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The psynews photo album


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Im on the left. This was from.. August 2010. My friend and I do bike trips out of NY state every summer (we skipped last year) and that summer we went to Old Orchard, Maine. 240+ miles biked. Very beautiful oceanside state. As for the shirt - my 2nd time to England, my friends and I visited I think it was Camden for the day and I got a kick out of this London Underground logo ;p While in the country I fell in love with the term 'Mind the Gap' because over here in America we use 'Watch Your Step' sometimes with 'Please' in front of it all. The best thing about the day I got this shirt, shortly afterwards down the street was a little market and I heard a very specific sound.

..bass... PSYTRANCE BASS! I look to my left and saw a dj playing ;p I went straight over to him and talked a little. I purchased some Phantasm releases he had and said goodbye. Shortly after that I found a shop selling psytrance and purchased some more. That kinda stuff wouldnt happen for me at home. I felt like I was in a fantasy land, haha! My friends thought it was interesting since they know nothing about the music and were curious as the DJ and I just chatted and thought it was so foreign I recognized the cds in the shop as I browsed.


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Hmm, haven't posted a picture here in over two years. Let's see...

Browsing through my Facebook pictures, this is probably the most normal, boring and sober photo of me I could find.




...and after falling flat on my face while drunk. Nothing unusual, to be honest. I love me some vodka.



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