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  1. Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus ( though not as psy as their earlier ones, but still one of the best) Kaya Project - their first album Bluetech - Most of their work FSOL - Lifeforms Entheogenic- Entheogenic ( the classic album) Shpongle - Are you Shpongled ( aged pretty badly, cant listen to it anymore, but was a big influence) OTT - Blumenkraft (just good psydub) Ishq - Orchid ( ( just sounds to space out to, but pretty good) .
  2. I listened to it again today, after all those years it still takes my mind of the daily bullshit. A sure sign of a real classic in mho. Lots of search out there for this one.
  3. Thats sure an album to look forward to, wonder what it will sound like.
  4. hmm, should they go for therapy then?
  5. the "almost" might mean in the next 6 month or so
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