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  1. I made three songs for my first album Personal Perception mastered by Igor Čeranić @ Deimos Soundlabs and you can take a listen here https://soundcloud.com/muhara https://soundcloud.com/muhara/personal-perception https://soundcloud.com/muhara/frequency-unknown https://soundcloud.com/muhara/tripping-in-a-spaceship
  2. Lost Theory was amazing, 2012. was great, but this year... Just WOW! People, artists, atmosphere, organization! The best festival in Croatia.
  3. And yes... This is the best answer, I guess
  4. Very cool drawings man! I like it!
  5. Hi all, I'm still new here, but I think that this is a great place to show you my new project. I'm making psytrance, some breakbeat and darkpsy, but it's still on some experimental level This is my new album and it's FREE for mixing, sampling and everything you can imagine... Mastering is not perfect, because I don't have any analogs, only some knowledge with plugins for mastering... Only ''Extreme Adventure'' was mastered by some professional guy. 01 - Muhara - Psychodrama 02 - Muhara - Control Your Mind 03 - Muhara - Extreme Adventure https://www.dropbox.com/s/rops3fjw3ua49zz/Muhara%20-%20Electric%20Fields%20-%202013%20-%20WAV.zip If you don't have time for downloading, you can go on my soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/muhara
  6. Psykovsky is crazy guy, during his performanse on LT people weren't able to dance and I saw that many of them were mad because of that. Me and my friends just watch him and couldn't believe what he is doing, but his madness was fun and very artistic in some crazy way... One guy fainted twice during his performance, but he was different, you must say that
  7. I was afraid that is something like that... I don't like that way of djing, I like people as Psychovski, he had amazing performance at Lost Theory festival... Every second was incredible, he was mixing his songs with some funny stuff (Merry Christmas sound track and some songs from 60's) but it was unusual... I also want to include some MIDIs, Chaos Pads etc... Live must be different... Some lives I like (It's not psytrance but it's still amazing): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze1ux7GiW_s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipiouij0t7A (1:40 -)
  8. Ok I have some, maybe stupid question, but I must ask it... I'm producing some trance, breakbeat etc. but I never had a live show. I know something about djing, I have Numark's Mixtrack, but I'm not pro with it... I'm wondering how producers mixing their stuff live. Are they mixing only their stuff or they are using some other samples, songs etc (I know it depends of producer, but I wonder what's the best way). I'm not sure if you can understand my question, but if you do, please try to give me some cool answer Thanks.
  9. Hahaha, I can't believe that you are here... I'm your very big fan
  10. I'm the second one from right This is just before Lost Theory, trance festival in Gračac, Croatia.
  11. Why? I heard that a lot of time, but I don't think so... I think that Fl Studio is amazing software and that low DAW quality is just a myth. I think that it depends of plugins, your mix, volume etc. For example, we have in Fl Studio plugin; Fruity Reeverb and it makes some bad noise in the background... I don't use that plugin. And ofc, mastering is very important too
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