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  1. Ive explored the genre quite a lot. Here's some of my favs! Iron galaxy I really like all his stuff and listen regularly and also Donatto dozzy though we cannot call his music deep house. the end of this track kills me! Is jon hopkins considered deep house? Moodyman is a classic of course I also dig this album the new kiasmos is fucking great! The new Floating points is mind blowing! Finally!
  2. I still like Aphex Twin, but it seems as I grow older, I prefer more and more his ambient stuff or his early tracks like On, Polynomial-C, Xtal, ect. IMO, everything he did before 1998 is very special. Definetely one of the greatest but his recent work leave me cold appart form a couple of gems like Metz, the tuss. I think his best work since 1998 has been Analords.
  3. wow Feint is fun! I realize I dont know much DNB. heres what I like can this be considered dnb?
  4. seriouslyl thanks for the recommendation, ex confusion is sublime
  5. same for me, it took time for me to learn to like BOC, but once you do, is undeniably great music
  6. well, kettel is my first recommendation. BOC, aphex twin, autechre, are pretty much my top list my taste have quite changed since this thread, but Kettel remained number one actual liste would be: 1-kettel 2- Boards of canada 3- Aphex 4-Autechre 5-Arca cheers
  7. I was 16 years old. I was using weed for maybe a couple of weeks maximum. Ill always remember that day and that situation. We were in the lunch break at school and we had just somked. it was in 2002 or 2003 im not sure. My friend put me Never Ever Land in my ears. Whoa I was completely freaking out. It was the time where we had disc players! He led me Bp empire and that was it. For a couple years I listened to IM (they were great back then). Then I started with magic mushrooms and shpongle hit me right in the face. I dont listen often to psytrance but I owe everything to psy. It helped my ears a lot. I have learn to listen to details in the music. Now I listen mostly only to jazz. Might sound awkward but I think that jazz is super psychadelic and super mind blowing especially on drugs. couple of suggestions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCnUpl6B46M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddlh2VMfGqY the coltrane impulse records are all stellar and imo totally psychadelic...
  8. nice thread! Ive been "out of the loop myself". AFter diggin IDM stuff and then rock and then jazz this past month Ive been revisiting psytrance and psychill and must admit that (some) music have survive the test of time.
  9. ohhh, thanks for the enlightenment What are you even talking about? WHAT!!!! Simon production is top notch. It's quite evident that simon production are way more precise, more open sound, depht, clarity. FSOL clearly lacks of clarity, its like everything is behind. Thats only my opinion, but its not a JOKE to compare simon to FSOL production. Of course, if you compare the fisrt thing posford did, the production is not perfect at all. But are you shpongle, eclipse and then younger brother kicks the hell of FSOL production
  10. haha, boards of canada belong in this poll. Funny how taste change with years passing by; When I was younger, I was aiming for top production, twisted sounds, crazy patterns, ect. Now, I'm totally going toward the groovy, smokey vibe. so my vote goes for FSOL, but this poll isnt fair. I'm sorted of sick of the shpongle project, much prefer the first couple projects Posford did before shpongle. Shpongle is trying to hard sometimes, doesnt make the music breath by itself enough. Still love's some shpongle sometimes, but MUCH MUCH prefer his ambient stuff. To be totally honest, I think that simon posford is probably the most talented musician. I feel he could have done so much more when he was in the 90's. He could have went in plenty of direction, but after the flock of bleeps, he lost focus or something? I think that if we rename this poll: Posford vs FSOL, result would change... Posford really kill fsol production wise imo. He's really the master to just make you drench into a psychedelic journey but at the same time it's his problem. FSOL don't give a damn, they dont try "a tout prix" to fuck with your head because they already do, anyways... Gotta love that dead skin cells beat!
  11. hi penzoline. IT really depends on how much you want to spend. On the cheap side, for headphnes, the audiotechnica ath-m50 are the best bang for the buck in the headphones department: here's a thread talking about those. Bit flat on the midrange, but nothing dramatic: http://www.gearslutz.com/board/so-much-gear-so-little-time/168217-audio-technica-ath-m50-headphones-awesome.html Okay, about speakers. there's always the monitors option. I have some focal's cms 50, but they are costly, around 1200 the pair. I use nowadays, and prefer a different option. The vintage one. You will find at audiokarma forum, the most big audiophile site around. I just picked up a realistic sta-2080 with some dynaco's A25 for nearly 200$. I must tell you that I prefer this setup for all kinf of music, compared to even my "studio" setup. Dynaco's A25 were built in the seventies. They are I thinik the most sold speakers of all time. The drivers are the best ever made. The Seas twitters seriously kicks ass.I know some audiophiles that dropped their high-end speakers in favor of some 100$ A25. The midrange on the dynaco is so musical, it's a beautiful sounding speaker: Anyways, you can find a lot of info on here: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-36374.html Oh yeah, don't forget to buy the cd versions or at least FLAC quality, because well, mp3 sucks. If I were you, I would not get a modern speaker if you don'T have the money. you should pay around 500$ a pair a monitors to have a more then decent sound, Then add a sound card for direct x quality, but still... cheers
  12. you guys got me interested, I'll check it out, just by the youtube videos, I'm excited
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