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  1. I trained to be a shaman, then I got into making "psychedelic" graphics and VJing. Now I mostly raise my children, keep the missus happy, and keep up with my studies.
  2. The scary part is they don't even use a strapon, but it sure feels good.
  3. Psynina would like a date with you, maybe moving onto marriage and some hardcore producing....
  4. Funny, I didn't get that impression at all, rather that Colin was just balancing the conversation with supplementary information. I wonder if anyone would come to your rescue, in such a situation?
  5. Oh yeah, I might of mentioned, that I make the videos for free, only for people and music I like. Of course you have to put up with my cliche interpretation of psychedelic closed eye visuals, but hey, some people seem to like it. Afterall its all skunk 'n' roll. Keep up the Great Work™.
  6. I liked your album on Ektoplazm, some tracks are on my "would play out to an audience" list. Well done, and if you ever want a video done, just PM me.
  7. http://news.yahoo.com/portugal-drug-law-show-results-ten-years-experts-180013798.html Rather obvious, but nice to have some empirical evidence to show the "drugs are bad m'kay" brigade. And here is the report in full http://www.emcdda.europa.eu/publications/drug-policy-profiles/portugal
  8. Well as it relates specifically to a reply I made on the thread, which although asinine had a valid point. Namely charging 75 Euros for 3 secondhand CDs. I merely commented that the seller seemed to be either someone feeding a crack habit or a bread head.
  9. So do mods often delete posts around here without telling people, or giving a reason?
  10. To quote a female friend... Simply, because there aren't any fit blokes into psytrance.
  11. Just downloaded the first 3 episodes of falling skies, on recommendation. Aliens land, and kill 90% of earth's population, story follows a small band of survivors six months later.
  12. It could well of been the 'ther way round. "Every statement is a proposition, not every proposition is a statement." I did want to look it up in my copy, but it is buried in the loft, and I had to go by memory. But it was a convoluted read, and I suspect there are better books out there that say similar things as succiently but more clearly.
  13. Simply, as far as I remember, "Every proposition is a statement, not every statement is a proposition." Which basically seems to me to mean, just because you say something doesn't mean it is true, or bears any semblemence to reality.
  14. Thanks to the mods, for splitting the thread, as I was starting to feel bad about trolling the NeoGoa thread, with one of those issues that gets under my skin (or at least has done in the past). I am very much genuinely interested on Richpa's strategy from evolving from a freemium product - NeoGoa, to somesort of paid/revenue model, but then I am not sure if this is the appropriate thread for that.
  15. Never doubted for a moment, that you weren't an honest hard-working person (as are most people I know). Tbh it was your English (no offence meant) that confused me, that 100% is still a nonsense figure, rather you work a full-time job and go to school/college in the evenings, which is quite different. But it doesn't sound as impressive, as "I work over 100% though I guess". (You employer won't say things like you work 100%, but rather you work x number of hours/days etc, i.e. a quantifiable amount). Anyway back on-topic, Hope everything manifests as far as you imagine it and more for Neogoa and its offspring. I will keep an eager eye out for your future projects.
  16. May your next trip around the sun, be even more fun and rewarding than the last. Keep on smi²ling. (p.s. I remember back-in-the-day™ when every solstice was an excuse for a psychedelic gathering)
  17. Another video from the TranceVisuals vault..
  18. Wow, you've actually read Saharasia, kudos. Haven't met your literary sort since the MaybeLogic Academy days, when Bob was alive.
  19. You can count the hours you work, till the cows come home, and you still won't work over 100% (although as you don't define this percent in relation to anything it seems just a purely made-up statistic, designed to promote what reality-tunnel you inhabit). Infact I doubt you actually sat down and worked out how much time you actually spend working compared to time available, I think you would find to would be well below 100%. But I suspect that wouldn't make your (made-up) point as well. The fact you obviously have time to respond to me, shows that infact you do have the time to respond with a 30sec "I am busy, will converse later". As I said before, people make time for what they consider important.
  20. Keep the lasagna flying... Look at the subtitle of the book. And talking of books RAW talks about, I am reading Saharasia at the moment by DeMeo.
  21. That reads like another of those emotional statements. "I am so bussssyyyyy man, I work over 100%"...... Roflmao, you think you do, but quite patently you don't, no-one does, that is just another statement you tell yourself about how important you are tbh. It only takes 30 seconds, to reply, "I am busy now, thanks for your email, I will get back in touch in x amount of time", or similar. Anything else, and you are just deluding yourself (and in my English culture, rude as well tbh). But don't worry so is everyone else, and I am sure I delude myself in equal measure, particularly when I want to justify my behaviour.
  22. First off, I wanted to thankyou for taking the time to reply, so few seem too these days, as well as providing some suggestions of your own. However Olly, you seem to confuse a lot of issues, and ideas both Leary and McKenna had, and "promoted". Leary's quote never meant that all people should take psychedelics, I don't know where you got that idea. Sure after Millbrook and his harrasment by law officials, and the outlawing of LSD and other psychedelics he became more "confrontational", but you seem to be confusing Leary with Kesey tbh. The mushrooms from outerspace is another misquote of yours, that actually came from Dennis Mckenna's notions about the evolution of the indole molecule and particularly the leap from the 4-idole to 6-idole, which he later proved to his own satisfaction was wrong. Infact Terence made a lot more issue of us taking mushrooms into outerspace and with us, whether intentionally or not. Infact all the points you make seem to be slight "twists" on actually what they said, taken out of context, which like most things could "prove whatever your prover wants to prove" (see J. Lilly. ) It also makes me think you haven't done enough research tbh, otherwise you wouldn't be making such "elementary" errors. But I am NOT defending each of these persons, Leary especially had a strong self-publicising streak, and character-flaws a mile wide. Mckenna too has/had his skeletons, but there were reasons why he did not speak in larger groups than a few dozen, for often he was wary of people taking what he said as "fact". Infact he stated several times that he deliberately spoke to small groups as he didn't believe in the need for a wider more popular psychedelic movement, but a deeper more integral one. The fact you also so readily confused LSD and mushrooms, which Mckenna and others such as Metzner went to great lengths to differeniate between the two, and mostly reject LSD as a tool partly due to problems of supply and purity. But I also believe that it should be possible to seperate the person, from their ideas, philosophy, to some degree (but not forgotten). Indeed I know both Alan Watts and Krishnamurti (infact all three if you include Neem "abandoning" his family to a degree) have their own "egotistical moments/actions". But of course some might say that the ego does not exist but is the invention of Freud, who not only falsified his data, and successes, but also spent quite a few years as a coke-head. So before you start bandy-ing around words like "ego" I suggest you dig a little deeper, indeed Mr Watts would point out that buddhists don't actually "believe" in the ego, and think it is an illusion brought on by the chattering monkey-mind.
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