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  1. To come back to the subject: Entheogenic - Entheogenic Entheogenic - Flight of the Urubus My 2 bits for best albums of all times, first and last Entheogenic albums
  2. Simple the best we have today in psy-chill. It isnt only psychill but electro dub, jazzy groovy sexy all the goodies. Rio Barra - A great allrounder, best in what it is........... Skullcap - Psy-chill as it should be, thats the one track which defines it all Trara - Same as above, a bit more up and flowing Microcondia - Another allrounder but this time deep, very deep, a journey shaking your legs and spirit, fly baby fly.... Surprising greatness. 9.9/10
  3. yes, how could I forget H.U.V.A Network - Distances - great album.
  4. I agree with the top choices: Entheogenic´s first two albums The Mystery of the Yeti Module 01 Soul Vibration 1 .
  5. thats a pretty awesome album, no lounge as far as I can tell, some jazzy stuff maybe which is excellent, and some psychedelic candies and what not.
  6. never beeen to a festival alone, just so much more fun with friends.
  7. Very good chill album, don't know their earlier albums, but going to order them next week. Recommended. .
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