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The psynews photo album


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We had a party here in my hometown with Stevo (Suntrip) and Lunar Dawn (UAF/Neogoa), so this is after Rakija sessions:

Kristijan (Lunar Dawn) and me




Kova, Kristijan (Lunar Dawn) and Stevo are trying to play chess even they're a bit drunk, we had so much fun at my place :) While they're playing I was tripping listening to Agalloch and some post black metal sickness


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Welcome back!



Well well well, i finaly managed to post photos of our small 'gathering' at Connection 2013 festival in Spain last month, here are some photos of members and some other goa-heads :)




Nova Fractal, Stevo, Imba





Matt Loraine, Imba, Anoebis, CoaGoa





Imba & BlackStarrFinale (dicky) :D






On my way back home i ended in Sofia, Bulgaria where i met Goadelic (left):






And last one that i am proud of. With Juan (Muses Rapt) and Maurizio (Etnica). We shared terace, had some conversations and fun few times. Really nice guys, i enjoyed a lot! :P






I really enjoyed all members and people i met on that journey. Those are just small moments here, but i am happy we met and had great times! :)



PS. I didn't met Radi in Bulgaria :(

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