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  1. thanks for the music! great tracks in there
  2. i did notice the samples are only 192k mp3's which basically means, the louder you play the samples the more the sound is deformed. Which could also contribute to what you heard from that specific track (while playing the sample ofcourse). But i'm confident the final versions on the album will be as good as perfect
  3. sounds great!!! Cant wait to get my hands on the album! Keep up the good work Draeke! Vemps
  4. And one of his tracks has just been released on the latest compilation from Suntrip Temple of Chaos -> http://www.suntriprecords.com/shop/item/SUNCD19/
  5. poke poke hows my dream of an Aerosis album coming? I hope you guys arent redoing all your tracks if you guys didnt live so far away, we would have dragged you over here many times already so, Bobby, if you ever think of travelling around europe, just let us know and we'll make u a party
  6. GREAT news Daeke!! Bring it on man! Bring it on! I truely hope Stephane will bring out some more new stuff aswell U know how it goes, when its good, u can not get enough ghihi thanks a LOT Draeke!
  7. really great album! The more i listen to it the more i like it i dont really hear any issues with the sound tho... not a pro talking, but i heard thousends of albums in my lifetime and through my soundsystem at high volume it still sounds great. anyhow, goasia can bring this to me anytime!
  8. oooh very nicely done! like it a lot but like veracohr says, maybe set the music default to "off", as people will turn it on when they want too (what a multitasking world can bring to people)
  9. wooot, didn't expect the music to be this great! Really nice job!! Totally blew me away there (and thats not so easy) Keep up the great work!!
  10. I don't really know if i'm allowed to this, but still, for those interested in seeing Crossing Mind perform live on stage for the first time in a very very very long time: Suntrip Records & Trance Dimensions presents Old is Gold 8: Crossing Mind live -> 15 may 2010 Information from www.psychedelic.be Draeke, you should get urself a private airplane and a front seat on this performance
  11. to be honest, i don't see the connection with cygnetic records anywhere on those pages... or am i missing something? to me it seems, cygnet and cygnetic records are 2 different labels
  12. so, after waiting for an incredible amount of time... do we got any updates on when the album of Crossing Mind is gonna be released? ..really cant wait to see him perform aswell hopefully the release will be there before the performance is...
  13. now this album i've been looking forward to since i heard them play their new tracks at Aurora festival :drama:
  14. after hearing goasia perform in Greece Aurora festival last year, the new tracks sounded very promising! So cant wait to get this one in my player
  15. Thank you for the download of Goa Syndrom 3, the only one i was still missing Great music indeed, and yes lets hope they pop up somewhere someday!!
  16. woohoooooww!!! Thats the best news i've heard in years!!! =) txs alot Kosmogony!
  17. hello DAT records :-) I wish you all the best of the world with getting ETNICA's oldskool stuff released! I am SURE it will be a blast!!! Toi Doi and the others will ofcourse be very worthed so i'm confidend i'll find those in my mailbox any time soon About Crossing Mind, if you ever find out who that person is (as far as I know he was French, but then again its looking for a needle in a heystack) you can please yourself very lucky, as it seems to me this artist isn't busy anymore with his crossing mind goa trance project... or he would have found us already. But still, i'll pray you'll find him and get his stuff released! Whish you the best of luck! Vempy
  18. Thank you for the great music Cell! I enjoyed every last second of it thank you for doing this! And be sure i'll push Dimi and Jos a bit more for stuff like this, it's about damn time Just a damn shame you didn't have the album with you yet... now we all have to wait again for another impossibly long week or so.. snif
  19. cant wait! cant wait! keep up the good work! :drama:
  20. These samples sound very promising! I wonder... this might just kick me out of my chair
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