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  1. Va - If I Wasn't Human, I'd Be A Trance Track (compiled by dj Inada) - Cronomi Records Tracklist – Intro – New-Born - Unidentified – Temporal - Flying In A Trance – Portamento - Flying & Falling – Psysutra - Free And Independent – Artha - Faith – Dragon Twins - The Acid Man – Vila Nova - Genesis – M-Run Spirit - Implosion It is great listening to this compilation and feel the love from the artist for the golden goa area in the 90's. They all bring something different here, back to the roots, more analog sounds brought into this new century. I am surprised and happy that this is possible. Track by Track review: New born - unidentified I like the “simplicity” of this track and the space between the different sounds. In comparison to other new artists who make tracks to packed with too much sounds. The beat sounds fresh and up to date, but has a very “old skool-ish” structure in it. This gives me a 5-dimensional feeling where I seem to blend in and become one with the music itself: The Track has a very Trancy feeling. On 3:55 the first peaking moment arrives: Going in the air and in my opinion genius how he plays with the melody (and also in the rest of the track). There is this subtle background sound that really takes me back to a blissful open-air moment I had once: The 1st sun rays show themselves and the track "Jaia - Mai Mai" sounds from the speakers! Superb and a beautiful end part: I love it! 138 bpm with a very good rive in the track. Temportal - Flyin in a Trance A real storyteller of 11:13 minutes long. The intro has something melancholic and a starting melody where I seem to hear two “big bangs” before the 4/4 comes in. Ow yeah! A blissful beat. Miranda style, so very dry and deep. I like it a lot! The composition constructs very smoothly and softly. Also there is enough space between the music layers so I can connect with the depth of the composition in the track. I can feel the soul of this storytelling masterpiece, a perfect track to put the whole day on repeat and without getting bored! Portamento - Flying and faling Haha, I get goose bumps from this track. It appears it has been composed in 1993-1995, but in a slightly new jacket. Just fantastic to let this feeling overcome me and to be able to fully experience it. More of this please! I have the urge to dance with a big smile in the sun! Psysutra - Free And Independend Most original trance composition I’ve heard in years, really genius!!! This song has rays of joy and loads happiness; I can feel it in every cell of my body and this goes on for like 11 minutes long! On this live act I come and dance when he will play in Belgium on the party “Dance-For-Life”! Artha - faith Refreshing and somewhat darker start, “flying Rhino 1997 atmosphere”. Nice example from a very well balanced track where light and dark meet and co-exist in a harmonious way. Very very nice climax at the end! Dragon Twins - the Acid man Rough 303 on a unpolished acid beat. “Bassline Baby – Computerd Controlled 1995 style”. Nasty twists at 5:05. Yes, a melancholic melody there that I think is fantastic and it makes this track to something very unique. A strong turning point pops in with a very striking climax. Villa nova - genesis In my opinion the weakest track of the compilation. Dull intro; in my opinion this could have had a bit more work into it. Sounds a bit “flat” into my ears. Not enough surprises to catch my attention. On the other hand I’m a big fan of “Ololiuqui-styled music”, but maybe put this track in another type of compilation? I feel I skip the track when I listen to this compilation. M-run - Spirit Implosion 135 bpm and a strong vivid drive. I adore the analog sounds in this masterpiece. Beautiful melodies, and percussion plus a well balanced beat. A surprisingly trancy twist half way the track: I’m not used to hear this from M-Run. Throughout the track the music doesn’t evolve into pussy-trance, but keeps its own strength. Nice constructed climax: Sound like "N.D.M.A - The answer & vitan" The artists on this compilation wipe out all the main stream “new skool”. Can it be done different, the answer is: “Yes!! This compilation contains more analog vibes, rough “old skool” beats, creative compositions and very well made samples. In my opinion a CD everyone should buy! Check, listen this release on Bandcamp: http://cronomi.bandcamp.com/album/various-artists-if-i-wasnt-human-id-be-a-trance-track Check Cronomi Records at: 1) facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cronomi 2) Cronomi webshop for all their releases: http://www.cronomi.com/#Shop 3) General site: http://www.cronomi.com
  2. Listen to this mix from Dj Inada (Cronomi Records) - https://soundcloud.com/dj_inada/a-real-summer-isnt-an-illusion Great melancholic morning goatrance!
  3. Goatrance http://www.filefront.com/17349831/Mantradeli---Milkyway.mp3/ Tracklist: Mathuresh - Vaikuntha Planets Morphem - My Plan Manmademan - Angel Hair Underhead - Unify Feeling Zabra - A Trip Back Chi-ad - X-isle Jaia - Rebirth Warlock - Capta Goa 6 Dimension 5 - The Zarkon Principle Cydonia - Animals Psychlopedia - Sleepless nation Crop Circles - Different Species ------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.filefront.com/17349890/mantradeli---acid-bom-.mp3/ Tracklist: paradise connection - creation mama indica - after 6am mindfield - the knowledge mama indica - radioactive brain bass chakra - 230 000 miles (initiation mix) digital sun - into the sun brain accent - anno domini domestic - perception trasher amanians - Lets meet on the other world prana - the earth manmademan - drama tandu - alien jump crop circles - full mental jackpot cosmosis - howling at the moon mama indica - maria sabrinas ubar tmar - transformer synthesizer ------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.filefront.com/17350046/mantradeli---Hand-full-of-Stars.mp3/ Tracklist: Blue planet corporation - Cyclothymic Dreamweaver - Messangers from the sky Equator - night tripper psygone - Strange cocoon Jaia - Twisted Zone Bamboo forest - flying stars power source - Vorlan Xervana - Frustrations Shell shock - Sunshine in tokyo Jaia - insomnie (remix) Pleiadians - Zeta Reticuli (Lazy Spiral Remix) Tripticon - Hand full of stars Transwave - cycles of life D5 - Polaris 1 EPS - Spiritual hallucination Miranda - Concorde (remix) Jaia - Orphéé Asia 2001 - Rakshas Astral projection - Ionized Prodenya - Magnetic fields ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ambient http://www.filefront.com/17349930/Mantradeli---novas-incident.mp3/ Tracklist: Shulman - The Unexpected Visitor (CBL Carbonator Remix) Irukandji - Whales Street distant system - light echoes astropilot - voda solar fields - something crystal spectrum vision - inox solar fields - the stones are to busy cell - misty morning sync 24 - the source aquascape - vacuum fields distant system - time circles vibrasphere - san pedro aes dana - bam ra - cloudwalker koala - infinite dreams dimension 5 - flow sync 24 - DOT asura - cemestoam tendencies chronos - self overcomming ------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.filefront.com/17350038/Mantradeli---A-Dream-Frequency.mp3/ Tracklist: Sundial aeon - Snail's home Scann tec - Hope Zymosis - Usual Miracle Jaia - December Androcell - Seahorse Dreams Kliment - Fairydreamers Aes Dana - Aftermath 03 Distant System - Light Echoes Astropilot - Voda Aural Planet - Are you Human Ra - Light Receiver Ra - Tears of Fire Sundial Aeon - Together We Are (Sundial remix) Nucleur Ramjet - Folding Time Mystical Sun - 2012 Mystical Sun - Blue magnetic Ocean Abakus - California Sunshine Sundial Aeon - Mystical Weather Etheogenic - Beyond Zero Sundial aeon - Azure Aquarings Chronos - Crystalic Sea Asura - Celestial Tendencies Khetzal - Listening Winds Astro Pilot - Carma Cleaner Ethereal Elysian Fields enjoy it!
  4. http://www.filefront.com/16669949/Cygnetic-Records---Discography.rar/
  5. Cyborganik - The Centre Of The Cyclone
  6. Time to bump up this thread again. Seems there is a lot more intresting than 1year ago and i'm happy with that Same question as the thread 'Indian Influenced Psytrance' So please post oldskool tracks that have oriental influences (Flute,sitar,djembé,vocal samples,chants,...) I have made a list for myself with tracks from my collection in this typical style and i hope we can complete this list togheter. I think its a good idea to spread the new and oldskool artists. Just for clarity because a lot of newskool artists use it in there songs. I'm only intrested in oldskool stuff but for the newskool lovers it can be very usefull. And what about albums like (chi-ad - virtual spirit/dogma - land of utopia/D5 - transdimensional/Hunab ku - magic universe/khetzal- corolle/...) These are albums where the eastern influence is in the hole concept of the cd. Its a bit useless to rename every track in the list maybe just name the album or what shell we do? Just want to ask one more thing. Goatrance - No NITHZONOT or anything that goes that direction - thanks :)or just make another thread for that Hope we can work something out togheter. The oldskool List nasha – chai machine tyoussi – shofou sheyba – trance afrika express nada karma – chandra ceiba – rainbow warrior anubis – rites of ra / temple of down manitu – indian summer xervana – frustrations Shell shock – sunshine in Tokyo phoenix – the down/the flight of the phoenix mad stof – master builder somaton – dredlarks somaton – mks dist johann – great eastern california sunshine – travel in time beyond third spring – ganesha tromesa – kalahari underhead – le Petit matos underhead - unify feeling nemesis – snake dance mantra – arrival elxis – ultramundane magma sphere – eastern eclipse deviant Electronics – when then is now deviant Electronics - elastic bang aeturnum – flow encens – instramentality enlightment 2 puissance 30 – transpyramid express/ + remix (psychic lover mix) overlords – naked people (Full Moon In Disco Valley Mix) red aum - Guarana morphem – my plan power source – vorlan spectral – kundalini spectral - moonstone the rise – single (the goa pyramid mix) manmademan – angel hair doof – H2om soluna – dancing spirit (fairy tail mix) avi algranati & bansi – inner reflexion semsis – host red headed – psycho train witchcraft – eastern rain Coma – Fusing of tones infinity project - squadgy atomica asura – de profundis laughing buddha – infinite depts athena – xschattry (female mix) prana – pneumatic Aeon – neurone Perfect rainbow – exotic eye Transwave – journey into outher space Shakta & Moonweed – Micronesia Ololiuqui – swampin Dreamweaver – lord of illusions Subcouds – on red Subcouds - under the sun Vasilisk – 49 days Dharma 7 – Inner Spirits California sunshine – ghost copies Bell size park – psyquest Boombay – iquitos Surya – 25th lion Jaffa project – egyptian magician x-dream – trancesylvania x-press Album List Astral projection - .... Dimension 5 - transdimensional Dimension 5 - Second phaze Hunab Ku - magic universe Jaia - Blue energy Dogma - Sutra Sarma chi-ad - virtual spirit Guy sebbag & gal carmy - in trance solar plexus - images of the 5th dimension Mystica - Age of innocence bell size park - thruth is there Newskool: yesod, khetzal, astrancer, goasia, antares, ethereal, new born, afgin...
  7. NM/VG+ condition http://www.discogs.com/Morphem-Out-Of-Focus/release/101791
  8. http://www.zshare.net/audio/610611173e9248f3/ It sounds a bit like 'Encens' but i can't find the release of this song.
  9. cell - ketama live The last one for today... I'm gonna catch a nice dream that's for shure
  10. nice i will check them...Keep them comming please another masterpiece with a magical flute: perfect rainbow - exotic eye thanks!
  11. So as the title describes i'm looking for goatrance songs that has a eastern influence more typical the flute instrument... I've searched through my cd collection and find some of these. For example: yesod - on the edge of time Beyond third spring - ganesha mad stof - master builder (ishtar now mix) goasia - totem / taboo khetzal offcourse Dogma - sutra Sarma / eastern dawm Chi-AD - virtual spirit cd ( organis forms - state of mind - paranormal activity - sacred vision ) encens - instramentality ( enlightment mix) aeturnum - flow tromesa - kalahari I'm a little bit stuck right now so i hope people like you can help me out... thanks!
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