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  1. So my friend doesn't believe me when I say EBM was played in goa in the 80s (he's a goth ). So can we post some video evidence please? I know there was a video posted a while back... but I forget it's name. Pretty much anything with music from goa in the 80s. Ok I found the thread in question, any chance of some quotes from interviews? I'm looking myself but I must goto bed now.
  2. Well Goa Gil might have published the record on his label but all the info says it's made by Sergei Nazarenko. An excellent album, some top tracks of various moods. Definitely darkpsy, with some very energetic tracks, but I think that concidering Enhichikens unique style and the variety of moods here this one is that'll appeal to the usually non darkpsy listeners (who might only like derango and a few others, not that this is necassarily similar to them). I mean there's definitely some quite sad tracks or parts of tracks, and that's not something you necassarily hear on every darkpsy album. There's a medium to heavy idm influence in the same way that there's a strong dub influence on a lot of psybient, but as people said to call it idm is a bit silly since it's psy. I agree with the comparison to psykovsky, if you like him then you will probably like Enichkin. Not that they are that similar though. 8/10 Favourite tracks: The twilight zone, In memory of love
  3. This just in: Newschool goa is too shit to take drugs to
  4. What an excellent album, I saw this guy live and he's a great DJ. His music is just as bloody great, I wish he was still making stuff. So many great tracks, no one bad one. Pincusion man, The Retinal circus, In the hands of the randomizer and the entrapment of john dory have to be the best ones though. Retinal circus is just so sublime... and the entrapment of john dory has to be THE saddest psy trance track I've ever heard. I want this played at my funeral!
  5. To be fair though the reason it fails is due to changes in things most of the time, and buying windows doesn't entitle you to 20 years of updates either.
  6. Yeh it's pretty good. Some cheese but some seriously fucked stuff too
  7. You're probably right, but you did say you didn't like guitar music. I mean some of the members here are into stuff like tool etc so they might be inclined to like that sortof thing more (although probably not the pop rock crap on yb's latest)
  8. Their last album was still pretty damn good though.
  9. I love this argument. Alcohol gives me a hangover therefore lsd makes you feel worse the next day. Highly logical
  10. I'm in blue and a black checkered hoodie... and yeh my hair really needs a cut, but my hairdesser has been booked
  11. That actually seems alright, a bit slow at first though, it builds energy pretty well though.
  12. Karlheinz Stockhausen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_VPCeyM2nY&feature=player_detailpage Philip Glass John Cage ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gN2zcLBr_VM BTW karlheinz stockhausen-Microphone 1 & 2 is seriously the weirdest and one of the trippiest things I've ever heard, you guys hould definitely check out if you're into psy. I mean lets put it this way, it starts out with what sounds like a balloon being rubbed along some metal thing... and from there it just gets weirder, there's also some really insane voice effects I don't think I've ever heard before.
  13. You could use audacity to record what you hear then post it.
  14. Well a lot of it does have horror themes... to say no basis in reality is a bit much. Certainly maybe 50% of it is traditional goa themes, space themes etc though. Also, the whole devil thing in (darkpsy) music comes from the black metal scene liking levayan satanism... which in a nutshell is about how traditionally things like excess are seen as bad but they're really what's good in life. I don't see how that conflicts with traditional psy trance views.
  15. Neo just means, something old that's been lost and is tried again, but with quite different roots. Which is quite accurate to describe the newschool stuff.
  16. Yeh I didn't mind the one e mantra track I'd heard, I haven't heard his album though. Even still, it's not oldschool quality.
  17. Sorry, made the post this morning and couldn't remember the name of the V/A I was thinking of. I'll edit it in to this post once I find it in my cd collection. I really can't remember the name of the V/A... that doesn't look good ... I know it's not that uncommon and has been references as neo goa on isratrance a bit(which is the most vague description ever, I realise). But yeh, generally with suntrip records and stuff... the music feels like it has no soul and isn't that trippy. Like it's atmospheric and euphoric... but goa trance was the combination of EBM and acid techno into a trance form... and the newschool/neo goa from suntrip seems to contain elements of neither.
  18. There is some excellent innovative neo goa around... but I'll give you a hint, it doesn't come from suntrip records, more from the darkpsy scene I believe.
  19. Not that this is especially related to this thread, but doesn't this mix break the genre rules for the forum?
  20. What is with the insane crap everyone's posted in this thread. BTW, the ahem... end of the troll game is such a troll.
  21. That's true. Sounds very sensible. I've only done goa trance mixes (about 6) and 1 psytrance mix (which was pretty crappy). I've never done any other genres of music, although certainly listen to sets from other genres, and some good non psy ones I've gotten from here. I'll update my sig some time soon for now though Welcome to goa series. Btw these aren't the original versions I did, just a redo of a set using the same tunes as I lost the original version of each of these. I should probably do that again, since IIRC this version I wasn't that into it and so my mixing wasn't as good as usual. week 1 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=E8MU7L86 Week 2 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OZESTINH Week 3 isn't terribly good, and I've lost it Week 4 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GY6ZLHIX Week 5 isn't terribly good, and I've lost it Week 6 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QI1SHYWP
  22. Can we have an "other electronica sets" section please? Some of us like the people here, and want to hear their 70s ambient, techno or whatever sets as well. If you're worried about junk like "come see deadmau5 live" being posted there maybe make it minimum 50 posts to post there? Or just 20.
  23. I was watching a documentary recently, ( very good btw) and it made me realise, that music isn't random, a new type of thing (whether it be harmony or the difference between an fm and non fm lead in a darkpsy track) or pattern is merely something that is instinctive in the human brain... and the only way to tell the difference between something that is random or patterned is to know whether under any circumstances you like it. If you do, it probably means something. So I think if 10+ people like anything for it's musicality and not some other form of bias (perhaps there are some forms of music that are random, and people just claim to like them because it makes them confused and therefore they think it is intelligent) then it has some form of structure. If a retard couldn't understand anything more complex than pop music(and most people most definitely are capable of understanding more), then they would most definitely think that psy is random garbage. How do you know that darkpsy isn't just slightly beyond your threshold for abstractness? Or an unfamiliar style of patterns? I know what I first started listening to black metal, all I liked was the drumming and rythmns, then I started liking some of the riffs, then more, then the vocals. I recognised that in it was something good and intelligent, I just couldn't understand or relate to it. I think what is truly hard, is hearing music that you know you don't understand, but you also recognise has some intelligence behind it. There's definitely some darkpsy that is both highly inacessable and medium to highly intelligent (perhaps not as much as the most intelligent 20th century classical/avant garde). The argument as to whether most is whatever, and what the average quality level is however is a different one. For the most part though, I think it's just inacessable to a lot of people. Definitely. To me Visine seems quite narrowminded and Rotwang seems a tad arrogant, however Visine's arguments are worse than most, so I can understand how it's a bit frustrating.
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