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Progressive Top 5s


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It's been a while since we've had a good best of prog thread, and theres been lots of good releases lately so thought I'd make a new one :)


Post your top 5s for the following categories:


Top 5 all time favourite prog albums

Top 5 all time fav prog compilations

Top 5 morning progressive songs (or albums)

Top 5 killargh dancefloor prog songs (or albums)

Top 5 most psychedelic prog songs (or albums)

Top 5 deep prog songs (or albums)

Top 5 tribal prog songs (or albums)

Top 5 techno/electro influenced prog songs (or albums)


Don't have to fill out all the categories if you dont want and you can add more than 5 if necessary and feel free to add any more categories if you can think of any. Can also include stuff from outside psy scene if you want.


Here are mine:


Favourite albums:

Son Kite- Colours

Tegma- Around the world in 80 minutes

Ticon- Zero Six After

Vibrasphere- Archipelago

Jaia- Fiction

Antix- Twin coast discovery


Favourite comps:

Lime light 2 (tribal vision)

Trash Art (tribal vision)

Drums and Roses (blue tunes)

Think Different (echoes)

Nuance (iboga)


Morning Songs/Albums:

Vibrasphere: Lime Structure (whole album)

Human Blue- Spinnin' Spoon or Travelling

Atmos- Scent of a tunnel or Transmission in vein

Solar Fields- Brainbow or Black Arrow

Matenda- Epsilon

James Holden- I have put out the light


Killargh dancefloor tracks:

Ticon- In the dirt or Rip it up

Tegma- 50,000 Watts

Son Kite- On air or The stars within us

Kiwa- Fire escape or Time Bomb

Human Blue- Rollercoaster


Most psychedelic:

Ace Ventura- The light or Sao Paulo

Doof- Last half of forever

Allaby- Cloud 9 (the electric ant remix)

Tegma- Tribe of Akabar

Sensient- A New World

Human Blue- Lone Ranger or Imperial Ranger



Antix- Twin coast discovery (whole album)

Flowjob- Run baby run (great escape version)

Sun Control Species- Kick me shake me

Human Blue- Atom

9 West- Wake Up



Tegma- Drums of Africa or One night in Cairo

Etnoscope- Sunrise or King Size Rizla

Son Kite- Where's my drum?

Antix- Free as we are or On the Rock

Kooler- Solid Kiss or Free Fall


Techno/Electro Influenced:

D-Nox & Beckers- Left Behind & City Lights (whole albums)

Perfect Stranger- Six feet under remix or Patterns of (A balter extended version)

Ticon- Models on Cocaine or Weekend Warriors

Tegma- East Block (cccp mix)

Manuel Diego- Black Hole

Brisker & Magitman- Feeding Frenzy



That's quite a list. hehe.

Your turn now :)

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Top 5 alltime prog tracks:


1. Gaudium - Walking In Circles

2. Ticon - Don't Tell Me I Sing Like A Robot

3. Sub 6 - 7th Son (Ticon Remix)

4. Son Kite - Hi-Fi Stomp Session

5. Ticon - Gurk Burk



Also Son Kite - (W)holy Road To Monterrey, Sun Control Species - Nameless Blameless and Ticon - We Are The Mammoth Hunters deserve a mention.


BTW, I don't count the likes of Sensient, Krumelur & Cujorius One as prog. If I did, the list would be different.

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Can't handle all those categories...


I'll just post my favorite:


Ace Ventura - Rebirth


haha, yeah its quite a lot isn't it. i was bored and did it more to get some cool new music recommendations so any contributions to the thread would go down very nicely :)

Anyway, i hate to say it but the ace ventura album has actually been wearing a bit thin on me lately... Not sure why, but just not enjoying some of the tracks as much as I used to :unsure: Still love psychic experience, sao paulo, presence and the light though, but with those they don't seem to have the same effect on me anymore... Maybe it got overplayed a bit, or perhaps i need to see him live again to reinvigorate my taste :P

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to name some really good proggalbums...


Best from the swedish proggscene: Atmos - Headcleaner, Son Kite - Colours, Ticon - Rewind, Noma - Navigator, Vibrasphere- Lime Structure, Pope of Gegga - Living in the past


Best psyprogg: Shiva Chandra - Auricular, Beat Bizzare - Lewd, Reefer Decree - Sound Frames


comp. Puzzled (Iboga)

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my top 5 prog tracks (as per today)


1: Atmos - The Only Process

2: Segment - The Gelfling (Uru Mix)

3: Ticon - We Are The Mammoth Hunters (MOS Remix)

4: Vibrasphere - Echo Plantation

5: Noma - Navigator


Best albums surely include


Atmos - Headcleaner

Noma - Navigator

Segment - 01

Etnoscope - Drums From The Dawn Of Time

Son Kite - Minilogue

Tarsis - Vacuum

Beat Bizarre - Lewd

VA-Solar Seeds (Sunset Rec.)

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Favourite albums:


Matenda - Natural Development

12 Moons - Solid State

Etnoscope - Drums From The Dawn of Time

Son Kite - Colours


Favourite comps:

Bakkelit (Spiral Trax)

(not more ... I'm really eagerly waiting for Bakkelit 2.1 though!)


Morning Songs/Albums:

S-Range - 2001

Sonic Cube - Last Jedi

Massimo Santucci - Al Dente (album)

Matenda - Baraba

Element - Willkommen


Killargh dancefloor Tracks/Albums:

Shiva Chandra - Auricular (album)

Magnetrixx - Wired (album)

Ticon - Some Simple Sounds

Chris Pointdexter - Darkness

Etnoscope - Screamer Slice


Techno/Electro Influenced:

Ticon- Models on Cocaine


Love that one!

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Hmmm... I can not to decide which is my Top 5. I like in the last many proggressive trance, especially the melodic and atmosphericall stuff.



Freelander - Apnoe

Ovnimoon - Camanchaca

Ovnimoon - Human Spirit

Magnetrixx - Wierd

Audiomatrixx - Variations

Protonica - Search

Sunhize - Dream Machines

Percussion Bullet - Future Accommodation

FREq - Strange Attractors

FREq - Gosub 20

Ramon Rai - Tokyo

POTS - Creating Social Success

Tegma - Around the World in 80 Minutes

Tegma - Lo-Fi Adventures

Tegma - 002: Avant.Garde

Human Blue - Electric Roundabout

Human Blue - Electrolüx




Knee Deep - The sound of Suntribe

Free Ride

Free Ride Run 2

Pixan - Trance from the New World

Urban Legends

Rhythmic Images

Inside Progress

Inside Progress Volume 2


Also I like some Spiral Trax, Iboga and Plusquam stuff and more.

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Albums :


Protonica - Search

Blue Vortex - Mirage

Sound Field - Audio Surfin

Freq - Strange Attractor

Freelander - Apnoe

Ibojima - Morning Glory

Ace Ventura - Rebirth



Melodic :


Freq - The Awaken

Protonica - Ice Impression

Klopfgeister – Good Bye Goa (Live Version)

Freelander - Liquid Lander

Jaia - From Tokyo



Dancefloor :


Blue Vortex - Sismic Amplifier

Freq - Dreambody

Meller - Phase Natch

Blue Vortex - Primal Objective

Beat Bizarre - Eaves Drop Pop

Andromeda - Atmonizer (Natural Flow Rmx)

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Ticon -Rewind


Ticon-Zero six after or Son kite-Colours





Trance Of Scandinavia

Swedish Goa Trance & Progressive


lime light

Progressive Movement


probably but i would have to think more and im too lazy....

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Ticon - Zero Six After

Antix - Lull & Twin Coast Discovery

Tegma - Around the World...

Atmos - Headcleaner

P.O.T.S - Creating Social Success

Sensient - Antifluoro

Shadow FX - Direct influence

Solar Fields - Earthshine

Etnoscope - Drums from the Dawn of Time

Frogacult - Something For Sundays

Insane Creation - Connected






Lime Light 2

Creating Social Success Remixes


Ultrapop 1 & 2

Inner Circle

Set 4 & Set 6


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Top Albums


Bus - Morebusinesslinkyouthere

Gus Till - Best of the Rhino Years (1&2)

Atmos - Head Cleaner

Son Kite - Perspectives of...

Manmademan - Love Technology

Great Leap Forward - Cinkofa

Tegma - Around the World in 80 Minutes



Top Compilations



Re:Evolution II - Time

Re:Evolution III - Life

Third Flight - Slipstream

Fifth Flight - Mælstrøm

White Rhino



Almost all from flying rhino records which was the only prog/minimal I ever really liked :wub:

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  • 2 years later...

This one is really hard. But the following albums have been very stimulating:


Atmos - Headcleaner


Cujorius One - Creating A Second Sun & The Art of Mindfucking


Genetic Spin - ON/OFF


Haldolium - Daegua


Shiva Chandra - Auricular



I have recently been checking out some of Horns And Hoofs Entertainment's releases like Bigwigs and Fuzzion etc. I just ordered a huge batch of CD's from Wirikuta. The tracks I heard sounded really promising. So I can't wait to get into it.

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Favourite tracks:


1) Zen Mechanics and Motion Drive - Outwards

2) Ace Ventura - The Light (Zen Mechanics Remix is pretty close)

3) Ace Ventura - Presence

4) Zen Mechanics - Modified

5) Fatali - Deep (Gilash Remix)

6) Headroom - 3-4 To The Floor

7) Ovnimoon - Dual Nash

8) Ace Ventura - Connected

9) Protoculture - Sweet Fine Crystalline

10) Bufo - Doing Kermit

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1. Andromeda - Sensations

2. Protonica - Search

3. S-Range - Space

4. FREq - Strange Attractors

5. ex aequo: Ovnimoon - Family of Light, Necton - B12 Cocktail, Human Blue - Ice, Etnoscope - Way over Deadline



1. FREq - Strage Attractor

2. Andromeda - Sensations

3. S-Range - Test Tones

4. Protonica - Closed for Operation

5. Liquid Soul - Global Illumination



1. Onionbrain - 10.192 AD

2. Soul Kontakt - Deliverance

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  • 2 weeks later...

In no particular order:




Ticon - Zero six after

Atmos - Headcleaner

Tegma - Around the world ...

Beat Bizarre - Lewd

AKD - Progressing ...

Decoy - Not responding to light

Tetrameth - Psychological pyrotechnics

Jaïa - Fiction

Son Kite - Colours

Vibrasphere - Archipelago





Atmos - Jimmy the plate

Beat Bizarre - Monochrome

Beat Bizarre - Brain drain remix

POTS - Candy from the strange side

Tegma - One night in Caïro

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  • 2 months later...

I miss a lot of good ones, plus i'll ad some great ones already mentioned but worth mentioning enough (imo):


-Krumelur - Minimal Animal

-Fuzzion - Black Magic

-Midimiliz - Passages

-Nuclear Ramjet - Mission to Sedna

-X-Dream - Irritant (progressive right?I'm not good at genre tagging)

-Tromesa - Pseudomental (maybe not progressive i'm not sure about this one either)

-Paps tracks...+ some Snugasabug and Tripiatrik

-Spirallianz - Blast Food/Stereopark

-The Delta - Schizoeffective

-Sun Control Species - Scienza Nuova

-Funf D - Save Earth

-Saiko Pod - Future Remixes

-Shakta - Out of Sight (i guess it's progressive)


Already mentioned but worth mentioning again:



-Jaia - Fiction

-Cujorious One - Creating a Second Sun

-Beat Bizarre - Lewd

-S Range - Space





-Intelligent Manipulations

-Chronika 1 and 2



-Idea FX






-Shakta - Paranoid Again (!!!)

-Fuzzion - Brown Eyed Girl (!!!!)

-Krumelur - Inspiration (!!!!)

-Krumelur - Knorr (!!!)

-Paps - Pelf the Little Elf (!!!)

-Spirallianz - Battlejuice (!!!)

-The Delta - Travelling at the Speed of Light (!!!)

-Sinister Association – How Does It Taste (!!!)

-etc etc etc....



And many more i can't figure out right now, but i sure did my best here. :)

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there is so many hehe, but here is 5 favourite prog albums


Haldolium – Be Real

FREq – Strange Attractors

Cosma – Simplicity

Reefer Decree – Sound Frames

Timetech – Notes


and 5 favourite progressive compilations


Various – Set:2 (Iboga Records)

Various – Tryptamin (Iboga Records)

Various – Maverixx - A Psy-Trance Compilation Vol. 1 (NTT Medien Records)

Various – Blue (Flow Records)

Various – Puzzled (Iboga Records)

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hmmm, interesting topic. don't wanna ba a smartass, but what does 'Progressive' mean here? is it about progressive psytrance, or progressive trance in general, psy and/or not psy? 1-2 years ago i changed my definitions about what people call psyprog or psygressive. for me it's the australian style (not necessarily aussie labels/artists only) that is progressive psytrance, simply because for me it's psychedelic. i mean labels like Zenon, CCR, etc and artists like Tetrameth, Grouch, etc. Most artists/releases listed here are not progrssive psytrance for me, rather progressive trance or progressive techno with a little psy influence maybe. and that doesn't mean it's bad music. it's just not what i call psychedelic. ok, i will list 2 Top 5s:


Top 5 progressive psytrance releases (no particular order):


Shadow Fx - Direct Influence

Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics

Tetrameth - The Eclectic Benevolence

Grouch - Further (album)

Merkaba - Awaken



Top 5 progressive trance releases (no particular order):


Various - Tshitraka Project - Festival Compilation Vol. 4

Bitmonx & DJ Fabio - Plugged

Zolarium - Prototype

Subsistence - The Condition Of Existence

Various - Straight Forward

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