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  1. can i fuck you plz? i love ishq, and i love a lot of solar fields and mystical sun.. plz babies keep it real
  2. i wrote you a pm with a question, not sure if it got sent
  3. hey thats one trippy avatar? where can i see more ?
  4. try stress assassins 2 albums.. my favourite for that
  5. As a collector and seeker of music that relaxes, (like orchid, magik square of the sun, CBL - the path), i found this to be a chilling album. I find that many albums that are intended to be relaxing meditating disturb me and this one certainly doesn't belong there for me.. I like how it fits the intended atmosphere its supposed to create which is some kind of deep space relaxation.. Especially that one track where there is a very relaxing deep ambient kinda subtle screeching noise in the background being repeated.. that has a really nice effect on me: Ishq Hyperdrive. I dont know this album well enough i think i still have to let it grow on me, but in some way this is a good counterpart to orchid.. where orchid (or infinite garden), where those r nature-like atmospheres and this one is space-like.. its hard to find really chill stuff these days like cbl the path or orchid, but this one i can definitely put on on low volume during night and let it carry me into my sleep.
  6. <3 CBL the path man i rly hope i find out soon what this song was.. it was so nice. constantly looping short bass melody, the bass was a special bass with a higher pitch layer in it.. and a lower one and together it formed somekind of vibrating sensation.. low warm vibrating vibes... goddd so relaxed
  7. ok 5 min i play it on my midid keyboard.. it was a long time ago, and i dont have it so clear in my mind but ill try to do something similar.. The F here is the one below D not the one above.. DDDDDDFFFFDDDDDD FFDDFFCCCCCC.CCCCCC.CCC.DD.DDDDDD But the Bass was a complex bass sound.. it probably had more layers in it and maybe even some on a different pitch level.. but it was something in that direction.. And the way I played it it sounded still a bit different and in a different emotion then how I heard it, but thats probably due to it being a complex bass sound.. it wwas very warm and vibrating and kept on looping.. EDIT: BTW a couple of D's after each other means one D being held for relatively that long.. and a dot means a short space there
  8. yes I could, but how should I write it ?
  9. Vibratoire http://www.last.fm/music/Biosphere/_/Vibratoire Biosphere – Vibratoire – Listen free at Last.fm is it like this the whole song? the bass of this is very low, but its a kinda similar sound only too soft and too low, the bass i heard was actually a looping melody not this one key only.. and it was higher then this. . i dont think it was biosphere.. bio is extreme ambient music,, what i heard was actually a melody.. that song also had that vibrating power in it.. only it was a more composit bass with a higher layer in it, and it had a melody,, i can still here it in my head, it was something very unique
  10. Ok so I was at this psyparty on a boat in an abandoned harbor in Amsterdam. And there was a few areas one of them a chillout area. And there was a great atmosphere with visuals and people stoners hippies very cool.. and i was very stoned trying not to get a panic attack and they played a song there which really relaxed me. I maybe heard it before but i wasn't sure. And to this day it stayed in me and i really really wish i could find out which one it is.. What was really special about this song is that it was mainly just a slow bass melody looping.. but this bass was very warm and kinda vibrating on a low level.. and it kept looping but it was a long bassline.. continuous,, very very high stoned music., there was only this bass kinda sound and it was really beautiful.. haha I hope someone could help me identify it..
  11. Thanks for this great post, you know what i am talking about . I will check it out!
  12. I have been looking with Google for threads on the best psychill albums of all time and to my surprise I didn't find much. Please write your list of best psychill albums of all time. This is my list in no specific order: Carbon Based Lifeforms - The Path (unreleased) VA - Quality Relaxation VA - Butterfly Dawn Ishq - Orchid Ishq - Magik Square of the Sun Entheogenic - Golden Cap Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost Hallucinogen - In Dub (Mixed by Ott) VA - Chillosophy 3 :drama: The following two albums r unfortunately the only ones by this artist and i'm still thinking of writing him an email of continuing his genius work as Stress Assassin. I have listened to them a thousand times and these are the albums that physically relax me the most (so I put them a lot when I go to sleep). Real masterpieces, great journeys, no words.. Please tell me if you find something in this style (you probably won't because it probably doesn't exist), Stress Assassin - Within The Office Of Eye And Ear Stress Assassin - Carrier Track P.S.: I will update this post if anything else comes to my mind, or if some of your best will become my best.
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