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  1. i am excited indeed i have to remember to tune in to radiozora day 3 the 31ts. and day 5 & 6 lol
  2. a few days ago in a interview with martin freeland on radiozora, He played a new Track called (The here and now). martin said that he played an early version of this track at ozora festival in 2011,but the track had no title back then. and many people was asking about this track. the new album is released in november. and the new track sounds fantastic btw interview now on soundcloud
  3. after all these years i didn't know they were different either i have the UK & Europe version. dear Martin Freeland please release a new album!
  4. i think the first track in this video is a new track
  5. i found a few mfg videos from the zna gathering 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjCW2m8hjPM this user here https://www.youtube.com/user/MATTKBAN/videoshave some great clips from the zna gathering 2015. all my old favorit artist like Jaia Technossomy ManMadeMan Pleiadians Elysium Orion Blue Planet Corporation Slinky Wizard UX Crop Circles Xenomorph and so on.... Wow!this year have been a fantastic trance-year so far
  6. and there was Cosma (Avihen Livne)1979 - 2003
  7. Where's the tribal? yes hehe i agree the title is kind of wrong to, i was alittel confused exspecting something else to when i first saw the title. they should have given it a different name sinse its not tribal. when i see the name tribal i think of old Tegma tracks,sprongle, and of course Elysium
  8. i found this on psyshop Tribal Roots Vol. 1 Compiled and mixed by 'Astral Projection'. http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/dac/dac1cd030.html
  9. hard to pick 10 only out of so many super albums i think then i will travel back in time a bit and say koxbox - forever after x-dream - we create our own happiness transwave - helium mfg - new kind of World astral projection - trust in trance sandman - witchcraft Shiva chandra - spicy moments xenomorph - Cassandras nightmare elysium - celestial sounds and neurotic tribal beats man with no name - Moment Of Truth
  10. Dave


    great stuff,again crystal clear sounds,good vibes good melodies and everything,the only bad thing is i think all the tracks sounding a little too much the same.
  11. my favorite Slinky Wizard track still is "People Like Us" from Various ‎– White Rhino Compilation i should call mine the yellow Rhino now after 16 years lol time has taken its toll on the papercover.
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