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  1. I'm not impressed with the album either, but their release party simply blew me away! Full album performed live by The Orb (Gilmour wasn't there though ) accompanied by some mind blowing laser show, followed by a 2 hour DJ set by The Orb (and laser show) in a private-free-invite-only party.
  2. There's going to be a big one in Orange County sometime in May. Not all the artists are from psy scene though. http://lightninginabottle.org/
  3. i guess i'd wait for the paperback too!!!
  4. Subheim - Approach I think a metal-head would appreciate that.
  5. listening to beatless ambient to me is like laying down on grass and staring at clouds looking for different shapes. you have to engage yourself to fully appreciate it, and i think that's why it's my favorite kind of music. even when i don't focus on it too much it can transform the atmosphere for me so it's really enjoyable if i want to read a book or do something lazily!!!
  6. This album really deserved to be released on CD. Just ordered. Thanks...
  7. The Nature of Light - Shores of Jupiter (free album) Benn Jordan - Pale Blue Dot Michael Stearns - Planetary Unfolding Amir Baghiri - Planet X Indigo Egg - ixland Ishq - Timelapse In Mercury you may want to go through this list
  8. i totally agree... however, i don't understand why all the underground labels are trying to stick to the business plan that is designed for big commercialized record labels. yeah, the whole idea is that they are not trying to make money but it can be a sustainable business.
  9. Lateralus and ├ćnima voted for Lateralus though
  10. i haven't listened to the samples (and not going to either) but Simon played 5 tracks from this album (or at least five tracks that i hadn't heard before) at Symbiosis few weeks ago, and two of them were amazing. the cover art is not good but it's not bad either IMO
  11. +2 for these two +1 for the fountain
  12. p(sy)ayam

    V/A - Water

    love this compilation. all the tracks are good and some of them are just amazing
  13. that was my favorite part of the movie!!!
  14. global communication - 76:14 Elemental Journey - Absolute Ambient.com Vol.2 vs Pan Electric & Ishq - About Time
  15. since i was a kid i never liked what everyone else liked. i always thought in any randomly chosen group of people there are more stupid ones than wise ones, so it never made any sense to me to follow the popular trend. that led me to metal music when i was in elementary school (even back then i never liked Metallica that much mostly because everyone else liked them!!!). i had the same attitude towards anything else, movies, books, science, food, ... this attitude made me explore many different genres including psytrance. and these days i don't really listen to psytrance that much. so i guess without psytrance i would have explored other genres but the thing is psy music in general kindda encapsulates my emotions. psy being psy- metal, rock, trance, ambient or whatever else. so without that i probably would have been a movie addict now watching random self produced documentaries and shorts!!!
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