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  1. Thank u guys for great reviews ! All this nice words give me strength to continue with the chapters. So yes there will be turlitava 3 next year, but now with even more different styles
  2. tnx for the nice words, glad u like it In case someone want to hear it again before buying/downloading the va will be played this Sunday from 2pm till 6pm in Dense "Chill On" show on http://www.chromanova.de/
  3. u can tune in for first ever playing of this va at : 15:00 - CET 16:00 - Kyiv 18:00 - Moscow http://forum.psyradio.com.ua/showthread.php?t=2175#.UQuKsK-xgt0.facebook
  4. Plusquam Chillout is proud to present another highlight for the beginning of 2013 'Summer Meets Autumn' is a journey throughout the seasons aboard time-ship music. A voyage which will carry your spirit beyond the realms of this world in two glorious phases within one of the finest selection of musical masterpieces in today's electronic downbeat and ambient world. The first chapter takes you on a magical ride lead by a selection of the most beautiful daylight chillout, painting the summer spirit with all its lush green grass, sunny days, seaside moments and pure happiness, while slowly and graciously morphing into a more melancholic, groovy selection of the most expressively intense IDM and Psychill, announcing the arrival of autumn days, bringing forth gray clouds, rainy days, falling leafs and a gloomy ride through the end of our cycle. Enjoy the trip! Tracklist: 01. Data Rebel – Summer Breeze 02. Steiss – Missing The Heat 03. Palma s Mob – Orange Textures 04. Uth – Oasis 05. Khetzal – Elfic Angel Lost In Time 06. SiebZehN – Green Triangles Red Squares 07. Miktek – Kepler-55b 08. Kassander – Snowed Eyes 09. Olexa – Purification 10. Sygnals – Anamnesia Order ur copy here : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/plc/plc1cd087.html
  5. Great compilation , with very good tracks in it . I have just one thing that i don`t like about this va that is so not fair and not professional in my opinion- In tnx section u added everyone from the compilation accept one artist - Sirius ?
  6. Yea i think the same haha btw: tnx to all who download it hope u enjoy it !!!
  7. +1 Tnx for this great Review !!!
  8. http://soundcloud.com/andrej1239/anub1s-turlitava-preview U can hear the whole compilation here n soon will be available for download .
  9. Anub1s - Tangra 01.Seamoon - Outbackfrogz 02.Seamoon - Pink Elephants 03.Atriohm - Furia 04.Lab`s Cloud - My Sacred Place 05.Cabeiri - Adorable View 06.Astropilot - Finding Wings (Album Version) 07.Astropilot - Karma Cleaner (Astropilot Version) 08.Cj Catalizer - Memories Of the Future 09.Astropilot - Memories Maze ( Terra Nine rmx) 10.Cj Catalizer - Life Origin 11.Yudhisthira - Next Destination 12.Phobosphere - Aelita http://soundcloud.com/anub1s/anub1s-tangra enjoy !!!
  10. Very powerfull bassline and nice euphoric leads ... Great one !!!
  11. Very nice review expect more from alex in near future...
  12. Congrats for the first Neogoa child,the track list is very promising... im curious to hear To infinity rmx i love the original!
  13. VEry good sound , keep going ... Just think that ur production have to be little bit stronger and more clear.
  14. Very good vibes man I more like First Love , its true that the production is much better , also is more clear and sound really old schoolish Keep going with production and hope to hear something new soon
  15. A year of silence and here it comes again. After the breathtaking success, of our previous album “VA OMNIPRESENCE”, Vertigo records would like to invite you on a trip to the crossroads of infinity! There you can experience the limitless joy of an ultramarine horizon. Our compilation, “VA CULTURE VULTURE”, is fresh, ripe and it’s making a landing near you soon! We have gathered together all the best tracks from the last year and weaved them into one seamless trance sunset! Let us once again transform your sense of reality with our state-of-the-art psy culture from Europe, Australia and Russia .For the first time Vertigo Records presents the legendary BRAINCELL, whose time warping tracks are major feature at all main party events.Three latest tracks from our Norwegian PSY-expert-TROLD are ready to be exploded. Prepare to be swept off your feet with their unique brand of psychedelia.Our other infinite pride is two edges of the same Russian diamond- FURIOUS, with two solo projects: Whoop (Aerofurious; Furious) and DELIRIOUS NOON (Metanoids, Furious). Even though the tracks (Whoop - Voice of Light, Liquidshire - Sun Beam) are the cutting-edges of Russian PSY trance sound, the influence of its progenitor, the master of Russian trance Victor Zolod is clearly noticeable. Get inspired yourself! Sun Beam -firstly written by another of Victor Zolod’s follower DARK SHIRE. On VA CULTURE VALTURE it’s been remixed by DELIRIOUS NOON project. Taste its newly ripened dynamics, feel its burning energy. Watch DELIRIOUS NOON race it to the velocity of light!Another highly explosive track by DELIRIOUS NOON - PROCESS OF LANCTUS, may outshine all its previous works. Let the music take you on a ride to the distant planet Lanctus. Experience the cosmic rays of its floating grooves.And finally get a smashing dose of positiveness in the great tradition of Australian avant-gardism, with HEDONIX, the last but not the least element that makes the VA CULTURE VULTURE the eminent voice of PSY culture, a part of which we were so lucky to be! PARTY PEOPLE! HERE IT COMES! THE CULTURE VULTURE! 1. Trold - Dumb and Dumbiest 2. Braincell - Brain Damage 3. Whoop - Voice of Light 4. LiquidShire - Sunbeam (Delirious Noon rmx) 5. Braincell - Troll Caves 6. Delirious Noon - Process of Lanctus 7. Trold - Strange Feeling 8. Hedonix - Cosmic Consciousness 9. Trold - Londistance
  16. Here u can hear one little bit old track (not final version) of C.I. Celestial Intelligence - Analysis of Emotions - It`s a very sweet goa track , very emotional and epic ...
  17. can u tell us what kind of trance is this ??
  18. Very very good news :)also its vith different track list, for me better one go go go Phototropic
  19. There is lot of good parts (like the one with flute ) and there is good ride but the old Lost Buddha sound is the best for me
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