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Whats the Longest...


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time you've spent at a psy festival?


I've done 4 days before. I was knackered afterwards. My best friend spent 10 days at the eclipse festival in Zambia. He had a beard when he came back, and he was a bit distant and weird afterwards...


zero hours and zero minutes.


Can't be arsed.

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:lol:  :lol:  :lol:


describe how he appeared, what he said,  10 days is long


He was very rugged. Like Tom hanks towards the end of "Castaway". He was very tanned and very thin. He kept saying "That was so crazy man" and things like that. Apprently by day 8, people were giving free drugs away. Apprently someone saw a lion there as well (it was in a game reserve). He said it was scary being on acid at night, knowing a wild animal could just drag you away at any moment.


he also lost track of the days. saying it was just "dark, light, dark, light, dark, light.....and hometime".

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3 days on various festivals, but I used to have lots and lots of parties also during the week with some relaxing at home in between and then off to the next one... So something like from wedensday to thursday -> then thursday night -> then festival from friday til monday :P


But at just one festival it must have been the Fusion Festival staying there 4 days (I think ;))

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damn now I remember,.... never made it back home






4 glorious days at Samadhi (Montreal Canada)!

We drove 10 hours to get there, spent 3 days in the cold rain, cars were stuck in the mud... awesome time!

I can't wait for Samadhi 2007!!


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Cant remember... I think around 2 days, then I got fed up with it.... I did however spend 9 days at the Roskilde festival in 1999 (I think), I came home dehydrated and had to go to Hospital... I guess 9 days of sun, booze and various other substances is not good for ya :D

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5 days at Symbiosis, not bad cuz the trance stopped during the afternoon. This was a multigenre festival with chill, broken and breakbeats, and bands as well as trance. Too laid back to be so much of a mindfuck!

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and I guess six at Full Moon 2006.


Never saw you there Pr0fane... but you played twice, right?


Yep, played in the chillout on the first night and on the alternative stage on the day they re-opened the main stage.

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