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  1. Thanks man... It's looking good at the moment - 12. best selling psytrance release at beatport today. Couldn't be more thrilled! - A
  2. Hi all, Just released on JOOF Mantra - an EP with my three latest tracks. It's got a bit for different tastes - I doubt you'll love them all, but take a listen if you're into either glowing psytrance, early-hours progressive trance, or massively imposing tech-trance. Blast-off at https://www.beatport.com/release/procyon-ep/1802763 - A
  3. Yes! - why is such a gate not just standard issue in all DAWs...? I wrote my own AU for this a while back. Still use it, but it's AU only, ugly as *u**! If you think you can use it, you're more than welcome - but Sonar is VST, ya?
  4. Ossom - not enough freedom of movement for my taste, but I like the parts in there! You look to be a massive eurorack buff - I may axe you for extremely basic advice sometime soon, if that's ok...?
  5. Wow, you need a lot of cash to fill that sucker up!! I am thinking about starting light: 3u * 84hp. Put me an oscilator, two envelopes, filter and VCA in there, and I'm off... Can't find the right modules to start with, though.
  6. Well, here's to hoping... I can't seem to shake the habit - it's my way of relaxing and getting centered. I also don't want to sound like anything else... But, I really suck at imitation, so whenever I hear something cool and think "I wanna do that too", I just go for it, and thankfully something completely different comes out! Then there's the "good artists borrow, great artists steal..."... I try not to borrow too much
  7. I have never actually tracked as such, but I can think of several appeals: - Some people are suckers for "the old days" (myself included!), and doing stuff "the ways of the past". That goes for a lot more than music-making. - Severe limitations call for radical creativity. - The simpler and less-demanding your setup is, the smaller load of hassle you get from system failures, software updates, ... Until it becomes venerable and outdated of course
  8. Where did you loose it, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. Thanks - rest assured, I like it down here in my basement! It looks better than it sounds - the Juno 106 is missing a voice, and the SH-1 is impossible to tune. They're still fun to be around, though
  10. Oh, just that maybe I would use the damn things, if they were any good But also: I keep seeing all these marvelous control surfaces and spacey interfaces popping up, but I just can't figure them out. I still draw my automation by mouse. If that wasn't possible, I would probably type in *every* tiny little control change like in the old days!
  11. > Does this mean you're still doing some music? :OOOO Even as I write this...! I am fiddling with an intro to a progressive morning trance track (a genre for that exists, appearently...). This, a techy piece and an odd psytrance track will come out on JOOF later rather than sooner > How's the Axiom49? I had one but ended up selling it as I hated the knobs on it. Good call selling it. I don't like it particularly. I use the keys, pitchbend and mod wheel. That's it. All other buttons, sliders and pads are untouched. I sometimes look for something else, but figure that I am not the kinda guy who uses all the extra stuff anyway. Sour grapes? > Edit: I actually had to head over to VSE to recall what that gray Korg you have there is (Prophecy) I wish I used it more. It can do some cool tricks, but is a bitch to program. All those menues. I am thinking of going eurorack, but am afraid of the deluge - A
  12. Let's see if I can manage to slip one in... Notice the drawing of the devil on my desk. I am well proud to say it was done by my 4-year old daughter, who is crazy about Tenacious D. We'll get to Juno Reactor, Koxbox and Eat Static soon enough.
  13. I like it. I like it *very* much. I was disappointed with U-turn, but this is terrific: - I love how all the basics (kick, bass, hats, perc) are sooo simple. It has juuust what is necessary, but is curated so well that it sounds like an entire world. - I love how the arrangements are song-like with verses and choruses. Classic Koxbox move. - I love how the tunes are different. Sooo simple, but still otherwordly and hypnotic - just like in the old days. - I love how the synthesis madness is not the focus, but just the backdrop of an incredible odd space. This is for me better than many parts of Dragontales, in which the FXs takes too much over. - I love how the tunes and soundscapes takes me up and down, twistin' roun', without being obvious about it. - I love how the production is extrEmely well done, and fits the music perfectly. - I love how my expactations of being disappointed weren't met! I'm blown, and all the Koxbox albums are spinning again!
  14. Serendipity or not, it belongs in the booklet of a CD with that name I was too late to get one of the pledges that let me get some audio on the disc, sadly. I am extremely happy with the music, though. It's gooood - but I wish it had come out sooner, because it shines along with the sun so well!
  15. Hey yeah, I see you there - the same picture as here - A
  16. Dude... That is EXACTLY what I'm doing, also. I actually said to myself just now: "Hmm, I think I'm gonna take the speakers out of this ol' CRT TV as well!" But seriously, that sounds so JF Sebastian to me - I wish I could do stuff like that. You know, without getting into all that reading and practicing for years and years first... Good luck finding a cool place to work
  17. That only happens to me *every* time I press play... You are doing the right thing, though - referencing on other systems. This is wildly important. Also double-check with some decent headphones. A neat trick (on all systems and headphones) is to turn it aaaall the way down, and then up until you only barely hear it. If it still works, and you can hear all the parts, and they balance well - then you're in a good place! Also, try not to waste too much time mixing, before you are ready. Focus on creating the track first, then nitpick in the end. That's something I say, not something I do - although I wish I did
  18. Something vegan, so I wouldn't mind sitting in an eChair :-p
  19. Goodness, sounds like it was custom-tailored especially for ME! Can't wait...! - A
  20. From his webpage: CD 1 will feature more of the up-tempo banging tunes, YES, there's some techno, YES, there's some Drum n Bass and YES, there is plenty of QUALITY 'ALIEN INFUSED' Trance... the mission with all the tracks this time, was to show that albums's are very much alive and well and STILL the most important thing to me and the main reason I have continued with Eat Static all these years. CD 2 will be a full length experimental downtempo offering... you have been warned! I have recorded this album the old school way... ie - isolation, lots of old gorgeous analogue synths, and taking every single track as far as I could, with experimentation and trying new idea's out... I wanted to push forwards and make music worthy of the 21st century... consequently, it's THE most 'Static' sounding album since the early days... no commercial pressure, just pure love, sweat and literally, tears... both these CDs are VERY personal this time and every single tune on there has a part of my genetic code within it... You may also be interested to know that I have done a couple of collaborations for this release... for the banging trance stuff, I have Laughing Buddha, Chris Rich and Martian Arts all guesting... and boy, did we let loose! And on the downtempo stuff, I've worked with Georgina Brett, who specialises in Vocal Looping techniques and makes amazing ethereal music, Robbert Heijnen - former member of Psychick Warriors of Gaia and founder member of Exquisite Corpse, and Mik Singh, a new name on the scene... the sessions all went so well, I am already discussing do more with these characters... sublime!
  21. Ditto from Denmark... We got to see a bit of crescent, when the layer of clouds thinned a bit. That was nice, tops. Bit disappointed here - A
  22. After almost 20 years of producing, I recently got me some decent monitors (Dynaudio BM5 mkIII). Before that I have had the same HIFI speakers since the beginning. It was quite the game changer. It is much easier to create a decent mix now, and after mastering there is juust a bit more bite in there. Until the drastic move, I have gradually improved my space by filling it with absorbing materials - mineral wool mostly. It works wonders, and after each round of building basstraps, the accoustics improve. I would probably rate this effort the most important, especially if your outset is a concrete basement like mine was. The above is about the production environment. It is hugely important for your work conditions. The instruments are a different story, and they are hugely important for what you want-to / are-going-to create. Decent gear sounds better than crappy gear. Talented and creative people can get interesting results from what other people call crappy gear - but only if their production environment is at least decent. I use mostly software these days (almost exclusively) and I am perfectly happy with it. To summarize, for me: room treatment, monitors, then all the rest - that would be the priority. But the best advice is probably to do a little of everything, all the time, lest you block on the treatment, and then never actually get to writing anything. Right, this just turned yarn... Have fun - A
  23. I just finished something that might fit the bill... It'll be released in a couple of months, but in the meantime, I'll get a demo up on SoundCloud!
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