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  1. Aside from my little cute Korg Monotron Delay, i´ve been working with software only for ten years. I used to own a Korg MS-2000, but some bastards broke into my flate and stole it amongst other things. Didn´t have much time to play around with it. What are possibly interesting combinations of software synthesizers with hardware effects to gain a better quality of sound compared to vst effects?
  2. The Guide formerly known as the Ravenspiral Guide - an informal guide to music theory as it relates to composition. Those who want to give themselves a painless introduction to notes, intervals, scales, chords, progressions and so on could do much worse than check out the Guide formerly known as The Ravenspiral Guide; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1650913/rsg-0.8.1.pdf
  3. I absolutely agree on that. A song needs a concept. This is what seperates good psy from muzak, but it´s a difficult thing to implement and takes a lot of time. You have put your heart and soul into your music, not just scribble down track after track. I´m also a musician and it took me about 10 years til i was able to work that way.
  4. Ok, got it now. Short notes with only a little bit of cutoff, then longer notes with a lot more cutoff, then short notes again with little cutoff. The easiest things can be really difficult sometimes...
  5. How do you think this melody was made? I just can´t figure it out... http://audiour.com/playlist/g2u2rg4x
  6. Reznik


    Schlab 006 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq3B_bt1Rhs
  7. I think, this is what i had two days ago Yes, because when i had my high dose Mxe experiences, i wasn´t even able to hear the music anymore, while on a low dose music experience doens´t really change.
  8. I used to smoke a lot of weed, bevore my schizophrenia got too bad, but yes, smoking weed changes music experience drastically. So i had some mid dosed Mxe, yesterday. It changed music experience a bit, and i could listen to Psytrance.
  9. Haha abasio @travbrad1001 How is Music on Mxe? I´ve only done some High dose Trips, that turned me into pure cosmic energy, while my whole world was 2-dimensional and lot´s of low dose Trips, which dind´t really change music experience.
  10. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon is great on Ketamine! I also enjoy Acid Trance a lot. Oh, and i completely forgot, that i regularly listen to Haldolium on Keta^^ Proggie goes well with that substance, but everything else, that doesnt have a slow repetetive bassline totally disturbs me.
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