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  1. Are you still wiser than Yoda, fluffy?

  2. your avatars is so cute. ahahaa

  3. It's too late Rotwang. The only possible way to save face is for the entire mod-team to quietly step down.
  4. it is metal so dissapoint actually
  5. there's a difference between "excess consciousness" & "expanded consciousness". similar to the difference between "drowning" & "swimming".
  6. i'm quite pleased with my introductory level Alesis M 520's. dirt-cheap @ €200 a pair & real nice and clear to get a balanced mix on. only downside is that they sound "too good", with that i mean: excellent clarity to get a decently balanced mix of your tracks yes, but they blatantly fail to point out some obvious resonance issues here & there. on the plus side, they're fantastic to just listen to music on. a friend has a pair of the yamaha's supergroover mentioned and tbh those are just built to make a critical mix on, they point out & exagerate every little flaw in the sound. the downside of those monitors is that they're not very pleasant to actually listen to. very harsh resonating sound overall imo.
  7. paranoic sensations / parasense jellyheadz sci forest facehead
  8. analog makes my brain hurt. in a good way.
  9. probably the Ghost in the Shell ost by Kenji Kawai & Kiki's Delivery Service by Joe Hisaishi.
  10. that kalumet cover is quite the accomplishment
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