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  1. Actually a nice one, but does not come close to my standards... been falling in love with some of that stuff lately though... One album mate One! I said Artist Album, and yeah, a VA can be it as well, but the topic is one artist. I have not yet listened to what you posted, so I will in the next few days
  2. So, OMG, Nemo is back! Well, whatever, i just wanted to share something with yall after being idle for so long as I have been (does not matter, why, but life has changed a lot) i took some serious time to listen to some old and new psy. I listened for a long time, I listened very intensively, and I listened with an ear that was way more open than it used to be. The albums that I ended up listening to the most were: Etnica - Alien Protein Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden X-Dream - Radio (and believe me, I was listening to about 200 albums before I chose the 3 above) Now, all those are great, but the one that I really fell for is Planet BEN. Reasoning for this, its heavy, its intelligent, it makes you ears go crazy with the basslines, it is acid, it is psy, it is TRIPPY. It has what I would like to have from a psy album, it has everything. For me, its kind of "dark psy" but on the the other hand its very melodic, and not so dark. What is your take? What is the ultimate album by an artist for you? (psy that is) Kind regards people! Nemo
  3. Your lawyer advices you to have a look at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jib4O6oFNpE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7aVNasVm0w...feature=related Posted a million times on this forum, I guess you missed it.
  4. Mine for today is - Genetic - Transmission (Cops dont knock remix) It's been spinning in my Player all day long, after a hell of a morning Uplifting and RECOMMENDED!
  5. I am sorry to say Lemmiwinks, your mini reviews really are crappy! They say absolutely NOTHING about the record at hand.
  6. You know your shit bro. You are German by the way? Frankfurt area? If so, whats happening there at the moment? A lot Minimal no?
  7. so, if we argue that way, I can make some gabber track, and start mentioning Shpongle, Hallucinogen... I understand why people did not want their name in there, the did not want to be associated with the type of music Scooter was doing...That's all. But hey, I do not really give a fuck haha. Scooter is so out of my taste range anyways, id rather listen to Neue Deutsche Welle, and god knows I hate that stuff.
  8. One CD at Juno Pound 10.99 One CD at Psyshop Euro 15.99 ? 10.99 GBP = 12.32 EUR Order 5 cds, and you have made yourself a couple of euros of beer And the pound will become weaker very soon, and I know this since I am working with money at the moment. It is predicted that the euro will go down to: Euro 1.0373897477 0.9639578588 and even chances of that the pound goes below the euro, which it almost was in December? I have some really interesting tables at work (which I can not share) but it scares me to see what I am seeing.
  9. Yes, in the radio edit. I think there are still versions (Album) that have his name. I think 3 persons got them removed for the Radio edit, and that was Pascal Feos, Sven Vath and Hell. They were infact outraged over the fact to be in that track. I mean, he gave a shootout to people that have NOTHING to do with his scene, and a scene that they infact do not support.
  10. Do you guys that live in Europe also EARN less? If not, then why not just order stuff from the UK? With the exchange rate at the moment, you should be able to make a buck even. I know it applies to Music Equipment, the thing I want to buy, I can save 300 euros on, just by ordering it from the UK instead of in Germany

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    Oh yes, very good movie indeed. 4/5! Snatch! 10/10
  12. Nah, cause I hear more people than you complaining about it... And I have to say -"Why complain, when you can get what you want!" It's not like they stopped selling Psy Trance, they just broadened their scope, thats all.
  13. I just think they chose their name POORLY when they did, and now they have to eat it, with people like US complaining about that they sell stuff they do
  14. Do you think that they will stop selling stuff cause it is not Psy enough? Remember that it is in their interest to sell and make money, and therefor, it does not matter if it derives from the original idea of the site. Maybe they should change name of the site, but that makes little sense either. So, until we are less "genre focused", we have to live with the fact that stuff that is not PSY will be sold on PsyShop Yeah, and it might be sad for some people that some NON PSY releases are in the top sellers, but thats just how it is, and I can only suggest that you LIVE WITH IT!
  15. Well sure, I do not see stuff like Perfect Stranger, Ticon or The Delta as psy anymore, and of course, it is a bit wrong to sell it on "PsyShop"... but so should not some of the Dark Psy, as for me, it has nothing to do with PSY TRANCE anymore. But on the other hand, as so many people have pointed out to me, they are deriviates of PSY and... oh well, its a never ending story. Catch my drift?
  16. charts are based on sales... do you trust them? FOOLS!
  17. Off topic'in? Want a ban?
  18. I like this album, but on the contrary to what Abasio mentioned about The Only life we've Known, I think that this is the best track of the whole album. It reminds me of old EBM but with Trance Elements. Sure, to the psy fan this is just shit maybe... but to me it sound like something that Front 242 would have done, IF they made trance! All over the album gets an 7/10 from me.
  19. When and where will I be able to get a digital copy of this fine piece?
  20. What did you expect from if it was from 1990? I mean, dont you think that if this would have been THE FIRST goa release that people wouldnt be all over it and been mentioned BEFORE 2009? LOL!
  21. Funny Fact: Sven Vath had his name removed in that shoutout!
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