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The Best Psychill Albums of All Time


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Vibrasphere - Archipelago


Jikkenteki - Flights of infinity (Im not sure about this one, but it makes me relax)


I must agree with all the previous posts about "Entheogenic - Spontanious illumination"

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Jikkenteki - Flights of infinity (Im not sure about this one, but it makes me relax)


I can relax to upbeat albums but I wouldn't call them chill albums

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Here's a few off the top of my head


Kaya Project - Both albums

FSOL - Lifeforms

Shpongle - First 2 albums

Bluetech - All albums

Omnimotion - Dream Wide Awake

Capsula - Synthesis of Reality

Pedra Branca - Pedra Branca (very heavy on real instruments but I'd still consider it chill)

OTT - Blumenkraft (more dub than chill I guess)




I think some ambient would go really well with those games too.

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Okay here are some not mentioned albums which should have been mentioned imo:


Astralasia - Whatever happened to utopia?

Astralasia - The Seven Pointed Star (http://www.discogs.com/release/86433 the last two tracks are amazing!)


These were mentioned:


Aphex Twin's selected ambient works

Ott - blumenkraft

CBL albums

and of course the Abakus album, very deep.

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Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus ( though not as psy as their earlier ones, but still one of the best)


Kaya Project - their first album


Bluetech - Most of their work


FSOL - Lifeforms


Entheogenic- Entheogenic ( the classic album)


Shpongle - Are you Shpongled ( aged pretty badly, cant listen to it anymore, but was a big influence)


OTT - Blumenkraft (just good psydub)


Ishq - Orchid ( ( just sounds to space out to, but pretty good)








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I probably posted this before like 10 time's, but for me personaly, the best chill compilation ever put together is without any doubt; Soul Vibration 001 released by Liquid Records.




This one goes deep, it creates a very down to earth atmosphere, kinda dark feel to it too imo.

The Mystery Of The Yeti and Mystical Experiences are very good too, Entheogenic's first one too, definatly and Module 01 from 3d vision was also a great compilation.

Pitch Black is also amazing.


Same goes for Dakini Nights, and most Dakini and Interchill releases...



edit; like mentioned a few posts above by morphpsy Kaya Projects , truelly beautifull soundscapes all over.

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Wow is Shulman not considered psychill or do people just not like him?


"In Search of a Meaningful Moment" and "Endless Rythms of the Beatless Heart" are right at the top of the pile for me - very deep psychedelic voyaging music... Lots of amazing details and sounds, and fantastic production...


Ott I agree with too, can't get enough of Ott, everything he has released..


Slackbabba "And the Beat Goes Om..." is excellent as well, top notch stuff...


Shulman just blows me away though...

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Posted Image



eczema & bad milk

????? What's this???


Won't re-type all the forementioned, i agree with most of them.

Just a couple of albums i would like to add:


H.U.V.A. Network - Distances (i can't beleive noone mentioned it...the best album ever :lol: )

Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (cd 2 is just massive)

Doof - It's about time (not everybody relaxes with this one...)

Dub Trees - Nature never...etc (greg hunter + youth + posford = sweet ambient dub)

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