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  1. Hello fellow droid! Hows reason going eh? ;) I'm awaiting your next bombing tunes in order to restore peace in the galaxy!



  2. i wish you all the best bobby and that many live acts may show up upon us! Good luck on that album
  3. great job you are doing draeke you must be very proud great to have an old skool project back on the road!
  4. As i´ve told you personally Elias , this is a great album from start to finish , personally i give it a 5 Star , its so original and awesome! Great bassline sequences , awesome breaks and melodies!! Congragulations for this great album
  5. Hello everyone , would like to show whats coming up of Go-a-Land studio lately check out it out at : www.myspace.com/amithababuddha it should hit planet earth soon /Filipe.
  6. my congrats to amanians im so happy he made it ! his music is truly awesome , very powerful dark goa trance ! a must buy!
  7. hello everyone , just arrived from belgium and the amithaba buddha live was awesome never seen so many people jumping , going crazy and smiling so much! about this album i got many people saying this album was very good. here in psynews I understand the critics etc but not everyone has to enjoy my music anyway i want you guys to know that the new pandemonium stuff doesnt have a guitar anymore and im sure it will be a big suprise and for sure not a disapointment. Thanks for the support Jon Cocco and the rest of the people. About labels , Suntrip is doing a great job and Phototropic aswel. Both labels are working very hard on bringing up this Goa music we know of. More music will come up soon... and the evolution continues!
  8. really nice videos , never had the chance to see how were the old parties alike Music is the same style as SFX an old project from Astral Projection really nice. Thanks for sharing Elad.
  9. Hi :) looking forward to your amithaba buddha set in belgium :)

  10. Hello there to you too!

    Good luck with your next album, although I didn't even check this one yet. C ya!

  11. Gah. Very busy, busy. I'll talk to you some time soon.

  12. My best wishes to this event , to astreveta and to all the psyks staff!
  13. Hello Everyone has their tastes its normal no point of fighting. My toughts as an artist : Its normal that the whole album sounds the same style because you´re just listening to one artist and also based on a theme (in this case "Muinomednap!") . I think that wasnt any point of producing a song , skipping next and then you hear something totally different that has nothing to do with the previous rest of the theme or project. Sounding similar is normal once again , look at Psygone album , Ra , Filteria , Miranda , Agneton , Cyan , Astrancer , Afgin etc .. imo they all sound excellent! i truly love their works , using the same sounds is part of their personal "signature" and thats what it defines each artists persona. Drama´s ? It´s past and its more than barried About saying the album sounds like "A Mad Scientists Night" , When "AMSN" was made , "Muinomednap!" was already done , i made "AMSN" as an predecessor to the album just to give an idea to of what was coming next (that´s why "AMSN" got released first , hence the idea of saying that "Muinomednap!" sounding similar to it) . In this case i guess its "AMSN" that sounds "similar" to "Muinomednap" but again it doesnt sound similar you´re just listening to the same artist or project in this case. So we just have one thing left. Tastes. And tastes are un-discussible so , personally i think the album has a lot of variation (kickdrums , and every song has something different) and i enjoyed and still enjoy it a lot , as so i know there are people that love it and who hate it , its just opinions but as i already know its impossible to please everyone . Then for the people that like this album , enjoy it! PS:- Even this topic turned out in a "Pandemonium!" .. what leaves me even happier because its causing its own effect
  14. Hello everyone , there are two video clips available to watch up on Amithaba Buddha/Pandemonium! myspace Videos are : Amithaba Buddha - Secret of an Amulet Pandemonium! - A Mad Scientists Night Many thanks to Apsyd and his friends for the great work they´ve done! /Filipe
  15. Haha. Nice to see you as well! By the way, what would be the most convenient way of contacting you? Email? Psynews? YouTube?

  16. spoke to a friend he said it was nice but new things have changed , they had a tent with electro music and another one with techno. maybe other people that went there can confirm that.
  17. Project Oblivion - Conspiracy Theory thats the only track i know from such project and of course PSYGONE really underrated and kicks ass
  18. Good point , also the Universal Key from Ra the whole album is supposed to be a comic spoof from goa trance. mad sci night isnt in the album because when i built this album it was all made from scratch and the idea was to produce a concept story/album thats why it has the prologue interlude and epilogue . thats the reason i decided not to put other songs than just the ones i made for Muinomednap! . Enjoy the trip!
  19. Funny that Boom backwards is Moob or should i say Noob? just a bit of humour
  20. glad you enjoyed the music and had a nice trip on the album. thank you straydog for the positive vibes.
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