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  1. Here here there and everywhere! In OsLove, where art though, in da Københagen?

  2. Anywhos drop me an pm, if you guys wonna meet up. Peace and respect.
  3. Also going to be there - and hell can't emphasize on how much I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the festival. So many sets and artists to see, gonna camp on the Chill stage
  4. i didn't like this one, compared to other somnia releases this wasn't as satisfying, never really got me.
  5. +1 biatch post count mothafuzkazzzzzzz!!11oneoneeleven

  6. I have a few to add also. Nemo: Otto: Ormion:
  7. Caffein:me

    The Road.

    About a month ago, A friend took me to the movies. i would never imagine my friend to buy tickets for the road. The Road - Imdb. Almost 2 hours long (111) minutes with a very slow plot, it seems unending at times, depressing beyond anything i've ever watched. I felt the movie lasted 3 hours, and at times felt i was bored; but its one of the most emotionally conveying movies without stepping in a big pile of Cliché dung. one of the most beautiful acting i've ever seen, imagining the scenarios as they were depicted in the movie couldn't be more real if it were to happen
  8. More japan pictures i take it. I love the pictures, which camera do you have?
  9. i only have 10.000 days, no real choice here.
  10. I have one of the newer generations of ipod, with room for 8 gb. I put them in by album. Pink Floyd - The Wall cd1 and 2. - Classic. Mikael Simpson - B sider og andre triste radiomix, Some music to tickle my danish nationality, a mix of dubby rock and pop, melachonic at the same time, but not really something other than danes might enjoy. Eat Static - Back to earth, didn't feel it as accomplished as an album but has some great songs in it. Smith And Mighty - Bass is maternal. An old cd by my standards that i feel is very retro, great hits in between. Evan Bluetech - call o
  11. no you still haven't got it. Look at the black. doesn't it look much like a resource that is frequently used to fuel powerplants? ok this is my final hint. C - 12.01
  12. Well this is a long shot because i know its wrong. green nuns of the revolution?
  13. Somnia (why doesn't anyone like them?) primarily because they're so organic in their thinking, partly also because i think they deserve respect for the music. Aleph Zero, bringing in alot of diversity and they have a great user support, and they release alot of good albums twisted - do i need say more? insomnia / and tantrum
  14. hahahah oh lol, i read those in the same order not so long ago. also now i'm reading some random w40 novel, about the souldrinkers whilst trying to concentrate reading the kite runner again.
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