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  1. All these years later... still had not thought of The Delta. Thanks for posting this here. Just fired up Scizoeffective for the first time in years.
  2. Artsense - "New Style" VA - Positive Reaction, 2007 PsyRussia Label
  3. Its growing on me too! Good stuff Though right now I can't stop listening to "Discovering Jens Buchert" from Cosmicleaf
  4. Keep doing what you're doing Love all your releases - thanks for putting out good stuff! Peace from USA
  5. V/A Dreamshadow 2010 Septagram has a track called Omerta there is a quote in it that says something like "All I leave behind me is smoke, death and desolation" anyone know where this is from? A movie or maybe a TV show? Thanks all
  6. Hey fellow PsyNewsers… As a lover of lots of different psychedelic and progressive music, I have quite a taste for rock music as well as trance and techno Over the years I have amassed a collection of rare Japan CDs supporting that taste. I am finally having to part ways with my beloved Japan Mini LP collection. Its all Prog, and Prog related stuff from the 1960s and 1970s - tons of stuff from the absolute Psychedelic and Progressive Rock Canon! For those of you who are fellow collectors, you know what I'm talking about Those who don't - Japan Mini LPs are CD sized exact replicas of the original 60s & 70s vinyl. http://www.minilps.net is a great place to see what I'm talking about. Anyway - my collection is for sale and I will here post the list, and the prices and if you are interested, email me and we can handle everything through PayPal. My eBay name is the same as my handle here on the forums "ARISCOTLE" you can check me out on eBay and see that I have a good standing as a long time honest seller. Trust me you will not be disappointed to do business with me. And PayPal has the best buyer protection in the industry, so feel safe! My email - ariscotle@mac.com My location - Sacramento, CA Unless otherwise stated, all my mini lps are in new/never opened or played, perfect mint condition, & in the original sleeve with obi. Don't like the price you see? I take no offense if you wanna make an offer (Email me if you need the exact UPC code or Catalogue #) All prices include packaging and shipping in the USA (International will be more) Here's the list - cheers everyone and PsyON!!! (oh yeah, and ProgRockON too!!) Yes - Close to the Edge - $70 Fragile - $60 Tales From Topographic Oceans - $70 Relayer - $60 King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King - $30 Absent Lovers - $30 USA - (Holland Edition, no Obi) - $20 Genesis - Foxtrot - 2nd Print - $40 Trespass - 1st Print (Used in very good condition, disc is mint, sleeve is very good) - $20 Nursery Cryme - 1st Print (Used in very good condition, disc is mint, sleeve is very good) - $20 Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold As Love - $15 The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request - $15 Titus Groan - Self Titled - $25 Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus - $20 Brain Salad Surgery - $20 Self Titled - $20 Gentle Giant - Octopus - $25 Self Titled - $25 Three Friends - $25 The Who - Who's Next - $80 Tommy - $75 Greenslade - Bedside Manners Are Extra - $30 Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Center of the Earth - $35 The Six Wives of Henry VIII - $35 The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - $35 Camel - Self Titled - $25 Mirage - $45 A Live Record - $70 Deep Purple - In Rock - $20 Machine Head - $20 Goblin - Roller - $35 Led Zeppelin - IV - $20 II - $20 Houses of the Holy - $20 Jethro Tull - Aqualung - $20 Thick As A Brick - $40 Stand Up - $15 The Beatles - White Album - $15 Abbey Road - $15 Magical Mystery Tour - $15 Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - $15 Help! - $15 Black Sabbath - Self Titled - $25 Paranoid - $25 Judas Priest - Killing Machine - $20 Turbo - $20 Sad Wings of Destiny - $20 Defenders of the Faith - $20 Sin After Sin - $20 Stained Class - $20 Queen - II - $15 The Game - $15 Sheer Heart Attack - $15 A Day at the Races - $15 A Kind of Magic - $15 News of the World - $15 A Night at the Opera - $15 Scorpions - Virgin Killer - $20 In Trance - $20 Nektar - Remember the Future - $25 Down to Earth - $25 Journey to the Centre of the Eye - $25 Sounds Like This - $25 A Tab In the Ocean - $25 Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink - Promotional Box + 7 titles and 7 promotional Obis - $175 (Self Titled, If I Could Do It All Over Again, Grey and Pink, Waterloo Lily, For Girls Who Go Plump In the Night, Cunning Stunts, The New Symphonia) Gryphon - Self Titled - Promotional Box + 4 titles, all with Obi - $175 (Self Titled, Midnight Mushrumps, Red Queen to Gryphon Three, Raindance) Pink Floyd - Oh By the Way - Limited 16 Mini LP CD Box Set with promotional art poster - $150 (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, A Saucerful of Secrets, More, Ummagumma, Atom Heart Mother, Meddle, Obscured by Clouds, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut, Momentary Lapse of Reason, The Division Bell) -Box has been taken out of the shrink wrap, but all cds have never been opened or played-
  7. bumpy knuckles original is certified awesome listening right now what a great way to start my day
  8. What else is there to say? Sometimes there is a showstopper - this looks to be it. Well done my friend. #16 - is what drove bwhale to insanity. b00m
  9. I'll check that one out, but I just found one called "Tag&Rename" for windows only, but its nice. Does EVERYTHING I want it to, quick and easy. I have to run my windows emulator to get it to work, which is a system hog on my computer - but I figure, once I get my library tagged and foldered, I can just keep up after that with new releases which will be easy to maintain.
  10. I wish I could shake the disease I have for music organization and live that life. Teach me the way wise one - I need help. (Sad but true - I have a chronic disorder of overly involved digital music cataloging) Maybe I will try to just give it a shot and throw them all in a folder and see how it shakes out. Are you really saying you have no folders at all? Just one big one with all the individual files in it? Sounds like madness. Peace
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. Does mp3tag actually handle renaming of the files and folders themselves, or just the actual id3 tags? I'm really looking to edit the tags the way I want them, and then have the program change the filenames so I'm able to see the info at the player level as well as the folder level. Does this make sense? For example - if I'm looking in Winamp-Foobar-iTunes etc, the song info in the player will show: Artist: Mubali Album: Cats @ Play Year: 2006 Track #: 1 Track: Balancing Equations Genre: Psychedelic/Dark and when I go through the actual file directory I would see: c: / music / electronic / psychedelic / dark / Mubali - 2006 - Cats @ Play / 01 - Mubali - Balancing Equations.mp3 If anyone knows of a good program that handles mass file/folder renaming based on id3 tags - I'd really appreciate it. You can see the dilemma of having to go through a 200-500gb library editing all the tags in an editor, and then going through and manually changing all the folder and file names. Cheers everyone - really great thread b00m
  12. Personally I find that gEm and UPE are two of my favorite producers in the scene. They really get me movin'
  13. +++++++1 Welcome to my dark and twisted little world as well. If it doesn't have the right artwork, or file names or correct tagging I just lose my mind. This is why I do NOT like iTunes - because I really want to have the same convention for file names (01 - Artist - Track) and iTunes will only do (01 Track Name) or 1-01 Track Name for a multi disc album in which case all the tracks on the 2nd disc would be 2-01 Track Name. I also want to use the convention for the folders for the tracks (Artist - Year - Album - Genre - Style) So for example a folder would be called Etnica - 1996 - Alien Protein - Psychedelic - Goa -or- VA - 2008 - Sea Of Vapours - Psychedelic - Prog Is there a great converter out there where you can tell it how to output your folder/file names? Otherwise it looks like its take my 40,000+ songs and change the file names 1 by 1 - Specifically I am looking for something that runs on mac, but if necessary I have the emulator which will run windows on my machine. I am just sick of the whole iTunes world and want to get my files re-tagged and re-named moved to a new folder and kiss iTunes goodbye forever. Help?
  14. What do you like about Djing in Live? I switched to Traktor because I liked the idea of loading a song rather than having to set all my songs as "clips" Interested to know how you use Live, cuz I was really diggin the program, but thought it felt short for DJing. Thoughts?
  15. Man I do greatly miss winamp from my pc days. Isn't there a simple player out there for mac that has a view like that? Albums on one side, songs on the other - wouldn't that be nice...
  16. I was thinking of doing exactly the same thing - get a piece of paper and a pencil and go till it makes sense. Curious again - what are you using for genres? I'm always searching for nirvana I think when it comes to how to classify things and let me say its not really about defining the music as much as it defining a system for finding it. Gets pretty convoluted sometimes when you have artists like Astral Projection, Etnica or Jaia that have albums falling into several categories. Interested to know what general divisions you use.
  17. Curious - what system do you use for organizing your music at the file level? I'm looking to get all my stuff into folders that make sense and stop using the iTunes interface to tell me where/how everything is organized. Cheers
  18. Since this thread was posted I have listened to Innerpolarity now about 10x. Thanks for the reminder. b00m
  19. no FLAC is truly unbelievable - not really unbelievable when you think about how Apple does things, but mind-boggling nonetheless and the fact that it won't do "watch folders" like COG, Songbird, Spotify or a few others is a real pain as well.
  20. What DJ software do you use? And what is the benefit? I had heard that Traktor would go through your iTunes library and add the detected BPM for each song to the BPM field in the tags. Do you know anything about this (or does anyone for that matter? Feel free to chime in) I could see that being a cool feature and yeah like you say - iTunes is pretty powerful for tagging/renaming/sorting and so on and probably because it has millions of dollars in it that other software doesn't have, but man the "all or nothing" kills me
  21. Curious to see how everyone uses digital music. I am a Mac user and the standard deal with that environment is to use iTunes to manage everything. Lately I have been thinking about switching to some other sort of file/folder type of system and maybe a different way to listen to the music. iTunes is indeed a powerful tool, but its either do your whole life the iTunes way or nothing. Especially now that I am DJ'ing and using the music for more than just personal listening, I need a good system. Thinkin' its time to do something else sooo... How do you manage/tag/add artwork/organize/access your digital music? Love some suggestions from the psynews peeps - especially if you have found a happy alternative to the iTunes way of life on a Mac. Windows users hit me with your system as well - I'll take all the info I can get Peace everyone b00m!
  22. At some point the music scene (and pick your scene - rap, rock, metal, trance etc) gets to a point where it will no longer evolve or get better. Sure you will always have a new gem in extremely rare situations but for the most part a style goes where its going to go, evolves or gets added to a little and then peaks. I think this has happened with psytrance. Its not that I'm not enjoying some new stuff or that new producers are not putting some music out there worth hearing - but if you take the scene as a whole, most of what can be done has been done and all the new stuff is just an attempt at re-making something with a new twist that eventually will be heard in a light that reveals its just not that new or interesting. This is the deal with new school psytrance (be it melodic or twisted or progressive or dark etc) We all "smoked" and got high in the 90s and it was fantastic and we spend the rest of our life trying to experience that same high from the old days and it just never comes back. No matter how much new music comes out, the "high" is just never as intense as the first time. The scene is convoluted, overpopulated and filled with TONS of mediocre (at best) music. Sure there are some good ones scattered here and there, but finding true quality is getting harder and harder. I think for a lot of us, we just end up falling back on the classics because they are the closest hope for taking us to "the right place" This was my experience with Progressive Rock as well. I tried the Flower Kings and Willowglass and Porcupine Tree et all, but at the end of the day I always end up going back to King Crimson, Yes, Genesis and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. And I did't grow up listening to those bands as they were from an era before I was born. Most of their classics were released between 69-72 and I was born in 74. But through my musical journeys I discovered old and modern era rock music and was able to hear the quality and the difference in the music that was being done during its classic period. There is a lot to be said about music being produced in its golden era - the magic is just different. The same discoveries can be made by newer psy fans who were not around in the 90s or not listening to trance and they can learn to distinguish between the oldies and the new stuff and hear the differences and feel the magic. Psytrance has some decent music now, but the magic of that golden age has passed and its just not the same anymore. IMO you have to be something very special in today's scene not only to stand out, but to stand the test of time. In the end, I think a much smaller list of modern era "masterpieces" will be added to the psytrance canon. All that said - cheers to Suntrip, Zenon, Timecode, Nexus, Yabai, Cosmic Conspiracy, Electric Power Pole, Insomnia, Exogenic, Ektoplazm, Sonic Dragon, Cronomi, Phototropic, Underground Alien and a host of others really working hard to release quality psychedelic trance. As an avid fan of the music, I really do appreciate the efforts and all the new experiences. Here's hoping that some of your gems truly stand the test of the ages and take their place among the greats. Peace
  23. Delete it Mars, this is definitely BS b00m
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