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goatrance with flute instruments


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So as the title describes i'm looking for goatrance songs that has a eastern influence more typical the flute instrument...

I've searched through my cd collection and find some of these.


For example:


yesod - on the edge of time

Beyond third spring - ganesha

mad stof - master builder (ishtar now mix)

goasia - totem / taboo

khetzal offcourse :)

Dogma - sutra Sarma / eastern dawm

Chi-AD - virtual spirit cd ( organis forms - state of mind - paranormal activity - sacred vision )

encens - instramentality ( enlightment mix)

aeturnum - flow

tromesa - kalahari



I'm a little bit stuck right now so i hope people like you can help me out...



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Let me Captain Obvious for a second :P


1200 Micrograms ..The artist name varies from release to release: 1200 Micrograms, 1200 Mics, 1200 Mic's and even 1300 Mics.




only old/new skool goatrance please

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What? No one's mentioned Infinity Project? Tracks like Flute Line are just amazing. From the good 'ol days, Posford plus Raja Ram with the flute :posford:

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Time to bump up this thread again. Seems there is a lot more intresting than 1year ago and i'm happy with that :)

Same question as the thread 'Indian Influenced Psytrance'


So please post oldskool tracks that have oriental influences (Flute,sitar,djembé,vocal samples,chants,...)


I have made a list for myself with tracks from my collection in this typical style and i hope we can complete this list togheter.


I think its a good idea to spread the new and oldskool artists. Just for clarity because a lot of newskool artists use it in there songs.

I'm only intrested in oldskool stuff but for the newskool lovers it can be very usefull.


And what about albums like (chi-ad - virtual spirit/dogma - land of utopia/D5 - transdimensional/Hunab ku - magic universe/khetzal- corolle/...)

These are albums where the eastern influence is in the hole concept of the cd. Its a bit useless to rename every track in the list maybe just name the album or what shell we do?


Just want to ask one more thing. Goatrance - No NITHZONOT or anything that goes that direction - thanks :)or just make another thread for that


Hope we can work something out togheter.


The oldskool List


nasha – chai machine

tyoussi – shofou

sheyba – trance afrika express

nada karma – chandra

ceiba – rainbow warrior

anubis – rites of ra / temple of down

manitu – indian summer

xervana – frustrations

Shell shock – sunshine in Tokyo

phoenix – the down/the flight of the phoenix

mad stof – master builder

somaton – dredlarks

somaton – mks dist

johann – great eastern

california sunshine – travel in time

beyond third spring – ganesha

tromesa – kalahari

underhead – le Petit matos

underhead - unify feeling

nemesis – snake dance

mantra – arrival

elxis – ultramundane magma

sphere – eastern eclipse

deviant Electronics – when then is now

deviant Electronics - elastic bang

aeturnum – flow

encens – instramentality enlightment

2 puissance 30 – transpyramid express/ + remix (psychic lover mix)

overlords – naked people (Full Moon In Disco Valley Mix)

red aum - Guarana

morphem – my plan

power source – vorlan

spectral – kundalini

spectral - moonstone

the rise – single (the goa pyramid mix)

manmademan – angel hair

doof – H2om

soluna – dancing spirit (fairy tail mix)

avi algranati & bansi – inner reflexion

semsis – host

red headed – psycho train

witchcraft – eastern rain

Coma – Fusing of tones

infinity project - squadgy atomica

asura – de profundis

laughing buddha – infinite depts

athena – xschattry (female mix)

prana – pneumatic

Aeon – neurone

Perfect rainbow – exotic eye

Transwave – journey into outher space

Shakta & Moonweed – Micronesia

Ololiuqui – swampin

Dreamweaver – lord of illusions

Subcouds – on red

Subcouds - under the sun

Vasilisk – 49 days

Dharma 7 – Inner Spirits

California sunshine – ghost copies

Bell size park – psyquest

Boombay – iquitos

Surya – 25th lion

Jaffa project – egyptian magician

x-dream – trancesylvania x-press


Album List

Astral projection - ....

Dimension 5 - transdimensional

Dimension 5 - Second phaze

Hunab Ku - magic universe

Jaia - Blue energy

Dogma - Sutra Sarma

chi-ad - virtual spirit

Guy sebbag & gal carmy - in trance

solar plexus - images of the 5th dimension

Mystica - Age of innocence

bell size park - thruth is there



Newskool: yesod, khetzal, astrancer, goasia, antares, ethereal, new born, afgin...

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Psy trance with live flute in the London


I wish I saw stuff like that on the London Underground. I only ever see some cunt with a guitar playing Waterloo Sunset.

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Also from V/A - Nitz-ho-goa, Räma - Illumination



I wish I saw stuff like that on the London Underground. I only ever see some cunt with a guitar playing Waterloo Sunset.



Psy trance with live flute in the London


What the hell - adawufhsedfdsfawf
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