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  1. You's bin in me profile stealin' my basio :P

  2. heheheh and there is more! ;)

  3. Psytrance is nice but with candy only.

    And of course i forgot the Laughing Gas balloons they are unmissable hehehehe...

  4. psytrance is nice but with candy only , and of course you canĀ“t miss the laughing gas balloonssss... heheheheheh

    PS - Almost forgot the Helium , but not as good as the Laughing Gas... ;)

  5. i am not a troll, I am a astronutt

  6. T(h)C, I heard you had some naked pictures somwhere, could you please PM the link? :D:wub:

  7. According to my non-mathematical skills... you have 399 to go!!
  8. thats nice ^^ noe you dont need a wabbit :lol:

  9. :P

    how are things between u and Matt? :)

  10. im not a freak :(

    got ur wabbit?:P

  11. Yes, Rampant Rabbit! I'm mailing them a cheque today.... I'll probably have to wait another 2-3 weeks to get my toy! Funny thing, Matt's curious about it too... he wants to one day watch me "use" it.
  12. Thank you!! Hahahaha.............. NO!!
  13. hey am older than you by a month...so you have to RESPECT MY AUTHORITY...

  14. hey I am older than you by a month... so now you have to RESPECT MY AUTHORITY

    and make me a sandwich...

  15. Ah, I didn't even clue into that one.... thank you! Yesterday: :posford: :clapping:
  16. ..................... Sorry! ...... :wank: :lol: YES!!!! I owe Customs $40 just in US tax. F*ckers!! My :drama: continues.
  17. I listened to that this morning! I love it!! Thank you abasio! NP: :posford: :clapping:
  18. I don't have as many as you, but I understand where you're coming from. I get bored... maybe that's a harsh word, but I feel the need to listen to more then just Psy. I love my Alternative & Electronica... I still need that! However, Psy rules above all others & every time I get a package from Saiko Sounds I feel like a kid in a candy store!!
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