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  1. The Grey Guy has released 4 new samples at his MySpace profile: www.myspace.com/00cyberion00 Feel free to give him some feedback and/or post it here
  2. Less then a week Actual Infos: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/40702
  3. The Grey Guy has just finished the track. It's called "Spacewheel" and can be downloaded here: http://archiv.to/?Module=Details&HashI...LE49CE3F41E5998 Enjoy it
  4. Ah sorry, haven't seen that he has removed it Here is the new link: http://rs290.rapidshare.com/files/161161838/neuet_ding16.mp3
  5. A new track which is still work in progress: http://rapidshare.com/files/160906320/butan_14.mp3 He wants to know which parts are ok an which parts needs to be improved. Please give constructive feedback
  6. Has anyone the album in wav format? Because you can't buy it anymore
  7. Here are two other unfinished tracks by "The grey guy": Track 1: http://rapidshare.com/files/148701722/gh_222.mp3 Track 2: http://rapidshare.com/files/101112097/xxx.mp3 He is also looking for suitable tracknames. Feedback is (as always) welcome!
  8. Found that on YouTube: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=ViX6ZC_w_CA
  9. The Grey Guy (aka Cameron) is a Goa-Trance producer from Germany. You can download his track Luna 3 here: http://rapidshare.com/files/125667372/7Luna_3.mp3 You can also listen to four samples at his MySpace profile: The Grey Guy @ MySpace At the moment he hasn't the time to register here and to post some new tracks. But the time will come... Feedback is always welcome!
  10. Thank you! And I would say you should continue using zip files because it's a standardised format
  11. Errr... can anyone say me how i can contact "Ethereal" ? Another thing: How i can change the thread view to the "old" style? So that i can see ALL posts and not only the first post and the others as links
  12. Whats up with the MP3 section? "Free tracks removed" Are they coming back?
  13. Oh that was a misunderstanding *g* I meant with "not only since a year" MORE then a year (currently over 6 years now) The problem is that Goa-Trance is nearly dead in germany. There is only one festival in july were there is played Oldschool (94-98). The people always say when they go to a party or festival, they go to a "Goa". But it's hard to believe that 80% of the people never heard Goa-Trance I and a few others try to bring back the music to the dancefloors. So we speak with DJs and organisers and report the newest releases at the Goabase forum (http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/forum_topics.php?bORD=1). And thats the point I would like to have releases with good sound quality. Because with poor quality you can no one impress here (in germany)
  14. @Diaks: Maybe the artists have a remastered version? And... yes. I know that Full on has another bassline. I'm listening not only since a year Psychedelic Trance (with all sub-genres) But if you listen to the first 2 tracks you must say that there is... errr... no bass. And there could be the best melody. It sounds boring (to me). For example: The tracks from Filipe (Amithaba Buddha/Pandemonium!) or the tracks from the newest Suntrip compilation have a great bassline. And most of the other tracks have that, too. I will try to contact the artists. Maybe I'll get a better version
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