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  1. Some non psy: and of course: will post more but now im lazy to search
  2. Ticon - it breakz my heart , from Aero
  3. bump! This one really needs more attention based on the samples from psyshop!
  4. Okay here are some not mentioned albums which should have been mentioned imo: Astralasia - Whatever happened to utopia? Astralasia - The Seven Pointed Star (http://www.discogs.com/release/86433 the last two tracks are amazing!) These were mentioned: Aphex Twin's selected ambient works Ott - blumenkraft CBL albums and of course the Abakus album, very deep.
  5. LANI goddamit! ( http://www.lani.be/ ) also Chi-A.D. has guitars in lots of tracks. yeah and analog pussy's trance & roll album
  6. Okay so let's contribute to this thread... Chi-A.D. - Exit Eternity : Can't believe no one mentioned it! Man With No Name - Own The World : This track has the best 30 seconds ever made in the middle somewhere Astral Projection - Still Dreaming Green Nuns of the Revolution - Cor! : the greatest madness ever +the whole Trilithon - 4cast album!!!
  7. holy shit thats the best news i've heard in years !!!!!!!!!
  8. maybe you should try Ticon - It Breakz My Heart, it's on Aero
  9. Okay i just started this topic because i was listening to his earth crossing album. So anyone knows anything? Where is the promised interview? I remember there was a topic (maybe here maybe on isratrance) where someone sad that earth crossing will be released, and also posted a link to chi-ad's new website, with free downloads of new tracks. I'm starting to lose hope, maybe i should have done that already...
  10. Hi! I'm interested in the MWNN - Moment of Truth I've sent you a private message, pls contact me!
  11. Problems with finding Blumenkraft?? I just got it from psyshop a week ago. www.psyshop.com
  12. Favourites> Green Nuns of The Revolution Azax Syndrome Fungus Funk The worst> Eskimo Alien Project IM
  13. For me it's Eskimo & Skazi, and I simply cannot understand why so many people like them.. and the new stuff of infected..
  14. Well here I go : Absolum - Inside the Sphere : It's very hard to name an album that has no bad tracks on it.. and this surely hasn't.. definately my favourite Xerox & Illumination - Temporary Insanity : After seeing them live, I had to get their album and yes I recomend it to everyone Son Kite - Colour : Blew me away to... Atmos - 2nd Brigade Andromeda - Temptations Chill: Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun Yeah and I'm wating for my new Suria cd to arrive, I'm very interested in it.. And maybe the Vibe Tribe album will be a special one to..
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