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  1. I think I saw Unwashed Tomato back a page or two?
  2. Dunkey, well... that's an interesting question. I haven't done anything intentional to produce music in any way different than I normally do.. other than experimenting with different feelings of psychedelic music. I still just start a song with a short jingle I hear in my head and let the music take the song where it should go from there. If you are referring to the difference in styles going from Tempestuous G to Aerosis, then this is most prominently the influence of Bobby Ognyanov, the other 1/2 of Aerosis. Other than that, my style of producing has been influenced by many things recently, including my attendance at local parties and festivals and my new direction in life... although i still consider the music i create to be the same style as Tempestuous G, just a bit more thought out, maybe a bit more entheogen-influenced... but still with the same principle. Tempestuous G was mostly influenced by the classics like Hallucinogen, Infinity Project, Man With No Name, Infected Mushroom... and if you've ever heard the Goa mixes Paul Oakenfold did for Perfecto, those were also a very large piece of what helped create the sound of Tempestuous G. Sadly I've halted any projects I've done as Tempestuous G, only to pull them out and remix them for Aerosis releases. I have now also started a new solo project called Jagno Gaia... producing Psytrance influenced goa tracks... I should have more material to come within a year I hope... progress is slow at this point, as most of my time is dedicated to Aerosis
  3. New song preview up on the Aerosis myspace. Trip To The Infected World. http://www.myspace.com/aerosis make sure you check it out and leave us a comment so we know what you think!
  4. Well as of right now we are thinking of first releasing a 2 or so track EP free net release. As for "physical" CD release we are going to spend some more time on smoothing out our better tracks and improving ourselves.
  5. I'm going to have to say that "We Have A Dream" is the best track on the album by FAR!!! I love it! It's innovative sound truely brings you into another realm beyond this earth. I hope to hear more songs like this from Mindsphere in the future.
  6. Hello everyone I'm Jeremy Green from Aerosis. I don't mean to mislead you but I will tell you now as to not disappoint you. This is not the announcement of Aerosis' debut album, I am simply curious as to how many people await the album and what their expectations are. I was compiling a few of our sketches of songs today in track order and came up with a setup that just might appeal to all of the neo/old school goa trancers out there. I'm not going to tell you which tracks yet as I have not spoken to Bobby on this ordeal nor do I have any idea as to when we will complete the tracks since most of them are only around 3 minutes long and have much work left. But, until then I would like to hear your comments just to see how big the hype is about us. Also check out the Aerosis myspace http://www.myspace.com/aerosis I will be updating every now and then with possible tracks for our debut album.
  7. Aercraft is now on the Aerosis Myspace. Click here to visit Aerosis' Myspace
  8. Songs currently on the Aerosis Myspace: Aerosis - Contorsion (3 min preview) Aerosis - Aercraft (full version 128 kbps) Aerosis - Energy Sphere (new preview) Aerosis - Cape Quetzal (preview) Check em out. Energy Sphere and Cape Quetzal won't be up for very long so make sure you listen to them while they are there! Click here to visit Aerosis' Myspace
  9. @ chis and dixi The tracks on the Aerosis myspace that are no longer there were only taken off to showcase some others. I was having some problems with the flash mp3 player and it was too much trouble to upload tracks onto the internet in order to put them on the player, so I got rid of it and replaced it with the traditional myspace player, which of course only allows 4 songs to be displayed at a time. It is possible I will manage another player on the page sometime soon in order to showcase more previews of our music, but that is only if I have the time. As for now I will try to rotate the songs on the myspace as frequently as possible in order to keep everyone's listening needs satisfied. On that note, I recently rendered another preview of the Anasazi track, but Bobby and I have decided not to give anyone a sneak peak yet as the track is turning out great and has some awesome potential; we don't want to spoil the whole thing for everyone by giving you a half finished demo and not giving you the full extent of the wow factor when we release it for real. On a side note, I'd like to know what your favorite previews have been so far? Will help the decision making process of which track we should work on next to finish ??
  10. I'm honored as well! Same compilation as Ra... that is for sure an honor
  11. I tried to download and it said there are no free downloading spots available... ? help?
  12. I think you have a really nice style going for you, nice work with some old versions of FL, I think that with some new VST some more experience in composition and mastering, new perc samples, fx and such, you are going to get VERY good I think, this is a very promising start I must say. How old are you? Obviously your musical interpretation is pretty developed. A few times in some of your songs... I hear some inconsistancies in the scale... you go off key. Other than that pretty good work.. just try to change up the melodies a bit more often. Do you use acid loops.....? Try composing original melodies in FL more often, instead of loops, slowly move away from using loops.
  13. @digitoxin We will try... but the thingy is I have a really bad habit of scrapping songs that suck and moving on until i get something really good and i can put together really easy. I don't know about bobby... but yeah i have about 50-60 songs on my own that have about 2-3 minutes to them, and i never took the time to finish
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