomes a bit darker, a bit more chaotic; rhythm and darkpsy-like patterns become more important than melodies, in some of the tracks. My favorite track is "Cybermind"; this thing is a beast, it twists and turns into and out of melodies and funky screaming rhythms. Overall this is one of the most interesting and unique releases of the year for me, and it should appeal to lovers of all up-tempo psychedelia. Here is a score, because scores are fun: 4.5/5 Available for free on Ektoplazm http://www.ektoplazm...-steamagination
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    Aavepyörä Appreciation Thread

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    Desert Island Albums (GOA): Your pick

    Tough one, but... 1. KinDzaDza - Waves From Inner Space 2. KinDzaDza - Insoluble 3. KinDzaDza - Waves From Outer Space 4. KinDzaDza - Nano Ninja 5. KinDzaDza - I'd Like You To Be A Mind Reader
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    most talented artist/band in the scene?

  6. longloststar

    K.O.B. - Identity Mash

    To me this is his best since Sky Input, more mature and complex than his last two. It's kind of the union of dark psy and goa that we have always dreamed of.
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    Loud - 5 Billion Stars [Nano Rec.]

    Pretty excited about this.
  8. longloststar

    Downtempo from the 90s

    What are the premiere chillout/downtempo releases from the 90s? Such as: Solar Quest - Orgship Children of the Bong - Sirius Sound Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation Mystery of the Yeti 1 & 2 Banco de Gaia TIP - Mystical Experiences The Orb Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation
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    Hutti Heita - Hutti Heita

    Ormion, what do you think is a better recent forest release?
  10. longloststar

    Top 3 most psychedic goa albums in your opinion?

    Koxbox - Dragon Tales Etnica - Alien Protein Zirrex - Lost in Time
  11. longloststar

    Your favorite downtempo goa track?

  12. longloststar

    Tracks and albums that are like watching a movie

    Sandman - Witchcraft
  13. longloststar

    Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics

    I really like this! "Mariposa Live Remix" is mindblowing. I love the originality and the melodic twists. This is definitely a must-have for old-school lovers.
  14. longloststar

    Hutti Heita - Hutti Heita

    This is excellent. On the lighter side of forest, plenty of original and satisfying melodies. Recommended!
  15. longloststar

    your favourite artist names

    Infected Mushroom
  16. longloststar

    Goch - Sphere of Influence (Hypnotica, 2014)

    Best release of 2014. In my eyes, it is a classic of dark psy, up there with Kindzadza, early Psykovsky, Derango, and not many others. The sound is similar to "Tumult", but harder, less compromising, less melodious and taking place, it seems to me, in outer space, rather than the forest. I knew I loved "Arched Orb" from the first time I heard the sample. But there is so much more. "Flow of Perception" may be my favourite. It is so thick and thunderous, charging and releasing these thunderous blasts which are completely absorbing. Goch does not give up anything for the dancefloor, but in doing this, he not only conquers it, he transcends it. Much of recent dark psy sells it souls to cheap thrills. The newest Antagon, Kindzadza, Kokobloko, Select Project, Enichkin, and others. It is all fast and fun and you think you love it. But only at first. There's a lack of atmosphere, a lack of telling. I respect the hell out of Goch for taking his time, for filling it up, twisting and turning, because this kind of integrity is rare. This is one for the books. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KfUglcMnvo
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    REALLY good full on?

    You imply that Tron releases on Nano, which he does not. This is generic full-on to you? You may be slightly confused. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hRSnsiswIw
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    REALLY good full on?

    Braincell Delirious Noon Psydrop Tron AMD Avalon Realitygrid Brethren ITP U-Recken
  19. longloststar

    Big new talents!

    Goch produced the best album of the year, so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KfUglcMnvo
  20. longloststar

    What new music did you get today?

    I like Select Project too, and speaking of recent dark, don't miss Goch - Sphere of Influence. That's the best one so far, in my opinion.
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    Gem of the day

  22. longloststar

    Rate the above track - Fun game

    Biased towards Trold because of their amazing "Time of Illusion". 8/10, would listen to again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BQYy_8k3E8
  23. longloststar

    Forest Psy

    Already Maged - Liber Scientia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10KQjF6e6qg
  24. longloststar

    Xnorophis - Eyes

    Nice job on that review.
  25. Enichkin's last two albums contain much of what might be called dark melodies.