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  1. Finnish freeform should be your salvation. For example... I really recommend getting all of VA - Hakkapeliitta. Will list some more tracks when I have time to dig.
  2. Full list of bass music I like = http://www.karangill.com/drumtastic--bassalicious-music.html
  3. Yeah I agree. What you said makes sense. I feel a remix is rather like EDM's version of 'perform'. The re-interpretation. If you think of every EDM track embodying an idea or a certain mood, then the way the original composer writes the track is his way of conveying that. And a remix is another person's re-interpretation of that conveyance and how they see fit to convey that idea/mood. I don't know if this makes sense though? And when a DJ mixes in two tracks, it's is the DJ's performance of the music and of how that DJ wants to convey the idea/mood. So I think of DJs & remixes as representing the perform side of things, DJs more so ofcourse.
  4. Always come up against this when I talk about how amazing EDM is Personally music is made by the effect it has on you. That is what makes music, period. It's about emotion and beauty. As long as it holds something for you, it is a piece of art. The process of creating that music only comes in if it contributes to the art-ness of the piece. I don't think making EDM is that easy, it takes some understanding of the actually frequencies of different instruments, understanding of synths etc... , of the buildup and release of tension, of flow ... Besides I feel the whole point of technology is to empower. So we _should_ use technology to allow us to put our energy into the act of creation instead of spending it on perfecting an instrument. Another interesting point people miss is that with traditional instruments one person can only play one instrument, but with EDM one person has to understand and put together every single instrument in the track.
  5. Why do you say that socialism works only if people are perfect?
  6. Made some tracks and I'm wondering if they're any good at all. If anyone has the time to give me any sort of feedback that would be great! Drum & Bass + Orchestral elements. Always wanted to push try and push D&B a bit. http://soundcloud.co...129/karan-slice Psytrance http://soundcloud.co...an-free-radical Experimental-ish Dubstep. The second half builds quite nicely if I may say so. http://soundcloud.co...ran-acid-retort Intelligent Dubstep. Kinda spaced out. http://soundcloud.co...29/other-worlds Hope it's okay to put it here instead of Music Promotion. I just want feedback, not promoting this or anything.
  7. Haha didn't see that. That definitely puts any lingering doubts to rest.
  8. I don't know what Ron Paul's policies are specifically but I know he's a libertarian and I don't think you can build a society on non-intervention, so if I were American, I won't be a Ron Paul supporter. Also, I always thought psyheads would be more inclined toward social democracy than libertarianism. No?
  9. Here's my list... http://www.listology.com/karan129/story/best-goa-trance-top-artists-albums-and-tracks
  10. Hahaha it's so obvious he had speakers that underemphasized the highs and the volume was maxed out on a bunch of channels and the compressor was used to try and fix that Personally, the best goa trance cannot just have great melodies + production, it has to _embody_ goa trance, capture the essence of it so to speak, such that when you listen to it you begin to understand what the genre is about.
  11. Oh so it's personal now huh?
  12. "I win because I set the rules" Very smart.
  13. Now there are an even number of posts = no middle = no one wins. Sorry.
  14. I think what AlieNed means by 'strange' is that it isn't all that psychedelic, that perhaps it's evolved too far to be considered psy in character.
  15. Well put. Not American but I live in America, and this is what I've observed. America needs better government/administration, not less, but there are a number of complicating factors that get in the way.
  16. Yeah I should've said psy. That's what I meant to say. I'm not doubting that "serious collectors of electronic music are split into the ratio of 1:1 male to female." but I thought you were using that to say women aren't into psy, and I don't agree with that part of it.
  17. I'm sure dolls signify a lot more to girls than looking 'pretty'. If you go down this route you could say boys play with action figures whose sole purpose is to look 'violent'. Also, ofcourse part it of it is as you said the environment but of it is your genes. In other words girls can be genetically programmed to play with dolls, and it mayn't just be a case of environment. I agree with you in that it comes down to a combination of genes + environment. Also, can we please not use the word 'eugenics'? Disagree. From experience, EDM parties have about 50/50 ratios so to say women are not into EDM would be incorrect imo. Women are as much into EDM as men are. I don't think how records you own is a good metric of how much you like EDM. I'd say it's how much you participate in the scene. And then comes the question of deciding how pop is more difficult than EDM, seeing that a lot of pop is made using synthesizers now-a-days anyway. Secondly, when you say women aren't into EDM because it's difficult, that implies that women are lacking and is sexist and incorrect. Have you considered that they maybe just interested in different things and that messing around with synths and DAWs just doesn't interest them? I also think there's a counter-argument that someone could say pop is harder to make than EDM and that's why men don't get into it (you get what I mean).
  18. You know initially it comes across as 'manly' but at the end of it it feels it's not-so-subtly highlighting how lame men's views can be.
  19. Am I the only person who thinks this is sensationalist?
  20. This is so good. The Yahel one with him and the dino gets it spot on.
  21. Moonweed - Telepath. HARD ACID GOA! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX0xgWKDSW0 More Hard Acid Goa, this time from Tim Schuldt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yffSq7dTIa0
  22. Reminds me of Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica
  23. Yeah, I didn't fully appreciate k-space till I read it. It's much better than Kittel, I feel that Solid State Physics is too great a subject for one book though, so unfortunately you have to patch together info from a bunch of sources to get the entire picture. Every source seems to take a different tack/approach.
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