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  1. Good to know that nothing has changed.
  2. Off-topic deleted??? That's like ZOMGGG!!! So where are psynewsers taking refuge these days? PM pls. miss ya'll
  3. 1) VA - Twist Dreams 2) Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra 3) Eat Static - Declassified 4) Dimension 5 - Transdimensional 5) Vibrasphere - Exploring the tributaries 6) VA - Psystories ------- 1) Younger Brother - Last Days of Gravity 2) Asura - Life squared! 3) Shulman - Endless Rythms of Beatless Heart 4) Sync24 - Source
  4. If I knew you would get so angry, I wouldn't have bothered to post. I just posted the aspect of the scene which frustrates me, which is the point of this thread, no?
  5. OMG Symph! Awesome! This thread has been running since ages and I haven't seen it till now. Damn.. I should move out of Off-Topic.
  6. Good to know the season is on!! I'll be there from Christmas to NYE. And yeah Hill Top at Anjuna is surely happening on NYE but it's full with drunk locals. who think they can get lucky... but they usually leave after midnight and then some really good vibes at sunrise
  7. Haa... I thought of posting it before even opening the thread.
  8. I'll call him up and ask. j/k. I don't know his phone number. But he is working on Shpongle? w0000t? When is it expected?
  9. you bastards I just wish there is some kind of scene here in Cairo..
  10. +1 But why do you want to convert her so badly?
  11. Since LSD is already mentioned many times, I would vote for Kabalah by AP.
  12. I actually thought of starting this topic today. Anybody knows any melodic dark psy? Does it even exist?
  13. Wow.. Didn't know Psynews had such a big history. Very nice read.
  14. Psytones was obsessed with pushing people out of boxes. I wonder if his chlamydia has cleared up?

  15. Yep.. Ribbon on a branch is the best. Other favourites are Psychic Gibbon, I am a freak, All I want.. 9/10 -1 because of Sleepwalker What were they thinking? Anybody knows the lyrics of Ribbon on a branch ?
  16. I thought of replying to this topic but forgot. ANyways, thanks everybody. Some great recommendations there.. And special thanks to FD for that CBL album. I mean what could be more similar to CBL than CBL itself. Abasio, use Winrar to open it.
  17. Arrghh.. stuck at work.. can't wait to go home and download..
  18. Woohoo... I finally got these babiez.. It's been 4 days. Sounds killargh! Highly Recommended... Only problem is that you would want to listen to your whole collection again on these headphones.
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