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  1. i still can't believe you're not nhjo... i've believed it for so long i'm stil in denial somehow... one you will have to confess you are not michael jackson and britney spears as well, u fuck!

  2. Vanghoul is back! Cannot say he's been missed though
  3. Great news. They really did leave on a high note
  4. Also, there are much more fans of Lady Gaga than say Sigur Ros or Simon Posford. The majority is wrong. And stupid as well.
  5. Seriously, is this the same guy that brought us these gems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmzcU_6XiMI
  6. Yea, that Pigs in Space album is still the quintessential Goa/Proto Full-On album to me. Such a shame to hear what happened to all those pioneers. Him, Space Cat etc... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=778M5OQvlwo
  7. Does somebody have this mix by a chance? I cannot find it anywhere
  8. I did record it. Donno where can I host it though..
  9. I guess there is a market for anything these days. As some of the tunes in this topic show clearly.
  10. This is embarrassingly awful. Really really dreadful
  11. Unfortunately I already do it elsewhere and I even get paid for it, but in Hebrew of all languages
  12. Have fun! Sounds like an awesome way to spend a weekend!
  13. Lots of assumptions there. Simon loves music and he lives off it very well. Read his words again. His frustration is mostly for his friend that runs the label and cannot break even with the poor sales.
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