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Aerosis News and upates!

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Hello everyone!


We have been quiet for a long time, so all the better to come back with a bang, heres the latest:


The album is essentially finished, there is maybe 1 more track to finish and then some polish to apply. Extracts of 5 tracks are available on our Myspace. Comments are very much appreciated, especially while there still is a chance to work on the tracks!


In addition, we will be debuting most of the album and new sound during our live set at an Earthdance festival in the midwest of the United States, hosted by the friendly guys at Chilluminati. Both myself and Jeremy will be there making this a true live act. We play on a beautiful sunday morning sunrise, and follow up with a spectacular newschool set going until 10AM - totally excited about this :) If any promoters (especially in the US) are wondering, Aerosis is now taking bookings for live acts - send us a message - Aerosis (at) gmail.com


And for the last peice of news... You get to hear the morning side of Aerosis on the next suntrip compilation, however I'll let those guys announce all that in their own way..


Oh alright, one more bit of news - me and all our newschool goa buddies believe 2009 is going to be a great year for goa, one of the best in this decade for sure! Thats vague, isn't it :) But i hear whispers of a whole lot of music comming along pretty soon.



Best wishes to you all :posford:


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When we're 110% satisfied with it, and when they are finished with releasing the albums and music currently in their pipeline :)


I shouldn't say that anything is official yet other than we have a lot of good music and would like to continue our relationship and support of suntrip records, and ofcourse that they are by far our first choice for release. Any official words will come from them in the future based on their decisions and schedule. We sent them a demo some time ago to let them know how its going. :)


Our album is basically done except for some polishing, and except for our desire to make a few more really strong tracks to replace what we might think are weaker ones, so we're taking the time to do this while suntrip is busy with some other artists albums (which I'm very excited about... Filteria, merr0w (is amazing) and afgin.)


The earthdance experience was great, thanks for being out there and letting us do 4 hours of goa that sunday morning :D

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If there are, random people possess them, me and Jeremy were too into the moment to do much documenting :)


Novacron it was nice talking to you out here in california :) Hopefully it won't be the last time.


I want to give a heads-up that we just released a morning track on Suntrip's V/A - Sundrops.... and that we have an alternate version of the track that didn't make it onto the compilation... rather than let it go to waste I thought it might be something nice to give to you guys, we have a lot of music but not much that we can put aside for download... Its been a while eh :) Follow This Link


Also... Kagdilla is brewing up their next goa compilation...and there will be an Aerosis track on it...on the faster and psychedelic side :) I'm told the compilation is in the mastering stage right now... We'll see when they are ready to announce it.

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Dropping by to say you can expect an Aerosis track on the next Phototropic compilation.

Here is a Teaser


Additionally, I've uploaded a new track to the myspace, a beautiful sun-filled morning track from the end of the album! Its one of our favorite tracks, Whole New Beginning, check out a long extract here: http://www.myspace.com/aerosis


In other news, we are thinking of writing a track with Ra ;) It sounds GOOD. Hehehe. Thanks to everyone on this forum who believes in our music and inspired us to pursue it as seriously as you do!



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:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: 3 very big news wooow

first wish that compilation to come soon.This track sound good with twisted psychedelic melodies

second The Whole New Begining is music from/for the hearth very sweet melodies and happy bassline :)

and the 3th news - woooooow can`t wait to hear how will sound im sure it will be magificent cose bouth u making magic music full with emotions . :posford:

One question for end -What happen with kagdila compilation

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Hey aerosis


first of all i would like to say that i'm very fond of your 2 currently released tracks :)

Noticing that you guys are looking for some reviews of your new music, I got my sceptical glasses on and started making my personal remarks on your tracks.


Leap of Faith

-> bring it on! :D Very likely to be the best track of this list, imo :-)


Desert Metaphor

-> starts of a bit slow, but keeps on growing. So in general i think this track would be more powerfull if it wasn't as long as it is now, and if it would have a powerfull climax near the end it might throw "Leap of Faith" of its throne ;)


Phototropic Teaser

-> sounds pretty worked out :) am looking forward to hear this one completly :)


Lunar Effect (New Moon mix)

-> smooth and sunny :) feels pretty emotional/dreamy/nostalgic, if you were a woman, i'd abduct right here, right now :P:D


Take a Suntrip

-> for some reason this track does not really entertain me... its like something is missing in this track... can't really tell what it is tho...


Red Horizon

-> it feels like u guys lost interest in this track, so a bit weak imo


A Whole New Beginning

-> smooth and nice preview :)


The 3ird Eye

-> alive n kicking :) can't wait to hear to full version of this track! :)

celebration of life for sure! :)


Mystical Mushroom Mayhem

-> good track, but i'm missing a climax :o

(keeping in mind that i didn't hear a full version yet)



-> good track, but i'm missing a climax :o

(keeping in mind that i didn't hear a full version yet)



-> same smoothness as previous 2 tracks, but feels weaker for some reason..



So in general it seems to me that you guys are doing a good job, but are missing to guts (or just don't want to), to create climaxes on top of this already beautifull sound.

Keep in mind this is my sceptical opinion and i would like to hear any other comments on your tracks (or my opinion about them).


There are 3 weak tracks in this list. So looking at your repertoire, you guys are on to right track. Keep up the good work!

I'll be waiting for you when your album gets released! :)



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Any info on album release date? Just finished listening to Filteria's "Daze of Our Lives (again) and see that Afgin's album will be out in Three weeks. If the Aerosis album would come out soon that would be a triple play of awesomeness!



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You forgoted Peyota Quota wich is a wonderfull success of sunny goa sound, very nice

i would love to check this track out :) but unfortunatly, i cant seem to find it on myspace, nor on their website... maybe i'm looking over it?

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