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  1. Old is gold, that's also true for Zenon Records. In my opinion this is probably the most underrated album in psytrance history. It certainly is very jazzy/funky. I love it!
  2. I loved GTA Vice City as I loved GTA III, San Andreas and the 'stories' add ons, played them all very much. Of course GTA IV and V are better games technically but there is less fun in them in my opinion. It's all so serious and in GTA V you even had to torture a guy for the story to move on. WTF?! Also what I really miss is WWII shooters with some atmosphere like Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. Yes, Call Of Duty (WWII parts) were entertaining as well but MOHAA had such a great movie feeling with all these 'behind enemy lines' missions plus the excellent score. Epic stuff indeed.
  3. This is very good goa trance and regarding the era it's 'newschool'. It's dirty, i mean really dirty. It's funky as hell and it's willful in a positive way. Producers should be inspired by this track.
  4. I didn't say that Zenon Records is dead, I said that 'zenonesque' seems quite dead to me. I could be wrong about that and I could be just too lazy to dig deeper. Anyway, looks like this topic becomes a promotion for Zenon Records. It's ok though since I was asking for opinions. The difference is just that around the year 2010 it was quite a rare style while today there are many labels releasing that style. Still interesting labels for my taste are http://arkhivemusic.com and https://universaltriberecords.bandcamp.com and WOW: Just found an interesting website about this: https://psygressivearea.com <3
  5. I remember the year 2010. Merkaba released an album and so did Tetrameth and Minimal Criminal. All of them were and still are excellent albums. Seriously, how great was that particular style people started calling 'zenonesque' at some point. Between 2006 and 2014 there was a really creative output within this style of psytrance. The music was dark without being negative and/or aggressive and it was very creative, funky and yes: Psychedelic. Today 'zenonesque' seems quite dead, right? Ok, Zenon Records is still around but they changed their direction to a more technoish style. Cosmic Conspiracy Records didn't realease anything in a long time and even the latest Merkaba album and new tracks from other talented artists don't really do the trick anymore. Technically perfect music but with a lack of heart and true inspiration in my opinion. ^ great piece of music from 2006 ^ So, what style of today's psytrance offers a ~135-ish~ BPM plus creative ideas and a positive and progressive sound design? Any suggestions? Comments?
  6. Ok, back on the actual topic: An example: Psychaos' track 'Intellect'. It's not even an outstanding track, just a good one. It has a certain level of funk though, it's funky and it just rocks, doesn't sound overproduced. I know maybe 10-12 tracks from the 'newschool era' that deliver that level of quality. That's not much is it? That's why the pioneers (not gods!) of Goa Trance get that much respect while newcomers don't get that much of it.
  7. The truth here is that all Hindu gods are Aryan gods. I don't care about the artwork and voice samples in Trance music, musicians can be wrong as they are not priests. Anyway, the truth is that there were of course inner circles within the National Socialist Party and especially within the SS. The truth is that those guys had direct contact to these Aryan beings considering themselves gods. These contacts were established by female mediums and further developed by machines using radio technology. The truth is that these beings have the power to control the thoughts and actions of humans who are not free thinkers. The truth is that the Dalai Lama has very detailed information about all these facts and the truth is that he will never be willing to talk about this to anybody. The truth is that our only hope are young human beings who were born after the year 2001 plus very few brave assholes (that's a compliment) who were born before that year. Still not twisted enough? Well here we go: The truth is that Jesus Christ is in fact an undercover agent working for these Aryan gods. The only remaining question is: Is Jesus Christ in fact loyal to these Aryan gods and an envious little poison dwarf who hates all mankind? Or is he just playing with his Aryan employers and planning to kick their asses at the point when they become fat and slow enough? That's for everyone to decide based on their own impressions. The truth is that what happens as soon as those Aryan gods take over this world is not like in 'The Matrix', it's more like Hellraiser II Gulag style and anybody who ever saw this with their own eyes has the primary goal to never see this again. Naturally I'm out of here if this point might be reached some day. Anyway no need to worry as I would be back within seconds, totally undercover, friendly and nice. Now don't reply to this and say things like "Get help". Help is a strong word with mostly negative results. Don't say "Get love" as I am love. Edit: I searched for a topic about gods, that's why I posted this here. After reading the original post I noticed this topic isn't about gods at all so feel free to delete or move this post dear moderators.
  8. Not saying I hate them but yeah, quite annoying.
  9. 'Koss The Plug' are quite cheap and they do the job very well if handled properly.
  10. Interesting. Thank you for the info. Everybody: Save your DJ sets properly. No, not later. Now!
  11. There's not really a question in my above post, anyway might be interesting what people say about this as I'm not a computer geek so thanks and there you go:
  12. Thanks to marsh it's back online and downloadable. Oh and it seems there's finally a proper alternative to soundcloud: https://www.audiomack.com/song/ake-9/triggering-psychic-awareness-mixed-by-ake
  13. Hey guys I once uploaded a DJ set to Youtube and used an MP3 320 kbps (LAME) file that was converted from the original WAV file to create the MP4 file for the upload, needless to say that i only used proper lossless files for the DJ set. Unfortunately i lost both, the MP3 and the WAV file of the DJ set. So i was hoping to be able to get at least the 'original upload audio quality' by using the premium version of 'Youtube to MP3 Converter', spent $9 for this. Anyway, windows and dbPoweramp tell me the audio quality is low, 95 kbps. Crap! So it seems to me that people listening to music on Youtube get very low MP3 quality all the time. Just letting you know. Correct me if i'm wrong about this. Cheers
  14. To be honest I don't know any album from the Goa or even Psychedelic Trance genre that i ever listened from start to finish. There are great albums like Alien Protein of course but even this one has a non trance track on it so i always skip it. Alien Protein is a great album and so is Language Of Light by Merkaba but for me Trance music always is about great tracks, not great albums.
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