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  1. Sad but true, Keith Flint the vocalist from The Prodigy passed away, about suicide, on March the 4th. Thanks for your music Keith. Rest in Peace.
  2. I changed the shipping prices for worldwide. The fucking german post, changed their terms.
  3. I'm not sure, but someone sent me yesterday or today a message, which I deleted it by mistake. Please contact me again.
  4. Hello, I have lots of CDs and a few T-shirts for sell. Just take a look into my list, which I put it online, in the bottom link. I try to get some money for my trip to Bali. http://www.megachwiep.com/goa_cds_sell.html
  5. Here she is as feature part: https://plexusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/uutai This is good for sampling resp. for remixing: https://plexusmusic.bandcamp.com/album/uutai-live-jews-harp But with her acknowledgement. Like this crap:
  6. Here is an another good example:
  7. When I read your heading from your topic, than I get more things in my mind like Eye Q Records (Sven Väth, Earth Nation, Cygnus X, B-Zet, etc.), Oliver Lieb's projects like L.S.G.,Paragliders, Spicelab and The Ambush. Than I have also to think to Resistance D, Cosmic Baby, Dance 2 Trance, Paul Van Dyk, Humate, Microglobe and various stuff on the labels Harthouse, MFS, Superstition, Noom Records, Suck Me Plasma etc.
  8. I call that Pop-Psy or Psy-Pop, written out = Popular Psy-Trance or Psychedelic Pop Music. Pioneers are for it = IM.
  9. Yup, never use alcohol and aciiiiidddd contained cleaner. I just use glass cleaner, which you can also use for all kind of plastics, like plexiglass and an microfiber cloth. Cause an CD or DVD is nothing more than a plexiglass disc, with an pressed data layer.
  10. Do you still looking for MOS and Zumi?
    I have both for sale.
    Zumi and MOS are both NM.

  11. This is how I got this compilation. You see that unfortunately the sleeve for the booklett is more torn up and the both cd sleeves are splitet.
  12. Hello, I know this is the topic for looking an unidentifited song, but I'm looking for something and didn't really know, where I have to ask. can maybe someone helping me out, to send me a scann (2.400 x 4.800 dpi) from the cd cover, of the compilation: Return to the Source - Deep Trance & Ritual Beats? I bought an set of cds, where this compilation was included, but unfortunately is the sleeve for the book missing. I want to create with the scanns my own cd case. If soneone is so kind, please send me an PM.
  13. In abasio's review, I corrected the song names from track 4 and 5. I noticed it first in YouTube where Gus Till left an comment, that Zodiac Guns is Cloud 19. I talked a bit with Gus Till and he explaind me that Dragonfly Records mix up the tracklist. So when you carefully listen to track 5 at 1:30 minutes, you can hear how Yukimi aka SuperCozi is saying "Zodiac Guns". I add an picture from the back cover, where the tracklist has actually looking.
  14. Thank you Paul But was there an artwork included?
  15. Hello, have someon the song Sexual Reproduction from Amithaba Buddha in WAV? Is the only Neogoa release which is not listed on Ektoplazm. Thanks ahead. Btw, was those release also for free? Chaotic Synthetics - Transuniverse Express Exelization - Inverted Evolution Erot - Mechanical Lifeform EP
  16. I listened the full album and what I might have to know it, it's nothing special. Sound for me like the same stuff, what they made in the last 16 years. Some melodies are okay, but all that breaks, special effects and other playthings, which are typically for IM, get ony my nerves. It's not a bad and It's not a great album. Is in my opinion again an solid Psy Album, with Pop elements. What I still don't like are the stupid vocals from MC Baldhead. Especially with all that stupid FXs. I wished that Erez Aizen would revive the old Shidapu project to make good old goa stuff.
  17. you can try Terminal State, Disharmony, H.E.E.L., Index and Reversal Penestration. At 55:40 is an instrumental track called 80 F...enBut the whole album is great, if you like FLA, etc.
  18. Slinky Wizard resp. Slinky Nuns Yeah an new Green Nuns Of The Revolution would be great. Absolutely Deflo An new Hallucinogen album ROOFFLLLL I wish that Timeshard and Children Of The Bong would be come back and release an new album. From Tony Hunt I wished that he would released an full album. Cause when I listend his three tracks on the conmpilation Trance Out And Dreaming, I very wished that. From the prog side, I wish an new album from Audiomatrixx and Magnetrixx.
  19. Somehow I can do nothig with it. Sounds not really special, more stale and typical for IM. I don't no why, but IM bored me.
  20. https://www.discogs.com/Menis-Temporary-Insanity/release/238051 https://www.discogs.com/Xenomorph-Cassandras-Nightmare/release/163092
  21. Many are here already mentioned which I like too. Here are some more which I like. Global Psychedelic Trance Vol.1 till Vol.4 Transient 1 till 5 Fill Your Head With Phantasm Vol.1 till Vol. 6 Digital Alchemy Tribal Science Gaia Tour The Tribe Ibiza In Trance Blue Room Release Vol.1 : Outside The Reactor Tranced Out And Dreaming Eternal Frequency Air-Born Pure MDMA : Selected Vibes Part 1 Spiritual Moves Full On Full On Vol. 2
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