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  1. very touching music here, wouldve never thought that a progressive form of ambient would come out, and i love the fact that it's not depressive as downtempo can be. really amazing and unique music. 2,3 and 9 top my favs
  2. seriously, this was pure sh!t, i had hope just because of seeing the fav. tracks from them being remixed, and i wouldnt call "remix" a track where one just congests the original with stupid changes at the last minutes of the track but then im not surprised, Endless Rhythms of the Beatless Heart was sh!t as well, except Retrospective where they managed to keep some originality. will all my respect, this is a rip off if your aiming loyalty towards the label or the artists.
  3. amazing release, very unusual to see stuff and artists like these in Iboga. There's something for everyone, even some dubstep punks will find something around what really caught my attention was Tripswitch – Squeeze Theorem, a sort of new wave of dub in electronica , amazing piece of music.
  4. probably the most emotional release lately, glad it's receiving back what it spreads
  5. 89%? lol anyways, i cant help it but add something to this subject which might create unnecessary reactions, drugs! but thats from the listener perspective, and they lack absolute creativity on explaining music in words, "dudes" do it better however, they have found another way to help the scene: www.fuckforforest.com on topic, Lava 303 heard some nice tunes from her, though it is general psychedelia and less trance
  6. first the asses from the artifact303 and emantra now the this, horny goa producers ps, any chance for non-megaupload links?
  7. you spoke from my mind Ott does a lot with its vocals, most of the time they act as a main melody, i mean u hardly recognize what those vocals are saying time to time, on the other side, they are oriental based, and if one cant stand that then just LEAVE IT ground luminosity remix from ott includes shit loads of vocals, i do agree Mir is overloaded to a point with them, but thats something i can live with if its Ott but Vaccine? why are we disgussing this album/artist, they dont belong to this scene anymore, they are waste of space in your database
  8. kinda like TIP's idea to re-releases those tracks in one place, all of the tracks have been above average preferences for me which really makes it a good compilation IMO
  9. i always had this side-flavour for dnb, but there was always something missing on whatever i heard, and this guy keeps on bringing that missing stuff. amazing sound man, you have entered territory where nobody ever stepped on.
  10. yea ive been aware of it but no, its not the one i was looking for... the text quoted is actually very CLEAR and its around the PAUSE/BREAK of the track. i can bet it was something darkish...
  11. i'd like to ask for the vice versa... i was looking at Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, precisely episode 9, and there is this phrase that i am so sure i've heard it on a track somewhere... ps, the major is siiiiiiiick
  12. even though its two months later, i have to brake the rules and double post so far, this release has been really a fresh breeze, i just love how this project targets the feelings of sunrising moments, full of bliss more please, more
  13. Sexual Reproduction something tells me that The Mysteries of the Women was solved, hehe. juicy sound btw, i feel something from all the projects this time, the journey was worth it as it seems
  14. the generalizing was just a joke to irony, my apologies. Zirrex, well there's not much i can do for you then. to me he's by far the most skilled producer, maybe a bit experimental but no second WEIRD or UNUSUAL, i do not expect everyone to know him but the man has really advanced music making skills. Here's a nice piece, but i can already tell you wont like it.
  15. stop generalizing with WE here . i had a chat with Zirrex, Lost in Time was made with Windows 95 with a very early Sonar DAW, though i have no idea if that time had virtual additions (1997-1999) ps, this topic really puts a nice debate, finally 3 pages of people not shouting at each other. and while having a go at artifact 303, as some here mentioned it, i suggest we close this topic since nothing abnormal about it could be found . pss, can we please not mention Infected Crackheads in such topics, they never had a goa sound anyway...
  16. Tatsu is quite right, somebody mentioned patience here anyway funny how Age comes in in different forms, but we would confirm ignorance if we say "too young", need a reference point? ANTARES. Yet again, there are some artists, which are on OLDER AGE now, and some of them changed A LOT, some of them think that every artist will have to undergo those changes, and that makes me sick. ps, as a technology occupied person, i want to share something with the 90s artists though how in hell could they make music with Windows 95? that remains a mystery to me
  17. now we're talking my friend Originality, Innovativity. The uniqueness is hard nowadays, i personally am awful on putting my ideas in a DAW, and thats why i dont make music at all. i dont know how to judge the artists that just go for it, i have noticed some artists do not even publicise or even share music until they agree with theirselves that finally their music is having the shape of their expectations. I sitll consider the modern age of goa a fresh scene, even the parties are rare, not to mention festivals.
  18. absolutely well, forwarding the word wasnt it? lets take the age as the difference maker again. 15 years ago you had to know people to get updated about music, now u can check psynews from your phone man... yes it had a lot to do with the amount of releases, but news/information wasnt spreaded like it is today even if the amount didnt change, not to forget how fast feedback you get today (myspace, soundcloud, facebook, <promoting>Google Music</promoting> ) 15 years ago, that person that updated you about music was maybe respected, today you have to judge the reviewer, so of course it has a lot to do with personal experience cause i dont agree with most of the stuff reviewed anyway.
  19. kudos Richpa, i love the modern tag there is only one difference between 90s and current goa trance, TECHNOLOGY. 15 years ago you needed shit loads of gear to make music, and it took a lot of love and free time to do that, hence the music at some point "in general" was better, which i personally disagree and stick to the theory that every artist made his own sort of goa trance, just because the green nuns used a lot of 303 doesnt make them Goa to me, however both the general and my point are true and coexist. ps, a lot of gear = a lot of money today, you can have a entry level sound card and two entry level active monitors and GOOGLE to find the rest of the stuff. what explains the cheese in a lot of releases is EASE OF CREATION, or at least the process to it. the rest is history
  20. well done sherlock, do i need a grant to be sarcastic here? cliiick
  21. You seem to take this part of judgement very personal, and what you just said is absolutely correct, whatever they were in Goa, at whatever time, drugs played a major role there, whether it was a psychoactive or a stimulant, i understand your view as a drug, but so is my ibuprofen that kept me alive for the last 10 years. i dont know what you have against generelizing when "things" that "certaint people" do results to a generalization. I was forced once to a Gabba party, every person was on fucking speed there, guess how i generalised them? you/we are human, it is normal to come to such conclusions when one see's the effects of certain chemicals (or experiences) anyway, no need to deviate the topic just for expressing opinion there back to topic, einstein said darkness doesnt exist, it is only the absence of light, and something tells me that none of the dark producers have ever produced a track during sun light what einstein meant is, loads of artists can sound dark without having anything to do with it, like Cujorius One .
  22. the miracles of warez, internet and cheap amp. music making doesnt take more then a couple of downloads and 2-3 picks from the next door dealer, and its funny cause most of the listeners have a similar background. you have no idea how much i have been shouting about this virus around. ps, i had appetite for this sort of music too, there are even tunes that i enjoyed which were dark for me and a lot of people here might not agree on that. no matter how much addrenaline rushed i was at that time, i never enjoyed stuff harded then this level, notice HARDER, darker was even more senseless to me
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