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  1. I enjoyed it, and I can't stand most films. It was definitely entertaining.
  2. I can't say I am surprised. That ass raping he received from Michael Jackson must have really messed him up.
  3. I have yet to see anything work out for Radi.
  4. It doesnt matter. Ever heard of Burial? Amazing music. Made on Sound Forge on an old 486. Music comes from the heart, not the tools. Play the melody in your head, then put it down on anything. Personally, I use Ableton, but its really irrelevant. There are people out there using fucking Acid Pro and FL studio that are tearing up the fucking scene. Its about whats in your heart. It has almost nothing to do with the gear you use.
  5. Do you use only hard synths and drum kits, or only soft ones, or a mixture? I only use softsynths, also I tend to build all my own sounds from scratch using native oscillators and effects. I use samples for my drums, but I tweak and layer them in a way that makes them mine and unique. Do you use the PC sequencer for both live performance and at the studio? I only make music. I dont play live (dont know how) When you perform live, do you basically play your tunes one after the other, or do you have your own large tune specifically made for this purpose? If I have to play for people, its just a standard DJ set, wicky-wicky-woo etc. If you perform live, how do you manage transitions from one tune to another (if you use actual synths)? Dont When performing live, do you simulate that you're playing, and use an MP3 playlist while turning the knobs? No, this would mean that a part of me was trying to "look cool" or trying to impress people. This is not what music is about. Do you assign a MiDi channel per drummer kit instrument (e.g. One MiDi channel dedicated to bass drum, another one for snare drum, etc.) Yes, because it gives you more control over the single channels. Different EQ for drums / snares etc. Reverb on only snare etc. Although I tend to use manually places WAVS instead of using Midi for drums. Just a personal preference. How do you manage/remember all positions of pots on analog vintage synths when going from one tune to another, in order to always have the expected sound? I dont understand this question, sorry. Do you separate all audio outputs of all possible instruments, for left/right? (e.g. L/R for kick drum, L/R for lead, L/R/ for pad, L/R for synth 1, L/R for bass line, etc.) That would be n instruments × 2 audio channels = twice the number of instruments for the whole number of audio channels...Depends. Not for drums or bass obviously, they should almost always be mono. Hats and snares yeah. I layer usually about 3 or 4 snares under each other and sometimes pan each one from left to right very quickly through automations, so it sounds like the snare sweeps accross. Do you gather audio outputs on the mixing console by logical groups? (e.g. two slide pots for L/R of all drummer kit, two slide pots for all special effects, two slide pots for basses, etc...) Nah. Do you use an MPC? If so how do you manage the limitations? (lack of tracks, only 16 pads, arguably not convenient...) No, I dont have one... Do you record all MiDi events such as turning pots, selecting the instrument? Eventually when I am happy with the sound, yes. Did you split your MiDi channels according to your instruments? (e.g. channels 1 to 10 for drummer kit ; channels 11 to 20 for synths, etc.)No, but I very clearly colourcode and label them so as to not get lost. I also group them. 4 snares get grouped into 1 snare group etc. How do you gather your MiDi channels in your PC sequencer interface? In Ableton, this is easy. I just group them and colourcode them. When composing, do you first compose the main instrument from the beginning to the end, then on top, add the rhythm from the beginning to the end, then the bass, then the pad, then create transitions, then add effects. Or, do you compose at a slower pace but you compose all instruments at the same time, and you even add and fine-tune all effects as you move on? Drums first. Then bassline, then melody, then intro, then the rest. Finally I touch it up with the details and funky tricks and effects. It is INCREDIBLY important to sit down and get the melody written in one session. Fuck sound quality, just get the midi down. When you interrupt your creative flow, its fucked and you have to start over. You want a bare-bones midi of everything when you done with your first session basically. Then spend weeks touching it up obviously. Did you find a way to simulate slide pot motions using MiDi on your analog synths with a CV/Gate to MiDi interface? Or isn't there a way? What is this pot you keep talking about? If you mix MP3s, how to you keep kick drums in sync from one tune to the other? Is there an automatic procedure, or only the hard way? By ear. Also if you are playing your own stuff, you are fully aware of the BPM differences (if any). Otherwise this is just mixing 101. Do it by ear and beat matching. Thanks for sharing
  6. This is by far the most informative and downright amazing video I have ever seen regarding attitude towards production. Listen to my words: This video will change the way you think and feel about music production. Watch it now.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kgIDdWwxUg Is this kinda what you are looking for? Because I know shitloads like this.
  8. Massive Attack Portishead Thievery Corporation Kosheen Morcheeba All are absolutely brilliant.
  9. I fucking despise hardstyle: That said, you might like some "CHRONOS" or "Enzyme - X". That's pretty much as good as this "genre" gets.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/user/wobblecraft#p/u/1/27gCHRReq1w
  11. I understand Afrikaans perfectly. They grew up a couple of miles from my home town. I can honestly say, they are fucking geniuses. If you understand what they are saying, it is FUCKING funny. Really good lyrics. (Proper) Cape Town slang involves a mixture of about 3 languages. English, Afrikaans and a bit of Xhosa. You can even create your own words from scratch, link words together to make totally new words etc. These guys are amazing.
  12. Fei disagrees... This IS the best video game ever made. Best story. Best music. Best fighting system. Everything. It is the best.
  13. Oh, so you havn't actually SEEN it yourself then?
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laba4YNYGWs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfy5xRzNJdo
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