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  1. FFS!What the heck is this cover about???????????? :wank:
  2. Allow me to disagree... this track is one of my favorites...don't know why though... I agree!It's clearly more easy to listen than leaving home. I like to think it more as a follow up to [Extended] than [Leaving Home]. Imagine you listen to [Extended] at 04:00 am, you sleep a couple of hours, and [Movements] is what comes next along with the sunrise.. :drama: Out of this world my man...that's right... 4 words enough to describe this album.. Thanks Magnus...you did it once again..! :clapping:
  3. Here's is a nice site : http://www.filtermusic.net has a lot of psy radio stations.
  4. Thats really sad... Rick is a legend. He will never be forgotten.. RIP... p.s. I always hoped that i could still see a pink floyd gig ... but now..
  5. search for: Omar Faruk Tekbilek nice music
  6. I ommited the 'H' in Hesse cause it just didn't sound right to me (hesse in greek means have a shit... lol) Anyway that's really interesting!!I don't thiknk it's just a coincidence mate... i am SURE that ISHQ's music is somehow influenced by Hesse. Siddhartha + Orchid is one of my favorite combinations. These days i read Steppenwolf along with Coulorform (ISHQ again) - Visions of Surya. If anyone else has an intersting combination, share it! Cheers
  7. I love reading late at night with my headphones on.. (always ambient music) And i usually "connect" book genres - authors with atists like: Fantasy books <--> Solar Fields Castaneda <--> YETI Herman Hesse <--> ISHQ Lately i also found that Krill.Minima & Evan Bartholomew make reading much more interesting!
  8. Somnia says : This CD is limited to 777 copies, signed and numbered, hand stamped on hand made paper, hand sewn, and sealed with a wax stamp. So yeah maybe a factory wont accept a 777 copies order, but if it's hand made you can even make 666 copies :drama:
  9. Finally NANO is BACK! Just listened to this one .. it's really good! Not special but really enjoyable full on.
  10. Thanks! Couldn't make the letters out.... Seems interesting...never heard of schlabbaduerst records before...
  11. (you probably already did but...) Check this out : New track! He posted this on his myspace! Sweeeeettt!!!! can't wait for the new album!!!
  12. All kinds of music and music industry in general are on a downfall in my opinion. I suppose most of us listen to other genres of music and we can clearly see that. And of course this lack of creativity affects all artists no matter what style they produce. My opinion is that all these derive from the way we live and act in general. People are less creative and imaginative these days. We "buy" emotions, imaginations and ideas instead of creating our own. For example i can buy a soft synth with a 10000 presets and make a psy track in no time. BUT all those sounds will be just other people's ideas and emotions. I mean the process of creation is all gone...and thus we keep our mind asleep... I just hope that our minds are just asleep, and not dead...and one by one we'll start to wake up. Cheers.
  13. ????? What's this??? Won't re-type all the forementioned, i agree with most of them. Just a couple of albums i would like to add: H.U.V.A. Network - Distances (i can't beleive noone mentioned it...the best album ever ) Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation (cd 2 is just massive) Doof - It's about time (not everybody relaxes with this one...) Dub Trees - Nature never...etc (greg hunter + youth + posford = sweet ambient dub)
  14. Finally some decent full-on. Compared to a lot of crap that's being released this is amazing... I general it is a nice piece of music to listen to but imho a little less imaginative than his first one. Cheers p.s. The track Aquatic Serenede from his first album is so f***ing massive! but i never understood why he kept it that short...
  15. Couldn't beleive it when i first read about it a couple of moths ago..Such a line up right next to my door!! I and my mates are going to be there 99% and i feel that this is going to be the best festival ever happened in Greece.. So i guess we' ll meet there! Cheers
  16. Ambient to the bone... How cares about psytrance.. Listening to it now...sounds amazing so far!!
  17. Whaaaattt????? I live for the downtempo reviews... keep them comin!! :clapping: Anyway your review sounds really "true"... I hate it when people give a 10 or a 0 on an album so easilly. Haven't heard it yet so i'll be back. Peace
  18. Younger Brother - Even Dwarves Start Small :posford: This crazy kick drum synchronizes my heart beat like a midi signal... :drama: Off course ..ONLY if you can listen to it on a decent pair of speakers. If not.. you'll just laugh at me...
  19. Kinda dissapointing for me to.. It's not bad but it's really faaaaaar away from their first 2 albums.. :S I really enjoyed my first couple of listens but soon i forgot that it really existed...just like shulman's last album... I am sure they can do better than this. Peace
  20. Great vid!!! I love his last words : "...so we're not DJ's...!!!!" Pitch Black rocks...!
  21. Sweet...! Will watch and come back to comment!
  22. That's good news! His first album was one of my favorites the last couple of years.
  23. That's good news! His first album was one of my favorites the last couple of years.
  24. Great news!!!! :posford: Magnus is an amazing producer and a great person also. Don't really know him but we talked once and he gives you the feeling that he is such a peaceful yet full of energy person. Just like the music he creates!! I expect nothing less than perfection. As always... p.s. Has anyone heard anything about HUVA Network also...?
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